A resume that fails to present your most marketable skills can be a serious problem. Solution architects excel at identifying issues on web services and other digital platforms and coming up with new solutions. Your resume should provide prospective employers with a clear sense of your problem-solving abilities as well as an overview of the tools you use. The best resumes for this career communicate complex concepts in simple terms with straightforward formatting and make a strong first impression in your favor.

You may find a solution architect resume sample helpful as you start planning or drafting your resume. This document includes all of the major sections, allowing you to see what kinds of information employers want to know, and the best ways to present your abilities, background, and experience. Jobseekers should also consider the following series of questions and answers which draw attention to several important considerations for aspiring solution architects.


Solution Architect Resume Sample

Helen Brooks
New York, NY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-832-2355


Solution architect with more than 11 years of experience in technical consulting for ecommerce support services. Background in web and application server administration and applications deployment. Skilled developer capable of identifying a wide variety of use cases and implementing data analytics.


  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Network infrastructures
  • Cloud architecture
  • Web and app tier development
  • Continuous integration software
  • Version control systems
  • Performance monitoring
  • Incident reporting and resolution
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Data management

Work Experience

Solution Architect, Jan. 2013 - Current
Datasphere, New York, NY
  • Specialize in cloud architectures and implementation across a total of 16 projects, usually three or four concurrently
  • Optimize web applications and data management solutions for ecommerce services to increase stability and performance
  • Support cloud and data warehousing solutions for more than 30 clients, from initial assessments to continued support and development
  • Design and test a multipurpose hybrid server and network auditing tool
  • Achieve savings of more than $250,000 per week, on average, by circumventing cloud outages and services downtime
Senior Technical Consultant, Aug. 2010 - Dec. 2013
Shop Source, New York, NY
  • Honed WebOps competencies by assisting and coordinating three development teams supporting more than 50 corporate clients
  • Architected centralized Shop Source server for distributed storage of normalized data for more than 30 servers
  • Assisted teams tasked with managing cloud services and several types of server clusters with responses to application, hardware, service, and system failures
  • Migrated web applications to cloud-ready server operating systems for 20 clients
  • Averaged $1 million in cost savings to ecommerce clients by anticipating and controlling risks
Technical Consultant, Mar. 2006 - Jul. 2010
ATZ Consulting, New York, NY
  • Upgraded data storage solutions in order to improve functionality of more than 50 ecommerce websites
  • Worked with teams of coders and data analysts to improve recommendation algorithms and search functions for clients
  • Contributed to teams performing data migration for 30 major sites
  • Maintained interfaces for securely transferring client data to solution architects, WebOps, and SysOps teams


AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Professional – 2015

AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Associate - 2013

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - 2012
City College, New York, NY

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Is This a Good Solution Architect Resume? Let’s Check

What could a hiring manager learn about this candidate just by skimming the summary statement of this solution architect resume sample?

A hiring manager reviewing this resume would immediately see that this candidate has more than 11 years of experience and that her background is in technical consulting for ecommerce services. The candidate goes on to explain how she accumulated the skills necessary to succeed as a solution architect.

It is a good idea to prioritize the most relevant skills for the job you are seeking. Are the early sections of this sample resume tailored to a solution architect position?

Yes. The summary statement informs prospective employers about the extent of the candidate’s experience and the nature of her background. She lists her specific abilities in the skills section, succinctly summing up the outcomes of the work experience she describes in the following section.

Does the work experience section provide all of the necessary information that a prospective employer might want to know?

Yes, it does. The candidate starts each entry by providing her job title, the dates of her employment down to the months and years she began and ended each position, and the name and location of her employer. She then includes a bulleted list containing a combination of responsibilities and accomplishments for each position. These details support the experience and skills set forth in the preceding sections of this solution architect resume sample.

The bulleted lists below each entry in a work experience section can be a great opportunity to make your resume stand out. How does this candidate distinguish herself from comparable applicants?

The candidate includes eye-catching metrics, figures, or statistics in each entry in the work experience section. A hiring manager might notices that she worked on a total of 16 projects in her present position, often coming up with solutions for several projects at the same time. Other numbers that might stand out in this solution architect resume sample include the amount of money she saves her current employer and clients by preventing downtime or the $1 million she saved through risk assessment in her previous position.

Is the education section of this solution architect resume sample organized so that it is easy to identify the candidate’s most recent credentials?

Yes, the candidate keeps this brief section to the point and easy to read. She organizes the education section in reverse chronological order like her work experience section so her most advanced and recent certifications appear first. The candidate also includes her bachelor’s degree, which is in a relevant area. She does not need to include her high school diploma.

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The Most Important Solution Architect Resume Sample Takeaways

It is important to make sure that your resume is easy to read and distinctive like our solution architect resume sample. Once you decide how to organize the information, look for ways to set yourself apart from other applicants. Keep in mind that applicants for a solution architect position may have similar skill sets or types of experience. Look over the job description for desired skills you can list, and think about ways to show how you made a difference in your past positions. If you want to focus on content without stressing about formatting, try our resume builder.