When you meet someone new in person, you want to give the best first impression possible. The same principle holds true with trying to obtain a new job, and your resume functions as a first impression. It should give hiring managers a basic understanding of where you come from. While you still want to leave employers wanting more, you should have a descriptive application that basically has all the information hiring managers look for. You can review the construction worker resume sample below to get an idea of what that would look like.

When you try to get a new job in construction, you should compare your current resume with this sample. They should naturally be a little different, but you should see some common components, such as identical formatting. After reading the sample, you may find you still need some help. That is why extra writing tips come afterward, so make sure to read everything for a better understanding of resume writing.


Construction Worker Resume Sample

Kent Nebitt
Memphis, TN 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-7473


Hands-on construction worker familiar with all aspects of both commercial and residential construction projects. Skilled with a wide range of tools, including asphalt finishers, blow torches, caulking guns, hoists, power drills, and temperature probes. Excellent background in completing projects according to customer specifications and on time.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Expertise with computer aided design software
  • Knowledge of using and maintaining machines
  • Basic understanding of mathematics, including geometry
  • Superior manual dexterity and control precision
  • Ability to lift up to 75 pounds
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Understanding of public safety principles

Work Experience

Construction Worker – Beeman Builders
2014 – Present
  • Clean construction site before starting renovations to ensure it does not contain any hazards or dangerous structures
  • Position concrete and cement mixers to adequately lay out a new foundation when constructing new buildings
  • Control the traffic passing through or around the work zone, which can entail putting up signs on freeways and busy streets to inform people of the construction
  • Remodel over 100 commercial and residential buildings in the Memphis area, and construct over a dozen new houses
  • Apply weather stripping to recently installed roofing to make it more energy efficient
  • Read instructions and plans to crew members to inform them of what requires attention any given day
  • Lubricate tools, equipment, and machinery regularly, and perform routine maintenance to extend longevity
Construction Laborer – Towery Construction
2012 – 2014
  • Sprayed steam, sand, and water at walls and roofs to clean them before conducting any remodeling
  • Operated jackhammers and other types of power drills to break apart concrete and other structures for later renovation
  • Erected ramps, braces, and scaffolding to ensure the safety of other crew members
  • Loaded materials into trucks before leaving the warehouse, checking everything off a list to ensure everything was there
  • Provided assistance to specialists, such as masons and carpenters, and learned various tools of the trade
  • Sold “green” construction products to customers, and increased the amount of revenue company received from those products by 20%
  • Signaled equipment operators to ensure they remained aware of where other workers stood around the premises


Certification in Construction Materials and Building Construction

High School Diploma
St. John’s High School

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Is This a Good Construction Worker Resume? Let’s Check

Does this construction worker resume sample have all the proper educational requirements and certifications needed in the field?

Yes, it does. The level of education required for construction jobs ultimately comes down to what position level you hope to attain. General workers and laborers may only need a high school education. For more senior positions, certification in construction comes in handy. You always want to make it clear what your highest level of education is so hiring managers are not left guessing.

Does the construction worker resume sample mention relevant tools and pieces of equipment that often come up in this line of work?

Saying you are familiar with tools in general does not mean much. You can make a more lasting impression by explicitly stating what tools you know how to use. This resume sample does a great job of mentioning specific tools in the Summary and work experience section. Mentioning exact tools also helps with filling your resume with useful keywords.

Does this construction worker resume sample make it clear the jobseeker can handle any type of construction job?

Most construction companies handle a wide range of projects. They do everything from residential houses to commercial buildings, and they also do minor renovations to major remodeling. This resume sample makes it clear the applicant can handle anything thrown at him. This is clear from the fact he says he worked on over 100 buildings throughout his career.

Look at the skills section. Is it varied?

When discussing your skillset, you want to avoid mentioning the same kind of skill over and over. You would not want each bullet point to simply contain another type of tool you know how to use. This construction worker resume sample does an excellent job of mentioning the applicant’s physical prowess and how he can lift 75 pounds. It also mentions his proficiency with a certain type of software. The candidate mixes things up, and it keeps the document interesting.

Does the work experience section only contain relevant jobs to the industry?

This jobseeker may have worked other jobs in the past, but for the resume, he focuses on the two most recent and most relevant jobs to becoming a construction worker. You want to do the same. If you have trouble determining what jobs to mention, focus on the ones with transferrable skills. It is acceptable if you want to switch industries, but you need to be smart about how you market yourself.

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The Most Important Construction Worker Resume Sample Takeaways

When you find an open position, you likely will not have an opportunity to meet the hiring manager in person beforehand. Your resume is all the employer has to go off of in figuring out if you deserve the job. First impressions are everything, and even if you do not get the job you want now, you can still do a lot of good by staying in a hiring manager’s mind for later. Follow the lead of this construction worker resume sample as well as our beneficial resume builder.