A strong, well-written resume can make all the difference when applying for a supervisor position. It is not uncommon for employers to base their entire decision of who to contact for an interview off of this single document. If it is effectively written, any hiring manager that reads it will understand not only your previous experiences and qualifications, but the unique qualities that only you can bring to the table.

Before you begin writing your resume, take a look at this supervisor resume sample. We designed it to demonstrate what a strong resume looks like. Implement the same strategies to ensure your resume is efficient and convincing. Both the content and format of your document is vital to the success of the application process. In addition to the resume sample, the writing guide goes into detail about what you can do to make your resume stronger. It explains all the techniques that you can use to improve your application.


Supervisor Resume Sample

Bethany Maine
Seattle, Washington 11111 • [email protected] • 555-346-2448

Summary Statement

Versatile and dedicated manager with nearly a decade of experience in positions of leadership. Experience leading an entire office, overseeing all operations, delegating tasks, managing projects, resolving conflict, and implementing strategies to improve income number or accomplish other goals. Prioritize communication and cooperation to assemble a team and facilitate teamwork to fulfill tasks effectively and quickly.


  • Critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis skills
  • Strong communication skills, including written, verbal, professional, and interpersonal
  • Process optimization
  • Performance evaluation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Policy creation, refinement, and implementation
  • Resource management
  • Multiple department oversight

Work Experience

Office Supervisor – March 2015 to present
Northwest Finance – Seattle, Washington
  • Oversee all office operations, ensuring staff complete all processes correctly and quickly on a daily basis
  • Interact with office staff, resolving issues, providing information, and facilitating strong work ethic
  • Communicate with clients, encouraging long partnerships and return business, as well as confirming customer satisfaction
  • Design and implement policies, and ensure staff follows them at all times
  • Improve office efficiency by nearly 10% over two years
Office Manager – June 2012 to March 2015
Johnson Accounting – Seattle, Washington
  • Created detailed reports that contained in-depth information about all aspects of operations
  • Presented reports at quarterly executive meetings, explaining data figures, making recommendations for improvement, and answering inquiries
  • Assembled special teams to tackle specific projects, taking individual talent into consideration
  • Implemented corrections where necessary to maintain a high level of office efficiency
  • Reduced spending by more than 15% over three years
  • Maintained office success rate in the top 95% of all branches
Office Manager Assistant – January 2010 to June 2012
Johnson Accounting – Seattle, Washington
  • Provided assistance to the office manager on a daily basis
  • Followed instructions carefully and precisely at all times
  • Retrieved documents, information, or miscellaneous supplies quickly and accurately upon request
  • Performed requested research on competing branches, accounting market developments, new technology, or other areas of interest
  • Compiled research into easily accessible documents
  • Assisted the office manager in reducing office inefficiency by 10%


Master of Science in Business Administration
University of Seattle, 2012

Bachelor of Science in Business
University of Seattle, 2010

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Is This a Good Supervisor Resume? Let’s Check

Is this resume focused around leadership abilities?

It is. This supervisor resume sample always relates every piece of information back to leadership. This is vital when applying for a supervisor position or any other management position. Notice that every position described and almost every bullet point in the work experience section revolves around this particular skill.

Does the supervisor resume sample rely on metrics to demonstrate expertise, rather than simply stating it?

Yes it does, and so should your resume. There is nothing wrong with listing your skills with simple descriptors, but if you do not include real metrics, you are missing out on an opportunity to greatly strengthen your resume. Use numbers to add credibility and let readers understand just how effective you are at your job.

How effectively does this resume sample flow?

One of the secrets to a strong resume is the way it flows from one section to the next. This supervisor resume sample demonstrates exactly how this should work. The summary statement acts as a hook to catch readers’ attention and encourage them to continue. The skills section provides some fundamental information that hiring managers can absorb at a glance so they do not lose interest. Finally, the work experience section is the first meaty section that explains the writer’s qualifications in depth.

Are there adequate leadership experiences in the resume sample?

There are. This resume sample includes three previous positions and an educational history in business administration. You may not have quite as much experience in a position of leadership, but you should do your best to establish your expertise. Include every position you can and describe exactly how you took charge and succeeded. A resume can be just as effective if it has fewer positions, but with more bullet points in each one. Also consider including relevant internships or certifications.

Is the work experience section in this supervisor resume sample effective for communicating leadership skills?

The work experience section actually demonstrates a specific format that is very effective for communicating your abilities. Begin with the most recent position and list the rest in reverse order. Only positions you currently hold should use present tense. Aim to include between five and eight bullet points for each position on average, although it can be acceptable to include more or fewer depending on the job’s importance or how many positions you have. Remember to only include positions related to management.

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The Most Important Supervisor Resume Sample Takeaways

Follow the example of this sample resume to ensure your resume is as strong as possible. Focus on the formatting to encourage employers to continue reading and make sure you focus the content of your resume around your leadership abilities. If you feel like you need another helping hand after reading this supervisor resume sample, take a look at our resume builder tool. It helps makes the writing process as simple and straightforward as possible.