Your resume is the first opportunity you have to make an impression on an employer. If your resume is poorly written and fails to entice an employer, you’ll have a hard time getting called in for an interview. Comparatively, if your resume is clear and concise and effectively showcases your skills and accomplishments, you’ll be much more likely to receive a call for an interview and ultimately have the job offer you want.

Our insurance agent resume sample can help you create an enticing, well-written resume that not only grabs the attention of employers but also sets you apart from others vying for the position at the very start. In addition to the sample resume we’ve created, we’ve included several tips and tricks below so writing your resume is an effective, simplified process. This way, you’ll be well on your way to getting the job you apply for thanks to your resume.


Insurance Agent Resume Sample

Marcus Johnson
Phoenix, AZ 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9933


Driven, experienced insurance agent with knowledge regarding many types of personal and commercial insurance, including life, medical, health, vehicle, and general liability. Strong sales background complemented by insurance experience allows for exceptional follow-through on new leads and for meeting client needs with precision. Personable and highly organized with a propensity for ensuring all clients experience success obtaining or refining their policies.


  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Database and claims management
  • Superior networking and sales skills
  • Able to recommend comprehensive coverage to clients
  • Effective at understanding client needs, including commercial clients
  • Knowledgeable regarding insurance rules and regulations

Work Experience

Insurance Agent, 2015 – present
State Farm Insurance, Phoenix, AZ
  • Manage over 100 corporate and consumer insurance accounts, including those for organizations with ever-changing insurance needs
  • Oversee claims process and ensure clients have their claims resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible while working with opposing parties
  • Analyze new client needs and recommend insurance options based on goals, including life, health, vehicle, and home insurance
  • Train new sales representatives on insurance coverage options and ongoing insurance initiatives to entice new clients
  • Maintain high closing average on new accounts to boost revenue of organization and qualify for regular bonuses
  • Avidly research updates in the insurance industry and suggest new coverage options to existing clients based on changes in the industry and area
Insurance Sales Representative, 2010 – 2014
Insurance for Life, Tempe AZ
  • Contacted potential clients via different methods of communication and determined if organization could meet their specific needs
  • Followed through on leads and oversaw the introduction process to a full suite of life insurance products
  • Maintained strong network of clientele and insurance agents and fostered the relationship between these two parties for successful account creation
  • Oversaw existing client accounts and introduced new insurance projects based on changing needs over an extended period of time
  • Worked directly with insurance agents to identify clients who might be in need of new insurance coverage or a different policy


Bachelor of Science in Business Management – 2009
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors Member
2012 – present

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Is This a Good Insurance Agent Resume? Let’s Check

Is the insurance agent resume sample formatted in a way that makes it easy to read?

Yes! The resume starts off with a summary statement that is short and concise, but it still includes plenty of information about who the candidate is and his skills. Then, the resume includes a work experience section formatted with bullet points so the reader is able to learn the candidate’s most important skills quickly. Followed by these two sections are the work experience and education sections, and they are both to the point while including valuable information in an easy-to-read manner.

Look at the work experience section. Does the insurance agent resume sample exhibit progressive experience?

It sure does! This section includes two work experience entries, starting with the candidate’s most recent job. The first job experience is as an insurance agent, and the second listed is as an insurance sales professional, which is where many insurance agents get their start. These two experiences show that the candidate started off within the industry gaining the background he needed to succeed as an agent and effectively help clients with their coverage needs.

Does the insurance agent resume sample show the candidate has the right skills for the job?

Yes! Insurance agents need to be able to recommend insurance options to their clients in a friendly manner while overseeing the claims process. The candidate’s resume shows both of these skills in the skills section. In both the summary section and work experience section of the resume, employers see that the candidate truly has the right skills for the job by including necessary and applicable skills.

Insurance agents need to be good with clients and sales. Does the candidate possess both of these skills?

As you can see from the summary statement, work experience, and skills sections of the resume sample, the candidate makes sure to showcase his sales background and interpersonal skills. Starting with the summary statement, the jobseeker mentions that he has experience with sales, and he also includes an entry as an insurance sales professional under the work experience section.

Does the insurance agent resume sample show the insurance agent has enough experience in the industry?

Definitely! Although the work experience section only features two jobs, both of the positions span over the course of seven years. Many insurance agents need to have a background in the insurance industry, and you should make sure to showcase your experience with insurance sales, claims management, or whatever other experiences you have within the industry throughout your own resume.

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The Most Important Insurance Agent Resume Sample Takeaways

Creating a winning resume does take time, but as long as you format your information in an easy-to-read manner and you include experiences and skills relevant to the insurance industry, you will be well on your way to creating a resume hiring managers notice. As you can see from the insurance agent resume sample, being clear and concise doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice essential details. For additional help creating your resume, take a look at our resume builder.