If you’re not putting your best effort into your resume, you’re not getting the interview callbacks you deserve. Many jobseekers don’t think a resume is overly important, assuming that a dry recitation of background and education will be enough to land them an interview where they can put in the real work to get the job. That assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your resume is one of your strongest tools in your job search, and with a thoughtful, well-written one using key principles and strategies, it can open doors to the interviews you’ve been missing.

We provide this purchasing agent resume sample to guide you in taking those first steps in overhauling your resume. Use this sample to inspire you and show you how action-oriented writing and a clean, simplified format can work in your favor to create an impressive document. We’re also here with a convenient look at some core tips and best practices in resume writing to start you off on the right path.


Purchasing Agent Resume Sample

Martin Cooper
Boise, ID 11111 • martycoop@myemailprovider • 555-984-2389


Talented purchasing agent leveraging 6 years of experience in fashion and apparel purchasing to shape national collections for major department stores. Possess a keen eye for seasonal buys and rising-star designers; consistently coordinate tactical buys based on regional demographics and store demand to ensure profitable sales cycles. Strong negotiator with a talent for obtaining favorable pricing terms for bulk shipment of branded label apparel.


  • Retail purchasing
  • Merchandise research and selection
  • National store distribution
  • Vendor and manufacturer negotiation
  • Purchasing contract management
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Demand panning
  • Quality control

Work Experience

Purchasing Agent, 2014 – Present
Warner Retail, Boise, ID
  • Oversee seasonal purchasing for women’s and teen girls’ fashion lines at a high-end national department store stocking luxury brand-name apparel
  • Consult with top sales leadership to determine goals for seasonal aesthetics and customer targeting
  • Evaluate branded apparel collections from various luxury suppliers to make merchandise selections aligned with target goals
  • Negotiate with key supplier contacts for quantity and pricing; handle special agreements regarding joint branding and partnerships
  • Oversee the full logistics process for transportation from manufacturer warehouses and factories to Warner Retail stores nationwide
  • Check with local stock receivables at each national store to verify order completeness
  • Facilitated a 22% boost in profitability on luxury accessories with 5–6% growth in profit margins by identifying a highly coveted collection and acquiring at near manufacturer cost
  • Saved 72% on overseas freight transportation costs by sourcing alternate logistics providers
Purchasing Agent, 2011 – 2014
Oligarch Department Stores, Boise, ID
  • Shaped merchandise purchasing concepts for a branded couture line of women’s fashion with 39 exclusive stores nationwide
  • Sourced partners in forward-thinking luxury fashion to form partnerships that branded their lines under the Oligarch name
  • Negotiated volume purchasing agreements, taking into account factors such as materials, fit, cost, and sizing per demographic
  • Established delivery schedules to ensure in-store stocking in time for seasonal events
  • Attended fashion shows in Paris and Milan to spot early trends and potential additions to the Oligarch collection
  • Positioned Oligarch as #1 in boutique couture on the fashion market through strategic purchasing and innovative merchandise selections


Bachelor of Science in Logistics, 2010
Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID

Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), 2011
American Purchasing Society

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Is This a Good Purchasing Agent Resume? Let’s Check

Does the purchasing agent resume sample effectively capitalize on the unique requirements of purchasing agents in retail?

In a word, yes. Retail purchasing agents are often responsible for the direction of entire branded collections. They might be dealing with anything from fashion to home improvement tools and hardware; regardless, it’s about more than just getting the supplies there on time. A purchasing agent’s job in this particular instance affects the perception of a retail chain’s brand, and it’s important to convey the role these agents take in selecting and shaping product lines.

Does the resume avoid vague statements and fluffy language to focus on purchasing specifics?

Most employers would rather never see the phrase “motivated self-starter” again when it’s generic and offers little insight into how well a jobseeker actually does a specific job. Instead they want to see details showcasing job-specific skills and how they were used, such as the examples in the purchasing agent resume sample. Instead of vague statements, our sample resume makes clear points about the candidate’s experience in national retail purchasing, seasonal buying, pricing, logistics, and joint agreements.

Does the purchasing agent resume sample focus on what the candidate can do for an employer rather than what the candidate wants from an employer?

Objective statements are so last season. The fact that you’re applying for a job already tells employers what you want, making an objective statement a waste of space. Use that space more effectively to write a compelling summary that presents your value statement and what you can do for employers. Save considerations of what you want for when you’re researching the companies you apply to. Select companies that offer what you seek, and forget about making objective statements that offer nothing of value to anyone.

How does the resume sample stack up when it comes to transferable skills outside of retail?

Even if the purchasing agent resume sample is branded for luxury retail based on the candidate’s experience and the unique particulars of retail purchasing, it still presents a number of universal skills that would allow the candidate to transfer industries if he desired. It’s important to combine both the specifics of your job sector with universal transferable skills to ensure your resume has broad reach, and our sample delivers with job duties and accomplishments that focus on vendor/supplier selection, logistics, transportation, pricing, and negotiation.

Does the resume sample use action-oriented language to create impact?

Yes! Every bullet listing responsibilities and accomplishments begins with an action verb. Action verbs can be used to make your resume more exciting and inviting without being unprofessional, and vocabulary like "negotiate" and "evaluate" that purchasing professionals commonly employ shows industry expertise.

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The Most Important Purchasing Agent Resume Sample Takeaways

Make sure your resume makes the cut by following the tips and guidance provided with our purchasing agent resume sample. Make clear, value-oriented statements using action-oriented language. Call out the unique specifics and experience involved in your role to show what makes you stand out from others. Keep your language tight and on point, avoiding fluff and empty statements. With these tools paired with our resume builder, you’re well on your way to creating a powerful, impactful resume.