There is no doubt that writing a strong resume that will catch the attention of employers is no simple task. Not only do you need appealing content, but you also need to focus on the formatting and how readers will perceive the document, as well as manage the flow from one section to the next. Many hiring managers spend only a few seconds with each resume, so it is your job to immediately convince them to read your resume in its entirety.

One of the best ways to strengthen your resume is to review a sample and implement the same writing strategies. The following IT operations technician resume sample demonstrates what a strong resume looks like. You can follow the formatting example exactly and let it guide the content you include. Additionally, this writing guide fully explains every aspect of writing a resume just as strong as the sample so you can get writing and land a job.


IT Operations Technician Resume Sample

Marshall Harrison
Carson City, California, 11111 • [email protected] • 555-483-1548


Detail-oriented and dedicated IT operations technician with more than a decade of experience working in the information technology field. Knowledgeable with all standard IT software and hardware and experience with database operation and maintenance. Proficient at identifying areas of poor efficiency and making improvements to save time and money.


  • C+ and Java programming languages
  • Certified with Sybase SQLAnywhere and familiar with other IT software
  • IT support technician experience
  • Excellent critical thinking, evaluation, and analysis skills
  • Strong communication abilities, both written and verbal
  • Familiar meeting scheduled deadlines
  • Comfortable in a position of leadership
  • Database maintenance and optimization

Work Experience

IT Operations Technician – October 2012 to present
West Coast Technology, Los Angeles, California
  • Evaluate database operations and create in-depth reports that detail progress and efficiency
  • Present reports at monthly board meeting, making recommendations for improvements and answering inquiries about the IT department
  • Oversee database operation on a daily basis, ensuring it does not run into any errors
  • Perform maintenance on computer systems and networks
  • Install security systems to prevent loss of corporate information
  • Improved database efficiency by 10%
IT Operations Technician – September 2009 to October 2012
LA Tech Co., Carson City, California
  • Completed initial database setup, taking all aspects into consideration to get the hardware operational
  • Performed upgrades and installed updates on the database and corporate network
  • Inspected computer systems to identify areas ready for improvement
  • Implemented backup system on database in case of failure
  • Maintained a systems efficiency rating of 90% for three years
IT Support Technician – April 2007 to September 2009
LA Tech Co., Carson City, California
  • Interacted with internal and external personnel, providing technical support, answering questions, and assisting with software issues
  • Inspected computer hardware in person to identify issues and implement fixes to return normal function
  • Explained complicated technological concepts to help resolve technical problems and prevent them in the future
  • Held external client satisfaction rating of 95% for two years


Master of Science in Computer Science
University of Los Angeles, 2009

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
University of Los Angeles, 2007

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Is This a Good IT Operations Technician Resume? Let’s Check

Does this resume sample include real metrics to demonstrate IT skills and success?

It does, and you should implement this strategy as well. Using real numbers accomplishes many things at once. It greatly strengthens your resume and adds credibility to your claims. It also gives readers a better idea of exactly what kind of employee you really are. It emphasizes the benefits you could provide if they choose to hire you.

Does the IT operations technician resume sample establish technological expertise?

This resume sample accomplishes this primarily through the skills section. This is the best section for including detailed and specific technological information, such as types of software or databases you have worked with in the past. Do not just state that you have technological knowledge; demonstrate it by including specific tech keywords.

Is the tone in this resume sample confident?

It is. It is an easy aspect to overlook, but the tone you write in also says a lot about you. This IT operations technician resume sample confidently states the writer’s qualifications and skills, as well as past accomplishments and responsibilities. Because you are trying to appeal to the reader, you do not need to be apologetic or nervous about proclaiming how you would benefit the company you are applying to.

Is the work experience section in this IT operations technician resume sample effective?

It is, and it is because of the format of the section. First, note that this is the first meaty section. This is because it is the most important information in the resume. Second, list the positions in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent. Each bullet point needs to begin with a strong action verb to emphasize your abilities and previous responsibilities. Additionally, only positions you currently hold should be in present tense. All others should use past tense writing. Finally, try to include at least five bullet points for the most important jobs you describe.

How extensive is the previous working experiences and education information?

The more extensive the work experience section is, the better, and this IT operations technician resume sample includes three positions and two related degrees. This is a good length to establish expertise, but your resume can still be quite effective if your previous experiences are not quite as long. You still need to establish your familiarity with the position, however. By including more bullet points in fewer positions, it successfully showcases your abilities and experience.

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The Most Important IT Operations Technician Resume Sample Takeaways

You cannot afford to ignore your resume when applying for work. This is often the only information employers use to make their decision, so focus on improving it as much as possible. This IT operations technician resume sample demonstrates the importance of formatting the document effectively. Of course, the content of your resume is still the most important aspect. Do not forget to include real metrics to further strengthen it. Turn to our resume building tool if you need more help.