Building a clear and communicative resume that lets prospective employers see what you have to offer is a key step in making a strong first impression and landing an interview. It’s not always easy to understand what hiring managers are looking for when they review resumes, though, which is why it helps to have a guide.

That’s where items like this programmer resume sample come in handy. As a visual guide, it lets you see how much space to dedicate to each part of the resume, and it also shows you the unique expectations of the resume writing style. At the same time, it provides you with clear examples of the kind of experiences and skills hiring managers look for in this field. Use the resume sample and the accompanying tips to better understand your own approach. That way, you will have a much clearer understanding of the best ways to present yourself on a resume.


Programmer Resume Sample

Edward Wood
Burbank, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-6655


Versatile programmer with a decade of experience writing backend code for cloud-based enterprise applications. Spearheaded an initiative to provide a major regional banking center with a secure and completely customized online banking experience, a project worth over $10 million. Proficient in C#, Ruby, Python, Assembly, and several legacy programming languages.


  • Familiar with just-in-time, threaded, and stage code compilers
  • Proficient with MySQL, MongoDB, and Apache Hadoop database management systems
  • Codes in C++, Python, Ruby, Apache Spark, and Assembly
  • Strong written communication skills, including instruction writing skills
  • Administrative experience at the team leader level
  • Strong foundational knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus

Work Experience

Senior Programmer, June 2016-Present
Skyward Network Electronics, Los Angeles, CA
  • Deliver code to bring projects to fruition on time
  • Delegate coding assignments to team members to help ensure timely project completion
  • Oversee the debugging and quality assurance process for coding solutions
  • Communicate design issues to the front-end design team as necessary
  • Collaborate with the design, marketing, and logistics teams to alter project designs as necessary to account for coding realities
Programmer, April 2013-June 2016
Cyberdine Systems, Los Angeles, CA
  • Collaborated on code assignments with other members of the programming team
  • Delivered timely results to specific coding solutions for systems already operating
  • Responded to customer bug reports by providing timely fixes and release notes
  • Oversaw the development of new systems for prioritizing bug reports
  • Created new code solutions to old problems to improve the operational efficiency of new versions of company applications
Program Designer, April 2011-April 2013
Custom Resource Code, LLC, Hollywood, CA
  • Provided custom coding support for human resources apps used by the entertainment industry
  • Produced new design elements for existing applications in response to customer feedback
  • Oversaw the coding of custom interface shells and additional design options to customize the app to client specifications
  • Delivered timely and helpful release notes and instructional communications to client companies to help educate users about new features
  • Communicated with the primary programming team to ensure new design elements function with the core application code


Bachelor of Computer Science, 2007
University of Southern California, Santa Clara

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Is This a Good Programmer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the writer of the programmer resume sample have the experience to do the job?

Yes. The writer demonstrates this in several ways throughout the sample. It’s apparent from the work experience alone that this programmer’s range of experience is complete enough that any one of the previous jobs would qualify the applicant for a new programming job. He reinforces this more with the completeness of the skills section.

Did the writer deliver the summary for the programmer resume sample in three-point style, and does it communicate enough information?

This is a big yes on both counts. Three-point style is easy enough to confirm from its three statements, but knowing if it has enough information is harder. For that, one has to ask if the statement lets you know the candidate’s level of experience and training, as well as a major accomplishment or two. These are all visible here, with one sentence dedicated to each of the three tasks.

Did the writer groom the work experience section to communicate each point concisely?

Absolutely. You can see this in each entry. The writer delivered each in clear active language. Each starts with a strong and specific action verb, too. This reduces the complexity of the language without reducing the complexity of its ideas, and that makes it easier to write detailed duties and accomplishments into the resume.

Does the programmer resume sample include a comprehensive list of the skills required to do the job?

This question might seem repetitive, but it is important to check. As stated above, the resume possesses a complete skills section, but what does that mean? It means that the resume not only demonstrates that all the core skills to do the job are present, but it also phrases them in ways that are easy to recognize when a hiring manager or other non-specialist reads it. It also needs to respond to specific skills sought in the job ad, whether or not it reflects the outside research into the position.

Did the programmer resume sample demonstrate the skills from the previous section in the work experience section?

It does, and this is an important one to double-check for. The duties and accomplishments in the work experience need to be impressive on their own, but they also need to provide the reader with a way of seeing how you will use the skills from the previous section in the day-to-day performance of your duties.

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The Most Important Programmer Resume Sample Takeaways

There are a few key takeaways to pull from this programmer resume sample. The first one is how important your content is. Specific language and clear demonstrations of competence will always win the day if you also cover the basic requirements for content. The second big takeaway is the importance of clear, easy-to-follow formatting that respects the genre. Studying the resume sample more helps writers tune into it, but if you want additional help, use the resume builder to organize your resume.