Your resume basically serves as an advertisement for you as an employee. That means you need to quickly make an impression on hiring managers. Most employers spend fewer than 10 seconds reviewing a resume before deciding whether to consider it further. It may not seem like a lot of time, but hiring managers sometimes have to read through dozens of applications. Give them a reason to read your document from front to back by following the lead of our IT support resume sample.

Primarily, you want to make it clear from your resume you possess all the skills and experiences necessary to become an immediate asset to this new company. You may not have the exact same experiences as this resume sample, but it should serve as a guide to show you what kind of information employers like to see. After the sample, you will find some extra tips. This combination of tools is sure to help you throughout your job hunt.


IT Support Resume Sample

Kellie Spencer
Ithaca, NY • [email protected] • 555-555-9825


Knowledgeable IT support specialist with over eight years troubleshooting and repairing computer systems. Possess exceptional customer service skills to help clients with a wide array of issues. Great capabilities with using numerous types of operating systems, network monitoring, and administration software.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience with McAfee and Norton Antivirus software
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting computer hardware
  • Great phone voice
  • Patient and willing to walk through problems with customers
  • Exceptional organizational abilities
  • Constantly updating computer knowledge
  • Strong attention to detail

Work Experience

IT Support Specialist – Customer Management Solutions
2014 – Present
  • Install network software on companies’ networks, including firewalls and additional security measures
  • Analyze security breaches when they arise, and once prevented a company from losing thousands of customers’ private information
  • Perform regular maintenance on companies’ servers, recommending additional installations when it seems appropriate
  • Study network data to improve server functionality and enhance disk space availability
  • Back up all of a company’s network data and provide copies to clients
  • Train individuals at companies on how to troubleshoot network problems to make them more efficient at resolving their own problems
  • Monitor companies’ websites and recommend patches to install when complaints become prevalent
IT Help Desk Support – Computer Detection Systems, Inc.
2011 – 2014
  • Created user manuals that became the standard throughout the organization that were later distributed to over 50 clients
  • Tested certain fixes after installation to make sure they performed as advertised
  • Researched new pieces of software and hardware that could become useful for the organization, and found one piece of software that became a great tool for preventing viruses
  • Defined the parameters companies would use for their routers, hubs, wide area network, and local area network
  • Maintained logs of all clients’ data and informed clients of when something appeared out of the ordinary
  • Physically repaired network cables when they would become damaged due to pests or weather
  • Provided support over the telephone to inform clients how to troubleshoot issues remotely


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems
Fordham University
Courses in database management, modern operating systems, and object-oriented programming
Graduated summa cum laude

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Is This a Good IT Support Resume? Let’s Check

Does the IT support resume sample emphasize the candidate’s ability to troubleshoot network problems and make essential repairs?

Yes. This resume does an incredible job of stating and restating the applicant’s ability to handle the toughest of tasks. Her troubleshooting prowess comes up within the summary statement, skills section, and work experience section. The candidate even provides a real world example where she prevented data from becoming lost within the work experience section. Those kinds of details really make an impression on hiring managers.

IT workers need to have experience working with a wide range of software. Does this resume showcase that?

Yes, the jobseeker does a great job of emphasizing her prowess with numerous types of software. She mentions different categories of software she has worked with in the past in the Summary. She also states she knows how to use McAfee and Norton Antivirus within the skills section.

In addition to computer prowess, does this IT support resume sample emphasize the candidate can provide excellent customer service?

Being an IT specialist involves more than just knowledge, it also involves communicating with others so they can solve their own issues. A key skill the candidate mentions is her ability to speak with others over the phone in a friendly manner. This shows she is capable of providing useful knowledge and can also convey that information effectively.

Does the IT support resume sample mention a relevant field of study someone in this profession would need to have?

Many IT positions require a certain level of college education in addition to having several years of experience within the industry. This resume sample states the jobseeker possesses a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems. Her resume also shows she has been working in this field for several years now. Even at a first glance, a hiring manager would know this person possesses the basic qualifications to excel in this line of work.

Does this IT support resume sample show the jobseeker has made a lasting impact at her previous jobs?

Most hiring managers want someone who will do more than the bare minimum. They want an employee who goes above and beyond, and this resume shows this candidate has benefitted previous employers in various ways. For example, one of the job responsibilities is how she created a manual numerous clients ended up using. That is the kind of information that makes hiring managers take notice.

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The Most Important IT Support Resume Sample Takeaways

Ultimately, hiring managers should enjoy reviewing your resume. They should enjoy reading about someone who makes a difference and could potentially become an asset at their companies. You can achieve this by mentioning specific professional accomplishments and proving you have all the qualifications necessary to do this job right. Take steps to make a hiring manager excited to finally meet you. After reviewing this IT support resume sample again, you should check out our resume builder for additional assistance.