When it comes to sourcing suppliers, you know the ones you select have to meet certain criteria that you’re often only able to evaluate by their bid responses. Hiring isn’t much different; employers look for certain criteria in the candidates they select to interview, and the only evaluation criteria available is your resume. With that in mind, you have to make sure your resume is as strong as a winning bid proposal and cover the details that ensure employers will bump you to the top of the list.

If you’re unfamiliar with good resume writing practices or how to craft an engaging summary of your experience, try looking at our procurement specialist resume sample. An example is a great instruction tool that gives you a visual reference for the core elements of a great resume, with plenty of ideas on how to get started creating yours. Try the resume sample combined with our tips and tricks for the best reference in writing your new, more effective resume.


Procurement Specialist Resume Sample

Janice D. Schumer
Salt Lake City, UT 11111 • Janice.d.schumer@emailserver • 555-973-2847


Cost-conscious procurement specialist with 8 years of experience coordinating materials procurement for major component molding and production companies. Skilled at forecasting material needs and ensuring available quantities to maintain consistent production. Able to identify optimal vendors for material delivery at targeted price points to ensure budget alignment without sacrificing quality.


  • Procurement management
  • Materials forecasting
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Bills of materials
  • Purchase orders
  • Procurement card management
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Vendor contract negotiation
  • Balanced scorecard metrics
  • Continuous process improvement

Work Experience

Procurement Specialist, 2009 – Present
Grant Manufacturing, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Drive materials purchasing of raw resins and plastics for molding production line
  • Communicate with production staff and team leads to discuss upcoming production needs
  • Determine materials requirements based on specific production lines and requirements
  • Identify optimal vendors for highly specific resin and plastic products, and reach out to vendors to secure competitive bids
  • Evaluate bids to determine ideal marriage of cost, quality, and delivery time
  • Negotiate contracts for specified material quantities with selected vendors, and additionally maintain recurring contracts for common stock materials on periodic schedules
  • Cut customer returns and complaints by 92% by identifying poor-quality resin supplied by a vendor
  • Saved 12% on supply costs for plastics by negotiating small batch deliveries right-sized for specific production needs
  • Improved turnaround time for bulk materials orders 41% by hiring a private transportation contractor
Assistant Procurement Analyst, 2008 – 2009
Grant Manufacturing, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Supported the procurement manager in managing rolling stock for production supply
  • Reviewed all purchase orders for accuracy and completeness, and verified vendor invoices against expected costs
  • Managed vendor communications and transactions
  • Collaborated with other purchasing analysts to promote adoption of best practices
  • Contributed to joint production and procurement team meetings, including offering recommendations
  • Prevented more than $600,000 in overpayments by checking vendor invoices for errors
  • Shortened delivery times by proposing a new logistics structure
  • Recognized for outstanding performance with a promotion to Procurement Specialist


Bachelor of Science in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, 2007
The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), 2008
American Purchasing Society

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Is This a Good Procurement Specialist Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume pass the 10-second test?

Ideally, you want to pass the five to seven second test. On average employers only spend five to seven seconds max scanning resumes to determine if they’re worth a read, and 10 seconds or so on an additional in-depth read. Our procurement specialist resume sample is formatted using quick, easily readable bullets that let employers rapidly flick through the information presented to gain a strong impression in as little time possible.

Does the procurement specialist resume sample show career progression?

Yes, it does. Within a year of hire, our example candidate received a promotion from an assistant position to one with more autonomy and authority. Rapid career progression like this demonstrates a go-getter attitude and a track record of outstanding contributions. Your resume should always strive to show progression where possible, showing how each role builds on the last.

Is the resume focused on core qualifications and skills most important to procurement in the production sector?

Indeed it is. Every bullet point in the summary and skills sections focuses on critical topics such as vendor management, materials sourcing, rolling stock management, cost control, and quality control. Managing procurement for a production operation means consistently being agile and flexible when it comes to meeting the specific needs of the production floor at that time, and the procurement specialist resume sample focuses on the candidate’s ability to meet those needs.

How does the procurement specialist resume sample stack up on keywords?

Quite well. In fact, the summary, skills, and work experience section all make effective use of keywords to demonstrate our sample candidate’s skills in action. Using keywords in this manner improves match scores on automated text scanners, while also giving you an opportunity to demonstrate how you used your strengths to make a difference. The example candidate doesn’t just talk about how she’s skilled at logistics and negotiation; she shows how those abilities led to cost savings and shortened turnaround times.

Is the resume format presentable and industry-appropriate?

Yes! In our sample we make use of clean, elegant formatting paired with effective white space allocation to make an attractive resume that impresses with a professional presentation. Simplicity is key; it’s possible to be simple without being simplistic, creating a clean, modern minimalist style. This appearance is all the more crucial in a career like procurement that calls for efficiency and attention to detail. There’s another benefit to simplicity as well. Depending on your computer system and the employer's, there are a number of chances for more complicated formatting to create errors that render your resume unreadable. Keep it straightforward to ensure clean display for most readers.

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The Most Important Procurement Specialist Resume Sample Takeaways

For an effective resume, you need to be both thorough and succinct, using powerful language rather than excessive verbiage to create a memorable job search tool. Keep in mind the best practices demonstrated in our procurement specialist resume sample, and stick to a simple format that makes strategic use of bullet points. Don’t be afraid to trumpet your achievements from the mountaintops; humility rarely lands an interview. For more pointers and a guided tour of the best possible way to write your resume, give our resume builder a shot.