With a resume, you essentially communicate to an employer what you bring to the table that makes you the best pick for an open position. This should include experiences you have that translate well to a new job. It should also include skills you possess that transfer over to the job you hope to attain. If you are having trouble obtaining interviews, you need to try a new strategy. That may involve altering your resume so it more closely resembles the electrician resume sample provided below.

Anyone interested in becoming an electrician should review this resume sample because it shows what good formatting looks like. It also contains information hiring managers like to see when reviewing numerous applications. You definitely understand what your worth as an employee is, so you simply need to communicate that to others through this document. The sample, along with the writing tips, will help you craft a much better application.


Electrician Resume Sample

Ralph Long
Bowling Green, KY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4337


Experienced electrician with over 10 years’ experience in the field. Capable of working safely, and never once suffered an injury while on a worksite. Excellent troubleshooting abilities to quickly identify an issue and get residential and commercial buildings back up to optimal efficiency in no time.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of cable reels, wire cutters, and other tools
  • Familiarity with CAD software, such as SmartDraw
  • Experience with standard building principles
  • Ability to read and design blueprints
  • Excellent decision-making prowess
  • Capable of overseeing work of others
  • Dependable and supportive

Work Experience

Electrician – Handyman Electric, Inc.
2013 – Present
  • Install various electrical systems for over 100 residential, commercial, and industrial buildings throughout the state of Kentucky
  • Test electrical systems to ensure everything works as it should before leaving
  • Train new hires, oversee their work, and recommend to supervisors when new hires are capable of working independently
  • Prepare blueprints and sketches for team to work off of, and explain everything in clear language before getting to work
  • Diagnose malfunctioning electrical systems using a wide array of tools, including voltmeters and oscilloscopes
  • Respond quickly to emergency situations when a building’s electrical system poses an immediate fire hazard
  • Perform basic administrative tasks, such as ordering more supplies when necessary and keeping reports of all jobs on file
Electrician – Exceptional Electrical Systems
2007 – 2013
  • Used hand tools to maintain, install, and assemble new electrical systems
  • Placed tubing over wiring to enhance the lifespan of a building’s wires
  • Inspected wiring systems and offered suggestions to supervisor for what potential solutions existed for resolving the problem
  • Consulted with potential clients to inform them about the services of the company, and provided accurate quotes
  • Planned layouts of new wiring in a building to ensure everything was consistent with state and local ordinances
  • Cleaned up at the end of a job to ensure everything was the same way as when company workers arrived
  • Wrote safety manual distributed to 30 on-site workers at company that resulted in zero injuries in 2011 and 2012


Certification in Electrical Work

High School Diploma
East High School

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Is This a Good Electrician Resume? Let’s Check

Does this electrician resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s ability to handle every aspect of the job?

Yes. From creating blueprints to actually installing new wiring, this resume states the applicant’s abilities to handle every aspect of the position. You do not want to simply focus on one aspect of a job when you write your resume. You want a well-rounded document that shows you can take care of anything. You do not want a hiring manager to think your skillset will fall short in one crucial area of the position.

Does the electrician resume sample show how the candidate has grown as an employee throughout the years?

It is subtle, but yes, it does. In the older position, the jobseeker states he had to report to a supervisor. In the most recent position, he states he is the one who trains and oversees the work of others. This indicates that the candidate has done such as great job his supervisor granted him additional responsibilities throughout his career.

Look at the skills section. Does this electrician resume sample contain qualifications electricians must have?

The general recommendation is for resumes to have a minimum of six skills in this section, and you want all of them to be relevant to the career you want. This resume sample contains skills useful for electricians, and it also does a good job of containing a mix of skills. It states the candidate’s proficiency with a certain software, and it offers a glimpse into the jobseeker’s personality.

Does the electrician resume sample make it clear the jobseeker is able to do this line of work safely and carefully?

All jobs have the potential of injury, but it is especially prevalent with electricians. This candidate makes it clear he has never suffered an injury and has taken measures to prevent injuries from occurring to others. This information will put a hiring manager more at ease because he or she will know the candidate can do this work safely.

Does this resume sample focus on results rather than simply tasks?

The last thing you want is for your resume to read like a job description. For example, this resume sample could have merely stated, “Install various electrical systems.” Instead, it takes it a step further by stating, “Install various electrical systems for over 100 residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.” This is much more memorable because it includes specific information rather than vague details. Do not just state what you did. Talk about how what you did affected the company or the community at large.

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The Most Important Electrician Resume Sample Takeaways

After reading your resume, there should be zero doubts in a hiring manager’s mind whether you qualify for the job. You want to emphasize the fact you can do this type of work safely and that you contributed a lot to previous positions. By dividing your resume into distinct sections like the electrician resume sample, it will be easy for a hiring manager to go over everything quickly and efficiently. You can utilize our resume builder if you require some more help with crafting an application that will result in more interviews.