Your resume basically serves as your first impression to potential employers and coworkers. Ideally, it will make you stand out from all the other applicants and make employers want to speak with you in person. The best way to achieve that is to work on your resume thoroughly to ensure it goes over all your relevant experiences, skills, and accomplishments. All these details should be simple to understand so that a hiring manager knows immediately if you are a good fit.

Anyone seeking a job in child care should review our babysitter resume sample. It provides a guide for excellent formatting, but it also contains good information a prospective babysitter would want to have on an application. In the event you review the resume sample and still require assistance, you can also read over the writing tips that immediately follow it. These tips will provide you with further guidance. Make your job hunt easier on yourself by using these tools.


Babysitter Resume Sample

Jill Adams
Portland, OR 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-9335


Caring babysitter who specializes in preparing delicious, nutritious meals kids will enjoy. Experience looking after children between the ages of four and nine. Certified in CPR and possess a vigilant eye to maintain observation of kids at all times.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Excellent people skills
  • Knowledge of human psychology
  • Expertise with scheduling software
  • Familiarity with washers and dryers
  • Ability to communicate well with others
  • Great physical stamina
  • Superb patience
  • Exceptional decision-making skills

Work Experiences

Babysitter – Private Family
2016 – Present
  • Provide care for three children, aged four, six, and seven, and pick all of them up right after school lets out and have snacks ready at home
  • Look after one child who is physically disabled, and offer additional care to make sure she receives help with schoolwork
  • Read to children when it is bedtime, or teach them new songs
  • Make sure children have completed all schoolwork before they can play video games
  • Accompany children to various appointments they may have outside of school, such as doctor visits and various educational outings
  • Discipline children when they have acted immaturely, and communicate with parents when a problem becomes out of hand
  • Prepare dinner for children three nights a week, taking into consideration one of the children’s allergies
Babysitter – Private Family
2015 – 2016
  • Took care of children between the ages of five and nine, and made sure they each got to their extracurricular activities on time
  • Tutored both children to help improve grades, and managed to improve the nine-year-old’s grades in math from a C+ to an A-
  • Sanitized the children’s play equipment and toys so that the kids could play once they finished their homework
  • Developed schedules for children so that parents would know when they needed to take kids to certain activities
  • Performed general housekeeping duties, such as washing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, and taking care of laundry
  • Received phone calls on behalf of the family, and wrote down messages to provide to parents later


CPR Certification and AED Certification
American Red Cross

High School Diploma – In Progress
Currently possess a 4.0 GPA
West High School

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Is This a Good Babysitter Resume? Let’s Check

Does the list of skills include relevant qualifications to be a babysitter?

Yes. This babysitter resume sample includes various skills that would benefit someone in a child care position, such as being a people person and being an excellent communicator. There is no need to include skills that would not help with the job. For example, you may enjoy kayaking every year, but that is probably not going to be useful when you are babysitting.

Does the babysitter resume sample include certifications that many babysitting positions required, such as being proficient with CPR?

Yes, it does. In fact, this resume sample lists that proficiency within both the Summary and the Education section. You will be left only with children for an extended period of time, and many parents want to be certain you can handle anything. Even if the job description does not explicitly mention the need to have CPR certification, you should still mention it if you have it. It can be just the thing to make you stand apart from the crowd.

Does the resume sample include specific accomplishments to how the jobseeker has helped children in the past?

Babysitters have a lot of responsibilities, but one of the most important ones is promoting a sense of growth within children. This babysitter resume sample does that by mentioning how the applicant improved a child’s grades. It would not be as memorable if the jobseeker simply put that she tutored children. Specific details and real accomplishments will make you more noticeable as hiring managers read through a stack of resumes.

Does the babysitter resume sample manage to give a sense of progression with each consecutive position?

Although this jobseeker only has two babysitter positions, she still manages to show how she has grown over the years. She has taken on more responsibilities with her most recent position, and she has taken on more demanding work. You never want to give off an impression of stagnation within your resume.

Is the entire document easy to read and properly formatted?

Yes, it is. It is highly recommended to format the Skills and Work Experience sections with bullet points to make everything easier to read. Additionally, this jobseeker put work experiences before her education. You want to do something similar unless all you have is a degree and not very many work experiences. A hiring manager would be able to read this effortlessly and determine if the person is worthy of additional consideration.

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The Most Important Babysitter Resume Sample Takeaways

Before submitting your resume to various positions around town, make sure you compare it to the babysitter resume sample first. It could inspire you to change things about your own application to make it more attractive. Remember to make sure each point develops your image as an outstanding babysitter. You need to impress families with just one piece of paper. In the event you could use some more help beyond that, utilize our resume builder.