A well-written and neatly organized resume is critical to your job search. More often than not, it’s the deciding factor that lands you the job interview. Writing a strong enough document is often difficult for many jobseekers, and one of the best tools you can use to increase your resume writing power is a resume sample. Reading through an industry-specific resume sample can provide you with a wealth of examples, including the kinds of skills you should include in your own document.

Our data analyst resume sample is one such example that is sure to give you the guidance you need. Start here as soon as you’re ready to begin the writing process. This sample will teach you how to write in clear, professional language. With our resume sample and accompanying resume writing tips, you will know how to build a strong document that is sure to impress hiring managers.


Data Analyst Resume Sample

Rachel Myers
Lancaster, PA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-3983


Hardworking data analyst with many years’ experience in computer data analysis and expertise in software ranging from Apache Hadoop to MySQL. Varied expertise in computer and network fundamentals, database management software, and computer science. Long history of hard work ethic and efficiency.


  • Superb mathematical and analytical skills
  • Wide experience with programming, data mining, network security, data warehousing, and other computer skills
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Exceptional commitment to continuous self-education
  • Proficient in all Apache programs, MongoDB, and C++
  • Exceptional problem-solving, critical thinking, and time management skills

Work Experience

InterTech, Inc. – Lancaster, PA
Data Analyst, September 2014 – present
  • Complete 25 complex analytical processes per day
  • Conduct data mining procedures to identify areas of company weakness or strength and recommend procedures to capitalize or repair
  • Identify industry trends and provide statistical reports at regular intervals and upon request
  • Use statistics to analyze company data to generate reports
  • Determine departmental data needs and organize corresponding lists
  • Create and present reports to company executives
DataGlobe, Inc. – King of Prussia, PA
Junior Data Analyst, October 2011 – September 2014
  • Conducted assigned data mining procedures and presented findings to senior data analyst
  • Worked with team of junior analysts to create reports for senior data analyst, project managers, and company executives
  • Attended regular conferences and seminars to broaden industry expertise
  • Conducted regular system evaluations as assigned
  • Was given a company excellence award for junior analysts in 2013; performed an average of 20 critical data mining tasks per month at 98% accuracy
  • Regularly monitor projects to ensure compliance with guidelines set by senior analyst
Tech Solutions Corporation – Ephrata, PA
IT Technician, June 2009 – October 2011
  • Assisted company personnel with installation and configuration of necessary hardware and software
  • Completed at least 10 IT-related tickets per day
  • Troubleshoot hardware or software problems in person, via email or phone
  • Maintain company hardware and software for functionality and potential security risks
  • Offer systems support upon personnel request
  • Conduct network backup operations daily


Certificate of Completion – 2017
The Data Incubator, District of Columbia

Master of Management Information Systems - 2016
University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – 2011
Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania

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Is This a Good Data Analyst Resume?

Does the data analyst resume sample illustrate the resume writer’s proficiency with data analysis software and processes?

Yes! With data science quickly becoming one of the most sought-after fields, it can be easy for hiring managers to lose your document among the sea of other applicants. Take note of the resume writer’s inclusion of her specific program and software proficiencies rather than a generic “data mining software.”

Does the data analyst resume sample organize the work history in reverse chronological order, with the most recent position at the top?

It does. It’s important to place your most recent position at the top of your work history so that it is the first thing hiring managers see. The daily tasks from your job 10 years ago are going to be significantly less relevant than the duties you perform in your current job. On the same note, do not include any positions that are irrelevant to the position for which you are applying, such as the time you spent flipping burgers at Wendy’s during high school.

Did the resume writer simplify the language so that hiring managers or recruiters could understand?

Yes. You may think it will make you sound more impressive to load your resume full of industry-specific jargon, but many hiring managers or recruiters aren’t going to be as well-versed in it as your boss might be. Notice how our resume writer stated “completed 25 complex analytical processes per day” rather than getting into the details of which systems or processes she might have used. Data analysis has a particularly difficult language for the uninitiated, so be careful.

Did the data analyst resume sample include metrics in her previous work accomplishments?

Absolutely. Metrics are an important and effective way to clearly communicate your skill, but data analysis isn’t nearly as performance-based as sales might be. Thus, including metrics can be trickier in your resume. Still, our resume writer found ways to include metrics-based achievements, such as “performed an average of 20 critical data mining tasks per month at 98% accuracy.”

Does the data analyst resume sample include industry keywords?

Yes. Every industry has certain keywords or buzzwords that will look great on your resume. A good way to make sure to include these in your document is to scan job descriptions and look for commonly used words and phrases, and find ways to incorporate those words into your resume. For example, one of the strong words for this industry is, fittingly, data. Our resume writer has included 15 instances of the word into her resume, which will make a big difference in gaining hiring managers’ attention.

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The Most Important Data Analyst Resume Sample Takeaways

By using our data analyst resume sample as a reference, you can have access to a number of tips and tools for building your own strong document. Following this sample is a surefire way to demonstrate to hiring managers your aptness for the position. You can see how using a basic, easy-to-read format makes it simple for hiring managers to skim the document without losing any of the important details. If you want more assistance in crafting your resume, feel free to use our resume builder.