As a business analyst, it is important you create a standout resume. Employers often want an analyst who can communicate well, and your resume can act as an example of your ability to do just that. A strong resume quickly shows hiring managers your value as an employee. This type of document should also be concise and easy to read. Without a well-written resume, you may find yourself struggling to land a coveted job interview.

Knowing you need to create a great resume and being able to actually build the document are two different things. Check out our business analyst resume sample below. This sample document gives you a great foundation you can use as you craft your own resume. By reviewing this sample, you learn about the best format to use and content to include. Don’t forget to read through the writing tips to better understand how you can create a resume that is sure to help you get an interview.


Business Analyst Resume Sample

Candice Floyd
Minneapolis, Minnesota 11111 • cfloyd@anymail • 555-999-8723


Dedicated business analyst able to use eight years of experience in the field to create applicable studies for businesses with diverse backgrounds, including tech, marketing, and finance. Excel at interpreting data, creating proposals, and solving complex problems throughout the analyzation process. Skilled at working as a part of a team to fulfill a company’s goals even under stressful deadlines.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Comfortable giving presentations to large groups
  • Creative and detail-oriented thinker
  • Good time management
  • Familiar with Microsoft Access, Oracle PL/SQL, C++, and Oracle Hyperion
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Technical knowledge of systems analysis
  • Active learner attending regular workshops and seminars

Work Experience

Business Analyst, September 2012 - Present
Management Consultant Agency, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Provide advice to management groups of different businesses to help each client understand how to improve the efficiency of his or her business
  • Take part in special projects, such as design new forms and reports, to increase efficiency of consultations by 12%
  • Study a company’s information flow, communication channel, inventory control, or cost analysis to better understand current procedures and identify potential improvements
  • Create training manuals to prepare employees to implement new equipment or forms within the organization
  • Analyze employment reports and financial expenditures to get an idea of potential upgrade areas
  • Schedule follow ups with managers to make sure the changes are working and ensure the agency maintains its 100% satisfaction rating

Junior Business Analyst, May 2009 - September 2012
Furnhiem and Furnhiem LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Kept records of personnel interviews to help with the analyzation process
  • Organized information about the company’s procedures that needed to get changed to make it easier for senior analysts to create reports and presentations
  • Incorporated a new development software that helped save the company $1,000 over the course of a single fiscal quarter
  • Documented the findings made through the study of the organizational structure of the business
  • Reviewed the filing process to ensure proper security implementation in compliance with federal regulations

Education and Certifications

Certified Management Consultant, 2015
Institute of Management Consultants USA, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business, 2009
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Business Analyst Resume? Let’s Check

Is there any unnecessary repetition throughout the business analyst resume sample?

No, there is not. Most professionals want to avoid being redundant, but this is especially true for business analysts. Someone in this profession should be detail oriented, which means the resume should not shed light on the same detail over and over again. As you read through the resume, you’ll notice the sample applicant points out different accomplishments, skills, and values throughout each section.

Does the skills section of the business analyst resume sample focus on industry-specific abilities?

Yes, it does. As you read through the skills section, you’ll notice each ability listed directly applies to the position of business analyst. The applicant stayed focused on the job at hand rather than examining her impressive cooking skills. When you write your own resume, look to the job description for ideas on the skills you should include. If possible, incorporate some of the employer’s sought-after skills word-for-word in your resume.

Is the document easy to read?

It is. The short sentences in the Summary section make the experiences and skills discussed here stand out. In the skills section, she uses bullet points and short, buzz-worthy phrases to make it easy for hiring managers to quickly glance at her skills. Her consistent formatting throughout the work experience section allows employers to easily learn about each of her past positions. Finally, the education and certifications section remains informative yet short to ensure hiring managers see the necessary education.

Is the work experience section more than a laundry list of daily tasks?

As you read through the work experience section of the business analyst resume sample, you’ll notice the applicant did not simply create a list of her responsibilities. Instead, she created an engaging display of her accomplishments and experiences that examine what she did, how she did it, and how her actions benefited the company. The action verbs and metrics sprinkled throughout this section work together to better show employers how valuable the applicant would be for their company.

Does the business analyst resume sample make it clear the candidate has the appropriate education and training for the job?

It absolutely does. Most employers want a business analyst who will be able to jump right into the job. This means the final candidate has to have the schooling required to succeed. The candidate examines her most relevant education and certification. You’ll notice this section does not contain a list of courses or a record of her GPA. Instead, it simply lists the name of the degree or certification, the year of graduation, and the institution’s name and location.

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The Most Important Business Analyst Resume Sample Takeaways

After reading through the business analyst resume sample, you now have a better idea of what makes a resume impressive. This knowledge helps you incorporate your strongest skills, experiences, and accomplishments into your document. Remember to follow formatting best practices to ensure hiring managers can simply glance at your resume and still realize you would be a valuable addition to their team. If you’re still not feeling confident in your resume building abilities, turn to our resume builder for additional help.