Hiring managers look through piles of resumes when trying to fill an open position. Only a select few make it through to the next step: the interview. If you want to be one of those, you must create a resume that stands out. However, writing a strong resume is not an easy task. That is why you should get some help and consult the heavy equipment operator resume sample.

This sample is a superb guide that shows you how to format your resume and gives some insight into what information to include. As you begin to write your own resume, review the sample and follow its lead. You should also read through the resume writing tips below. These offer a further look at what you should do as you put together your own resume. With these tools, you can make it simple to write a resume that grabs attention and helps you get the interview.


Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Sample

Marvin Skee
Orangetown, PA 11111 •[email protected] • 555-465-2364


Equipment operator with over 10 years of experience working on construction sites. Skilled in operating bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, and various other heavy equipment of all sizes within safety standards. Focused on exemplary attendance and work ethics, along with being dedicated to efficiency.


  • Safety minded
  • Computer knowledge
  • Residential and commercial construction experience
  • Physically fit and capable
  • Excellent eye-hand coordination
  • Multitasking
  • Organization
  • Eye for detail
  • Ability to read blueprints, maps, and diagrams

Work Experience

Heavy Equipment Operator - Tebone and Carter Construction
  • Operate heavy machinery to conduct various construction activities
  • Survey the job site to determine the day's goals and set safety barriers
  • Conduct new employee training and lead safety training meetings
  • Prepare daily job reports
  • Maintain construction equipment and troubleshoot issues
  • Conduct daily equipment checks
  • Manage team of three other equipment operators
  • Recognized in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014 for superior job attendance and safety records
General Construction Laborer - Tebone and Carter Construction
  • Get daily job assignment at beginning of shift
  • Conduct general construction duties as required to clear land, lay foundations, build retainer walls, pour concrete, and other various construction tasks
  • Kept site clean and tools, equipment, and supplies organized
  • Maintained inventory records in computerized system, and created records for tasks completed
  • Observed all construction site safety standards and regulations, checking all tools and equipment before use for wear
  • Operated heavy equipment on occasion
  • Consulted with team leaders to determine construction plans for new projects
  • Received superior attendance award for no missed days two years in a row
Construction Helper - Barrington Contractors
  • Performed manual labor tasks on various construction sites
  • Learned safety regulations and rules for construction sites
  • Carried supplies and tools from trucks to site
  • Organized tools and supplies on location
  • Filled in as needed for workers who were absent or on break
  • Learned basic construction tasks and trained on heavy equipment operation
  • Assisted with recordkeeping and inventory management
  • Worked on new multimillion dollar residential project as lead helper to ensure project's timely completion


High School Diploma - 2006
West Bend High School

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Is This a Good Heavy Equipment Operator Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume show a clear career path for the applicant?

Advancement in the construction industry is often based upon working up through the ranks. Heavy equipment operators have likely already spent time working general labor positions and understand how the overall team on a site must work together to ensure safety and work quality. A hiring manager will want to see applicants have followed a good career path to prepare them for this current position. In the heavy equipment operator resume sample, it is clear the applicant worked his way up from a helper to an operator.

Is the applicant showcasing his specific construction skills?

The applicant does a great job drawing attention to specific skills he possesses. Starting in the Summary, he makes sure to note his experience with operating various types of construction equipment. He goes on in the skill section to show aptitudes in using computers, reading blueprints, and working on different types of construction sites. The work experience section is a goldmine of information, stressing all the different duties he has handled throughout his career on construction sites.

Can hiring managers learn all the key information they need to know about the applicant from the resume?

A hiring manager wants to see an applicant for a heavy equipment operator has the appropriate training to operate such equipment, understands the construction environment, and is capable of working as part of a team to safely complete projects of high quality. This applicant excels at making these points about himself clear in the heavy equipment operator resume sample.

Did the applicant draw attention to special achievements?

The heavy equipment operator resume sample has several mentions of achievements that are sure to grab the eye of a hiring manager. This includes mentioning the applicant's attendance record multiple times, along with drawing attention to his record for safety.

Does the resume make it clear the applicant is physically able to do the job?

Construction is a physically demanding job. Even if the applicant will mainly focus on operating heavy equipment, he still needs to have stamina and strength to assist with other tasks and maintain the demanding schedule construction companies usually follow. In the heavy equipment operator resume sample, the applicant makes it clear he is physically capable of doing the job by mentioning his physical fitness in the skills section and backing it up with examples and accomplishments in the work experience section.

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The Most Important Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Sample Takeaways

After all you have learned through reading the resume writing tips and consulting the heavy equipment operator resume sample, you are prepared to begin work on your own resume. Drawing attention to your excellent skills and abilities through a well-written resume can help you land the job you want. Remember, too, we offer the assistance of our resume builder if you get stuck or need a little more help. Nothing is standing in your way now. Get started on your winning resume today.