If you want a company to hire you, a strong, well-crafted resume will be your greatest ally. Hiring managers usually have to read dozens of excellent resumes; if you want yours to stand out, you will need to be sure it is flawless. This is easier said than done, but if you want to write the perfect resume, it may be helpful to consult a reliable example first. An example can give you an idea of what others will be expecting to see when they read your resume, and it can help you avoid common errors.

After reviewing our construction superintendent resume sample and useful writing tips, you will be ready to write your own resume. Each section of the sample is carefully crafted to quickly attract the attention of hiring managers. With a bit of effort and help from our sample and writing guide, you can write a spectacular resume that will ensure you get the job you want and deserve.


Construction Superintendent Resume Sample

Edward Middleton
Cincinnati, Ohio 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-5555


Personable construction superintendent with extensive experience managing and supervising others in a construction environment. Experience managing teams of up to 50 individuals and ensuring all aspects of a project are complete before the end of the workday. Knowledgeable of basic construction cost management and budgeting practices.


  • Contract interpretation and drafting
  • Capable of accurately predicting the cost of projects and labor
  • Able to manager others and resolve conflicts
  • Knowledge of state and federal labor laws
  • Able to successfully collaborate with construction companies, architects, and engineers
  • Can professionally respond to site emergencies and other delays
  • Stellar written and verbal communication skills

Work Experience

Site Manager – Miller Residential Builders
July 2014-Present
  • Head team of 50 construction professionals, assistant managers, and other professionals
  • Ensure all workers follow state and federal safety regulations and report any potential issues to the correct authorities
  • Consult with clients before project begins to discuss ways to stay within the budget and reduce final building expenses
  • Give new construction professionals access to training materials and resources at time of hire
  • Completed 33 building projects on time without any delays or distractions
Assistant Site Manager – Clifford Construction Company, LLC.
August 2011-May 2014
  • Orchestrated the completion of specialized contracts and acted as a liaison between staff and supervisors
  • Corresponded closely with engineers, electricians, carpenters, and other professionals over the course of the project
  • Ensured employees followed company rules and regulations at each site
  • Resolved worker disputes and scheduling conflicts on a regular basis
  • Voted “Employee of the Month” twice in a row
Construction Laborer – Milton Contracting Corporation
February 2009-June 2011
  • Prepared for foundation laying by mixing concrete and asphalt
  • Adhered to company and governmental safety rules and procedures
  • Directed traffic when projects would interfere with the flow of traffic on nearby streets
  • Ensured construction sites were clean and organized at the beginning and end of each shift
  • Earned official company recognition for following safety protocols 100% of the time


Bachelor of Science in Business Management – 2008
Ohio State University, Ohio
Associate of Applied Science in Construction Management – 2002
Columbus City Technical College, Ohio

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Is This a Good Construction Superintendent Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume emphasize leadership skills?

The construction superintendent resume sample emphasizes the candidate’s ability to lead and manager others. This is immensely important, especially considering the fact that those in superintendent positions will supervise numerous subordinates. A superior resume uses strong words that evoke images of leadership, such as “direct,” “oversee,” and “govern.” Scatter these words throughout the various sections of your resume.

Does the resume include only construction-related positions?

If you want your resume to stand out for the right reasons, you will need to only include relevant construction positions and skills. Since you are applying for a superintendent position, the jobs should ideally include some degree of supervisory experience. If you include jobs in other industries, the hiring manager could easily assume you lack the experience needed to perform the job for which you are applying. Like the writer of the construction superintendent resume sample, only include jobs related to the position you are seeking.

Is the resume free of misspelled words and grammatical errors?

The construction superintendent resume sample is free of any misspelled words and grammatical errors, which can doom virtually any resume. If you neglect to edit your resume before submitting it, the reader will see the grammatical problems and assume you do not have the intellectual prowess to assume a managerial role. In the construction industry, your job will probably include reading and writing blueprints and directions, so not being able to spell properly would be a problem.

Do the tasks in the work experience section discuss project outcomes?

As a construction superintendent, you need to provide hiring managers will information about the overall outcomes of your projects. Superintendents oversee numerous employees and are a key element of a project’s success. The construction superintendent resume sample does discuss the outcome of the candidate’s various tasks. It describes “building 33 new projects with no delays” and “ensuring employees followed company rules and regulations at each site.”

Does the resume show career progression?

The candidate is applying for a job as a superintendent, which means he will be overseeing and managing others. This is a relatively high-level job, and the candidate uses the work experience section to show how he has progressed in his career. He does this by including his lowest-level construction job (laborer), and progressing up to his jobs as a site manager and superintendent. When doing this in your own resume, you should also draw attention to the fact that you have accumulated knowledge and experience over the years. This will show you are ready to hold a new superintendent position.

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The Most Important Construction Superintendent Resume Sample Takeaways

By taking advantage of the construction superintendent resume sample, you can create a resume that captures the attention of the hiring manager in a split second. By properly formatting your resume, emphasizing your leadership skills, and proofreading your document, you can ensure your resume looks professional and gets the point across. You will also need to include details about your educational background in a concise and informative manner. If you still need assistance writing your resume, try using our resume builder.