By presenting you as a professional and capable candidate, a strong resume is your key to securing an interview for that position you’ve got your eye on. Getting started on such an important document isn’t easy, which is why looking at a resume sample can be a helpful technique if you find yourself staring at a blank screen. Studying an example gives you a basic idea of what information your resume should include and how to format it.

The web designer resume sample below is here to give you the solid foundation you need to break through that writer’s block and build your own professional resume. Reading through it should help you form an idea of how to use targeted information and professional language to make each section stand out. Be sure to check out the accompanying tips for some extra industry-specific advice that will help you make a lasting impression on the hiring manager.


Web Designer Resume Sample

Deborah Harper
Seattle, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-123-4567


Experienced and inspired web designer with five years of experience in graphic design. Knowledge of programming languages allows for effective communication with developers and other members of a site building team. Possess a unique blend of the creativity and technical skill necessary to bring a company’s vision to life online.


  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign
  • Knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Thorough understanding of color and design theory
  • Skilled in creating wire frames, mood boards, site maps, and other user experience design tools
  • Sensitive to client needs in terms of branding, image, and deadlines
  • Organized worker with strong communication and time management skills

Work Experience

Web Designer –
2015 – Present
  • Build webpage templates that customers can use to create their own personal sites
  • Create default color palettes and graphics that users can select from
  • Update existing templates with fresh new designs and improved compatibility
  • Ensure that all webpages are both aesthetic and functional on all devices, including tablets and mobile phones as well as computers
  • Have contributed to templates implemented by over 10,000 users
Web Designer – Fast Fresh Foods Restaurants
2013 - 2015
  • Redesigned all webpages on the company site as part of a rebranding campaign for an established restaurant franchise
  • Responded sensitively to client input regarding the look and mood of new graphics in relation to their business goals and customer base
  • Cooperated with front-end developer to improve website functionality and readability
  • Participated in the design of a new online ordering system
  • Added responsive design elements to webpages for greater compatibility across devices
  • Increased traffic to client website by 70% within the first three months
Graphic Designer - Stella’s Bakery
2012 - 2013
  • Designed icons, graphics, and banners as well as print materials for a small local bakery
  • Prepared website content in cooperation with the business owners to drive traffic to their site
  • Created wire frames and mood boards to ensure cohesiveness between the company’s vision and the ultimate user experience
  • Completed project within a timely fashion and brought the website online well within the specified deadline


Bachelor in Computer Science - 2013
Seattle University

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Is This A Good Web Designer Resume? Let’s Check

Was the jobseeker specific about the extent of her programming skills?

“Web designer” can be a tricky term. In some cases, web designers are also very knowledgeable programmers who can do most of their own coding. Other times, they work more exclusively with the visual aspect of the site and cooperate with web developers to implement the vision. Because of this, it’s very important that you’re clear about what skills you possess. In the web designer resume sample, the jobseeker specifically states that she is knowledgeable in various programming languages.

Is the web designer resume sample formatted in a way that showcases the candidate’s eye for good design and readable content?

Potential employers want someone who can make their website clean, appealing, and pleasant to read. Showcase your ability to do just that by paying attention to the look of your resume. The jobseeker in the sample above has used a clean layout, with a simple font and plenty of white space to keep things uncluttered. In addition to providing a direct example of your design skills, a well-organized resume also gives you the added benefit of allowing the hiring manager to note your most important skills at first glance.

Did the jobseeker target the information to stay focused on website design?

As a web designer, you may have previous experience in other types of visual design. While it’s appropriate to include these positions if you’re just starting out, those with more experience should not let the focus of their resume wander. In her earliest position, this jobseeker also created print materials for her client. But she avoids elaborating on this less relevant experience in favor of including more detail about her web design work.

Is the language used in the web designer resume sample understandable to people who aren’t industry specialists?

In a field like web design, it may be tempting to demonstrate your knowledge by adding obscure industry jargon. But remember that the person reading your resume may a hiring manager or executive without the same technical skillset as you. In the sample above, the resume writer uses terms that show she’s knowledgeable within the industry but keeps the language simple enough that those without extensive technical experience can still get an idea of what she’s capable of.

Does the web designer resume sample demonstrate an ability to stick to deadlines and meet client expectations?

Good time management and the ability to understand a client’s needs are major requirements for web designers. The resume writer shows that she’s capable by mentioning specific instances in which she finished projects in a punctual manner and communicated closely with her clients.

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The Most Important Web Designer Resume Sample Takeaways

From the web designer resume sample above, you can see that writing a convincing resume is not as tough as it might seem. Sticking to simple language and demonstrating your ability to meet expectations goes a long way to catching the hiring manager’s attention. Also remember to be specific about your skills and use your resume as chance to showcase your design chops. For more guidance, our resume builder is here to help you turn these best practices into your own outstanding resume.