When you spend so much time helping others, it can be hard to remember it’s all right to ask for help yourself. Yet we’re happy to help you build your career by showing you how to write an effective resume; writing a strong document is critical to attracting employers’ attention with a concise, compelling outline of your skills and accomplishments. A weak resume just won’t do the trick in an aggressively competitive job market, but we’re here to counsel you on how to build your resume into something strong enough to thrive. For starters, you should take a look at our clinical social worker resume sample. This sample shows you how others in your career field have organized and structured their resume, and can give you ideas on the best content to include. Review the sample and read our resume writing tips for a starting primer on how best to craft your job search documents.


Clinical Social Worker Resume Sample

Margaret Whitewood Portland, OR 11111 • margaretww@emailserviceprovider • 555-776-9007


Licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience providing compassionate counseling and support for disadvantaged populations. Skilled at working with children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and families from diverse and disenfranchised backgrounds to coach them on the life skills and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Adept at responding to crisis situations to ensure appropriate intervention and prevent potential harm to patients or others.


  • Clinical counseling in hospital and institutional environments
  • Group and individual behavioral therapy
  • Patient needs assessment
  • Crisis response and intervention
  • Social resources and recommendations
  • Social program management
  • Case management
  • Physician and mental health professional referrals and partnerships

Work Experience

Clinical Social Worker, 2010 – Present Portland Clinical Services Institute, Portland, OR
  • Contribute as a key member of a city social services program focused on meeting the needs of underserved populations
  • Facilitate the success of social assistance programs targeting those living with poverty; mental and physical health issues; and disenfranchisement due to race, gender, sexuality, or age
  • Host group and individual counseling sessions to promote life skills and identify participant needs
  • Coordinate outreach to various external program partners to provide assistance in finding jobs, caring for families, or meeting healthcare needs
  • Lead special family counseling sessions for those dealing with long-term issues and their impact
  • Received commendations from the program director for launching a new service area fully committed to counseling and supporting individuals suffering during economic downturn
Clinical Social Worker, 2004 – 2010 Portland Correctional Facilities, Portland, OR
  • Worked with at-risk and incarcerated individuals within the 6 facilities of the Portland prison system, including individuals classified as dangerous
  • Identified the needs of inmates to facilitate rehabilitation and provide appropriate resources for preventing recurrences of aberrant behavior
  • Counseled inmates dealing with substance abuse problems, medical issues, mental health issues, family issues, and other personal matters impacting rehabilitation
  • Made recommendations for potential early release and reintegration, including guiding inmates and facility personnel toward integration programs
  • Assisted over 60 inmates in achieving successful rehabilitation and gainful employment with 0 re-occurrences of violent or criminal behavior


Bachelor’s of Clinical Psychology, 2003 University of Portland, Portland, OR Licensed Clinical Social Worker, 2003 State of Oregon Board of Licensed Social Workers

Is This a Good Clinical Social Worker Resume? Let’s Check

Does the clinical social worker resume sample point out the different types of institutions and programs the candidate has worked with? Yes. In her most recent role, she points out working with a city-sponsored social services program focused on underserved populations within Portland, while in her prior role she worked with prison inmates in correctional facilities. Both roles require the same basic skillset, but applied in very different situations. Drawing attention to the environment you worked in can show a greater breadth of experience and further round out your skills for a stronger presentation.
Is the sample candidate clear on the diversity of populations she’s counseled, as well as the types of issues? She is. In the clinical social worker resume sample, her opening summary mentions working with people from diverse age groups, as well as both individuals and families. In her job descriptions, she also points out counseling people dealing with poverty, mental and physical illness, criminal histories, substance abuse problems, family problems, and personal matters. The resume is very clear on covering critical practice areas to showcase an ability to work with a wide range of patients.
Does the clinical social worker resume sample provide clear examples of the jobseeker’s positive impact on others? It does. In her most recent role, our sample candidate was the pioneer behind a new program specifically for those dealing with the impact of the economic downturn, for which she received commendations from the program manager. In her role with the city’s correctional facilities, she helped more than 60 inmates restart their lives through rehabilitation and reintegration. Although the role of a clinical social worker by nature involves positively impacting others’ lives as an everyday part of the job, your resume should call out specific examples in which you were able to make a major difference.
How does the example jobseeker showcase her commitment to patient health? By demonstrating an awareness of patient needs. In her summary, skills section, and the work history section of the clinical social worker resume sample, she consistently discusses focusing on patient assessment and providing the exact services they need to improve their lives, including sourcing external partners to provide assistance.
Is the sample resume clear on her academic qualifications and current board licensure? Absolutely. It’s illegal for a clinical social worker to practice without current licensure from the state she or he works in, and our sample candidate points out her licensure from the necessary Oregon boards.

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The Most Important Clinical Social Worker Resume Sample Takeaways

Although social work is a service role, don’t be afraid to lift yourself and your accomplishments rather than stepping aside. In your resume and in your job, you should make your commitment to others clear, but the most important thing when trying to stand out in a crowded job market is to speak confidently about your areas of expertise, your well-rounded professional history, and the impact you’ve had on others’ lives. Brag a little, and follow the example of our clinical social worker resume sample to build up your resume. If you still need help, give our resume builder a glance.