In most industries, image is a powerful thing. For jobseekers in the makeup and beauty industry, the image you present to potential employers is everything. The best way you can convey your image in a way that makes an impact is with a well-written resume that details your greatest achievements. Most people who write resumes have some trouble putting all their career accomplishments on a piece of paper, so it’s best to use samples for inspiration.

Resume examples can help you get more ideas about how to phrase your professional skills and achievements. They can also give you some tips about what kind of formatting may work best for your specific industry and position. If you want to improve the outcome of your job search, it’s smart to take another look at your resume and strengthen it. Try using this makeup artist resume sample and writing guide as your resource for wording tips, formatting help, and powerful ideas to impress the employer.


Makeup Artist Resume Sample

Tonya Wellington
Olympia, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-904-7883

Summary Statement

Creative makeup artist with more than 15 years of experience in film and television. Excellent track record of award-winning work. Top understanding of makeup techniques, character creation, and budgetary concerns.


  • Capable of creating a variety of special effects with makeup
  • Knowledge of different skin types and makeup reactions
  • Leading ability to create makeup looks from different time periods
  • Exceptional team commitment
  • Superior communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail

Work Experience

Makeup Artist, Firestorm Studios
July 2013 – present

  • Meet with the director, producers, and actors to create a plan for makeup and special effects for each production
  • Write detailed notes and take photographs of the makeup process and final look for each actor
  • Develop a makeup routine for a cast of more than 45 actors on average for each production, including preparation time, makeup application, and removal
  • Create unique makeup prosthetics for character transformations, resulting in two Academy Award nominations for makeup design
  • Review the script with the hair department and write down initial makeup ideas for characters and scenes

Makeup Artist, Wildtrek Studios
May 2008 – July 2013

  • Designed makeup styles and color palettes for a cast of more than 30 actors in several period pieces throughout history
  • Researched makeup trends from history to recreate looks for shows set in specific historical periods
  • Directed a staff of three makeup assistants to apply the desired looks for the production and get actors ready for shooting
  • Considered lighting, costuming, actor facial shape, and hair to determine the best products for makeup that would create the desired effects
  • Nominated for three Emmy Awards for makeup design on an hour long drama television show set in the Renaissance period

Makeup Artist, Studio K
June 2002 – May 2008

  • Ordered all makeup materials and tools for productions, coming in at 10% under budget on average
  • Organized all makeup and prosthetics for more than 60 actors for quick application schedule
  • Partnered with the script supervisor and documented all makeup looks and details to create seamless continuity throughout film shoots
  • Ensured all products used on actors were gentle on their skin and avoided breakouts or allergic reactions
  • Mixed makeup colors and products to create custom designs for a specific character or mood


Certificate in Cosmetology – 2002
Sunnyside Beauty Academy, Sunnyside, Washington

High School Diploma – 2000
Wicomico High School, Seattle, Washington

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Is This a Good Makeup Artist Resume? Let’s Check

Is the makeup artist resume sample easy to follow for a potential hiring manager?

This resume is a great example of how to format each section for maximum readability. The writer uses bullet points, short sentences or fragments, and strong descriptive words in the summary statement and skills section. She then organizes her work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with her current job. The resume also shows the perfect length for this type of document, taking up about one single-spaced printed page.

Is the resume targeted for a specific position in mind within the makeup artist or beauty industry?

Yes. Rather than being a generic makeup artist resume that could apply to any type of job in a salon, theater, or production studio, this makeup artist resume sample aims towards hiring managers in the film industry. The candidate’s experience is solely devoted to working in film and television. She has worked primarily on designing makeup looks for this professional arena, making it easier for hiring managers in this industry to understand her value.

Does this makeup artist resume sample show off the candidate’s understanding of details and continuity within film and television?

The candidate addresses the need for a fine eye for detail in the film and television industry. She has experience collaborating with the "script supervisor" and focusing on "seamless continuity." She also mentions her ability to remain organized with detailed notes and photographs as well as an effective organizational system for tools and makeup throughout a film’s shooting schedule.

Does this resume sample show any special talents or expertise in makeup artistry that could help the candidate stand out from a crowd of other applicants?

This makeup artist gives plenty of examples of her special abilities beyond typical film and television makeup application. She includes experience in researching, creating, and applying makeup that matches historical eras for period pieces. She also indicates abilities in applying and working with makeup prosthetics and special effects.

Does the makeup artist resume sample give information about the candidate’s achievements instead of simply listing responsibilities?

In this resume, the jobseeker points out her proudest achievements throughout her career. In one position, she earned two Academy Award nominations for her work in motion pictures. Another job of hers had her racking up additional nominations in her makeup skills for her work in television. These examples of recognition show she is at the top of her field in the makeup industry.

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The Most Important Makeup Artist Resume Sample Takeaways

Standing out from a large pool of talented individuals wanting a job in the makeup industry can be tough. It’s essential to follow the example of the makeup artist resume sample and focus your document for a targeted position. Showing off your top achievements can also help convince a hiring manager to give you more consideration. Using the resume builder tool can help you easily create the perfect resume and achieve the ideal format and phrasing for a strong resume that gets results.