If you want to find a job that fulfills you on multiple levels, you will need to craft a professional and appealing resume. Hiring managers often have dozens of resumes to sift through, and if yours does not stand out for the right reasons, more than likely, the hiring manager will not ask you to come in for an interview. Writing the perfect resume can seem hard, but by examining a sample resume, you can learn what employers look for when they are reading.

If you want to stand out, you can take a look at our construction laborer resume sample and the accompanying writing tips. As you read it, you will see the unique structure of each section, and you will understand what type of details hiring managers are expecting to see. Writing a resume does not have to be difficult, and with our guide on your side, you can create a document that will impress even the most discerning hiring manager.


Construction Laborer Resume Sample

Janet Bright
San Jose, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Versatile and hard-working construction laborer with over five years of experience at multiple sites. Capable of using common construction machines and tools including jackhammers, concrete mixers, and surveying equipment, and knowledgeable of everyday safety techniques and practices. Strong communicator with a dedication to working well with colleagues.


  • Use of heavy machinery
  • Site prepping and cleaning experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Certified asbestos remover
  • Capable of transporting flammable materials long distances
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Operation of tools and hardware

Work Experience

Construction Laborer, May 2016–Present
Lancaster Construction & Engineering, San Jose, CA
  • Operate heavy equipment and machinery to construct small to midsized buildings
  • Contribute to team success by assisting other workers with daily tasks and adhering to safety standards
  • Ensure buildings are safe to inhabit by monitoring the integrity of each building site
  • Effectively communicate with site owner and company supervisor to ensure tasks are performed in a timely manner
  • Report any irregularities and problems to management and site owner
  • Recognized as “Worker of the Year” in December 2016
Road Construction Laborer, January 2014–April 2016
Goldsmith Construction, San Jose, CA
  • Created trenches and backfilled holes in preparation for construction projects
  • Utilized heavy equipment to break apart and make alterations to existing pavement
  • Facilitated controlled traffic patterns with help of coworkers along major highways and private roads during construction
  • Passed annual skills assessment with 100% score
  • Hauled construction materials to and from main site unsupervised
  • Ensured site was clean and equipment was safely stored at the end of each workday
Construction Apprentice, March 2012–December 2013
Cranwell Construction Company, San Jose, CA
  • Supported senior construction workers and managers with the completion of tasks
  • Maintained inventory of essential supplies and reordered them on a regular basis
  • Dug trenches and moved excess dirt and pavement to site; recycled any metal, plastic, or paper materials
  • Ensured construction site was properly prepared and free of any safety hazards prior to beginning work
  • Transported light construction materials to the appropriate destination
  • Recognized for outstanding performance and 100% on-time record


General Diploma, 2010
South Harrington High School, Oakland, CA

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Is This a Good Construction Laborer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume place emphasis on the candidate’s construction experience?

Including information about jobs that are not related to the role of construction laborer can ruin your chances of a landing an interview. The construction laborer resume sample only lists construction jobs, and it even proceeds to go into detail about the tasks the candidate performed at each job. Hiring managers only want to hire candidates with relevant work experience, so you will need to underscore your ability to perform construction-related duties without extensive training.

Does the resume list skills a construction laborer would need?

Hiring managers frequently look for a balance of hard and soft skills when reading a resume, and they generally won’t take the time to interview a candidate who doesn’t possess them. When listing skills, always be sure they are related to the job at hand. The construction laborer resume sample does this by listing skills such as “use of heavy machinery” and “site prepping and cleaning.” There are also construction-related soft skills such as “strong communication” listed in the section.

Does the resume show the candidate can work well with others?

Construction laborers usually work in teams, and this teamwork is necessary for the safety of the workers and the success of the project. If a jobseeker does not seem to place much emphasis on the value of teamwork, an employer may move on to another candidate who does. Fortunately, the construction laborer resume sample lists “interpersonal skills” in the skills section, and includes information about assisting coworkers in each job description.

Does the writer of the resume use construction-oriented language?

Yes, the writer of the construction laborer resume sample does employ construction-oriented language. The resume includes information about various construction tools and tasks, and the candidate even talks about her proficiency using these tools. The resume also discusses what goes on at construction sites, and how the candidate contributes to the overall success of each project. By using construction-related lexicon, the candidate will increase her chances of getting hired by showing she is an experienced construction professional.

Is it the appropriate length?

In all honesty, you don’t want to bore the reader of your resume to tears or bombard him or her with superfluous details about your career. In most cases, hiring managers will have numerous resumes to read, and if yours is too long, they may decide to skip over it altogether. Unless you work in certain fields, it is always a good idea to keep the length of your resume to one page or less. The resume sample includes all the necessary details and does not exceed one page.

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The Most Important Construction Laborer Resume Sample Takeaways

With the aid of the construction laborer resume sample, you can craft your own exceptional resume. By only including relevant information and ensuring that your resume features a strong summary statement, you can improve your chances of attracting hiring managers’ attention. Be sure any information you include is current and each section of your resume is properly formatted. If you need additional help crafting your resume, try taking advantage of our resume builder when you are ready.