Nothing replaces a good resume. Even if you’re the world’s best interviewer, you still need a strong resume to help get you in the door. As you work to create a document you feel good about, inspecting a sample resume can be incredibly useful. Referencing an appropriate template is sure to help you keep your formatting correct while still providing the necessary information. Looking at examples from other help desk technicians can also make you feel more confident about the information you include.

When the time comes to put together your next resume, take advantage of our help desk resume sample. Our example and the included writing tips will guide you and keep your material focused and direct. Once you feel comfortable with the formatting, you can read our writing tips to learn more about creating a professional tone. With a little extra help, you can build a professional document that puts you in the running for the support job you want.


Help Desk Resume Sample

Alexandra Carey
Phoenix, AZ 11111 • [email protected] • 555.555.5555


Trained help desk technician with over nine years’ experience. Excellent customer service skills and strong knowledge of Cisco, Linux, CRM, and various other applications. Team player with a proactive attitude and a desire to help colleagues succeed.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Chat, email, and phone support
  • Hardware installation and diagnostic analysis
  • Data migration and direct import troubleshooting
  • Able to simplify and communicate complex issues
  • Adept with PCs and Apple computers
  • Strong writing skills
  • Self-motivated and driven

Work Experience

Lead Help Desk Support - Money Monitor LLC
2013 - Present
  • Provide app users with technical support for hardware and software issues
  • Educate incoming support staff on best company practices
  • Improve direct import functions based on supplier and customer feedback
  • Manage support team that grew 30% over the last three years
  • Troubleshoot in-house problems and advise help desk staff on addressing related customer complaints
  • Create video documentation for use as a support tool that increases support reps’ efficiency
  • Develop and maintain disaster recovery protocol to include new updates and changes in procedure
Support Technician - Osmund Medical
2010 – 2013
  • Advised over 60 partnered companies on the installation and upkeep of medical software
  • Updated installation processes, expediting product availability and increasing users by over 10%
  • Delegated basic issues to entry-level supports, allowing senior technicians to focus on larger issues
  • Conducted on-site training for new clients, developing training courses based on software used and group size
  • Worked with programmers to create standard language that users could understand more easily
  • Oversaw transitions during software updates and assisted with process documentation
  • Enforced privacy policy compliance with incoming support reps
Assistant Help Desk Support - Innovative Tech LLC
2008 - 2010
  • Handled phone support for customers needing both personal and commercial assistance
  • Remedied device problems for local employees
  • Documented recurring issues and created reports for programmers
  • Impersonated users remotely, reducing email and phone support time by nearly 15%
  • Created user-facing documentation to help clients understand differences between PC and Apple errors
  • Maintained a customer satisfaction rating above 85% over the course of two years


Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies – 2007
Arizona State University, Arizona

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator – 2011
Online Course

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Is This a Good Help Desk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the applicant adequately display technical savvy and an ability to assist users with complex software and hardware?

Right out of the gate, the help desk resume sample has information about experience with various types of software. In the summary statement, she lists three examples of programs she uses proficiently and then uses the skills section to provide additional examples of her technical abilities. The jobseeker’s summary statement also mentions nearly a decade of experience, which hiring managers will likely see as sufficient training.

Providing technical support requires an ability to communicate effectively and patiently. Does the applicant seem to possess these skills?

The applicant does an excellent job stressing her tactful customer support abilities. Starting with the acknowledgment that she’s a team player, the help desk resume sample goes on to list numerous examples of excellent support. The skills section cites an ability to explain complex problems in an easily digestible way, and each listing in the work experience section includes examples of how users benefited from this jobseeker’s helpful support.

Does the work experience section provide specific examples of how this worker has succeeded in previous support jobs?

Without question. The applicant also makes sure to use strong language and statistical evidence of the accomplishments made in previous positions. She explains how her oversight during a change in installation processes increased clientele by 10%, and also mentions an 85% customer satisfaction rating that exemplifies her support abilities. These definitive achievements provide hiring managers with proof the jobseeker can implement certain skills and get positive results.

With help desk jobs, new hires must quickly become experts on the company’s products and services. Does the help desk resume sample indicate the applicant can step into this role?

This sample makes it exceedingly clear the jobseeker knows how to lead and assume responsibility. As stated in the work experience section, she “advised over 60 partnered companies on the installation and upkeep of medical software.” The fact that she currently works as an educator for incoming support reps also serves as an example of her expertise. A resume needs to illustrate how past experiences make you an ideal job candidate, and the listings in this applicant’s work experience section do exactly that.

Does the resume avoid using fluff and other inconsequential information?

100%. It’s not uncommon for people to try to pad their resumes by repeating unnecessary information, but you don’t see that in this help desk resume sample. Looking at the three jobs listed in the work experience section, virtually every responsibility is unique. The applicant also keeps the education section brief by listing only her degree and an important certification.

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The Most Important Help Desk Resume Sample Takeaways

Our help desk resume sample illustrates how you can make the most of the information in your resume. When you format the document in a way that’s easy to read while still stressing important technical abilities, you can expect hiring managers to take notice. Thoughtful writing and purposeful word choice also go a long way in strengthening your resume. If you’re working on your document and need additional support, our resume builder is a useful tool.