Candidates for a personal banker position are likely to have some skill sets in common and may even have similar backgrounds in banking. The way you present your abilities and experience in your resume can increase your chances of getting an interview. Your summary statement and skills section should address the requirements set forth in the description of the position for which you are applying and make your resume stand out. Demonstrate your qualifications for a personal banker role in the work experience section and include degrees and other relevant training in the education section.

Hiring managers must quickly determine whether an applicant might be a good fit for an available position. The personal banker resume sample included below demonstrates effective ways to provide the information needed to show that you are a competitive candidate. Our writing advice refers to this sample and the priorities of aspiring personal bankers. Once you review this information, you will be better prepared to write a resume that can help you get a great job.


Personal Banker Resume Sample

Peter Marshall
Milwaukee, WI 11111 • [email protected] • 555-343-3425


Personal banker with extensive knowledge of credit, loan, home equity, and retirement savings options. Over 10 years of experience in banking and finance. Excel in selling financial services and regularly exceed sales targets.


  • Selling banking products and financial services
  • Initiating new accounts
  • Portfolio management
  • Needs assessment
  • Credit and loan assessment and enrollment
  • Home equity financing
  • Mortgage sales
  • Retirement accounts and annuities
  • Strategic analysis
  • Customer service

Work Experience

Personal Banker, Sep. 2014 - Current
Warwick Financial Group, Milwaukee, WI
  • Evaluate client financial needs and recommend services and solutions suited to their savings, current income, and future goals
  • Meet or exceed sales goals for products and services designed to provide a variety of investment strategies
  • Complete yearly audits and resolve more than $150,000 in cash discrepancies
  • Manage assigned portfolio of 35 customers and offer detailed savings and investment guidance
  • Increase number of clients that signed up for Warwick Premium Investment Management by more than 20%
Account Specialist, Apr. 2011 - Aug. 2014
Bank of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
  • Provided startup and initial operating capital to over 100 small business owners
  • Achieved more than 10 million dollars in small business loan growth
  • Received top account specialist annual bonus in 2012 and 2013
  • Made small business products and services sales and cross-sales referrals that exceeded account specialist monthly and annual averages
  • Worked closely with other account specialists, small business banking managers, and investment bankers to offer clients necessary resources
Bank Teller, Jun. 2008 - Mar. 2011
Great Lakes Bank, Milwaukee, WI
  • Processed deposits and withdrawals in accordance with bank procedures while maintaining accurate account records
  • Assisted customers in a timely fashion, answered questions, and quickly resolved issues with account discrepancies
  • Increased referral rate for specialized financial services by more than 30%
  • Adhered to strict cash drawer, deposit box, and vault management standards and organized and maintained records of transaction receipts
  • Helped perform weekly and monthly cash flow audits


Certified Personal Banker - 2015
American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C.

Certified Bank Teller - 2010
American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C.

Bachelor of Business Administration - 2008
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI
Relevant Courses: Principles of Banking, Financial Accounting, Investments

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Is This a Good Personal Banker Resume? Let’s Check

A jobseeker should address his or her most relevant qualifications in a summary statement. Does this section of the personal banker resume sample mention the candidate’s top qualifications?

Yes, it does. The candidate points out that he is already a personal banker and has “extensive knowledge” of the products and services related to this type of banking. He goes on to state that he has more than a decade of banking experience and is a skilled salesman.

It is important to prioritize skills that are directly applicable to a specific job. Is the skills section of this resume sample tailored to a personal banker position?

All of the skills listed are relevant for a job in personal banking. The candidate breaks down his broad claims in the summary statement to offer more detail about particular products and services. He also supports the list of skills with his current duties and accomplishments and previous experience as described in the following section. He draws this list to a close with a couple of general skills.

The work experience section should contextualize the skills mentioned in the summary and skills sections. Does this part of the personal banker resume sample show how the candidate obtained his experience and developed his skills?

Yes. The candidate starts with his current position as a personal banker and continues backward through time to include his prior employment as an account specialist and bank teller. He shows that he has taken on responsibilities as he has gained experience and mentions metrics that quantify the difference his skills have made.

Hiring managers refer to the education section to find out which degrees or certifications a candidate holds. Does the education section of this resume sample provide a sufficient amount of information?

The education section of this personal banker resume sample includes all of the information potential employers need to know. The candidate includes relevant certifications. He also mentions his college degree, so there is no need for him to include his high school diploma.

Formatting and organization can be as important as content. Does this personal banker resume sample present the candidate’s qualifications in an effective way?

Yes, it does. Hiring managers can get a sense of this candidate’s experience from his summary statement and list of skills. He prioritizes his most recent achievements in his work experience and education sections while also providing helpful background information. The amount of detail in these sections, including dates and locations, is consistent and clear.

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The Most Important Personal Banker Resume Sample Takeaways

As you draft and finalize your own resume, remember that you should tailor this document for a specific position. Prioritize your most important abilities, experience, and training. Organize your resume so that prospective employers can easily locate all of the information they need. You may find it helpful to refer back to our personal banker resume sample and writing tips to make sure that you are effectively communicating essential qualifications. If you would like additional assistance, try our resume builder.