It is not always easy to sell yourself with words, which is essentially what you do in a resume. Touting your strengths and talking up your abilities may be tough for you to do. However, if you want to get the job, you have to turn the hiring manager's head with a strong, well-written resume. You want to ensure it includes all the right information and details to explain why you are the perfect fit for the position. If you struggle with resume writing, don't worry. You are not alone. Almost everyone needs a little help. Luckily, we have a welder resume sample you can use for inspiration. It shows the right formatting and offers amazing assistance for what to include. We also have some writing tips that can enable you to polish your resume so it really stands out. With these tools, you can create a resume to land you an interview and help you get one step closer to the job.


Welder Resume Sample

Todd Diringer Freestyle, OK 11111 • [email protected] • 555-487-2215


Well-trained and experienced welder with skills in MIG and TIG welding. Dedicated to quality work and excellence in every aspect of employment, including stellar attendance record and commitment to safety. Eager to continue learning and working with an array of tools and equipment within different settings independently or as part of a team.


  • Quality minded
  • Safety conscious
  • Blueprint reading
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Factory and warehouse knowledge
  • Inventory management
  • Organized
  • Problem-solving

Work Experience

Welder-BGM Fabricators 2010-present
  • Read specification sheets to determine proper welds required and use various welding and factory equipment to complete projects; maintain quality standards, re-doing any work that falls below standards
  • Monitor machines and equipment to prevent safety issues and ensure proper operation; troubleshoot issues and correct problems or report repair needs to maintenance department
  • Use tools to align and secure assemblies prior to welding; examine work for quality before passing to next stage
  • Keep work area clean and organized
  • Work on special projects as assigned for million-dollar projects
  • Assisted with the development of a new quality control process that decreased quality issues by 50%
  • Received attendance award for superior attendance in 2013 and 2014 and recognized by company for outstanding safety record
Welder Apprentice-BGM Fabricators 2005-2010
  • Worked under experienced welder to learn trade
  • Maintained inventory and gathered supplies as needed and kept work area clean
  • Noted safety issues and took steps to correct them
  • Learned about floor procedures and safety requirements
  • Studied machines, including how to troubleshoot and fix minor repairs, and learned how to use computerized welding equipment
  • Completed welding testing as required to complete apprenticeship
  • Completed program with a 98% rating for work quality and safety
Warehouse Associate-Sam's Club 2003-2005
  • Worked as part of team to ensure the warehouse operated efficiently and safely
  • Monitored inventory using computer monitoring system
  • Uploaded reports for purchasing department
  • Drove forklift
  • Used various tools to assemble bicycles and furniture for displays
  • Assisted sales associates with gathering products to put on shelves
  • Won Associate of the Month award five times for job performance and attendance


Welder Certification- 2005 Freestyle Career and Technical Center, OK

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Is This a Good Welder Resume? Let’s Check

Does the applicant mention his experience with different types of welding techniques? The welder resume sample mentioned three times that the applicant has experience with MIG and TIG welding. This information is essential because most welding jobs are going to be a specific type, so hiring managers want to know the applicant has the necessary skills.
Does the welder resume sample show the applicant can work as part of a team? While typically it is important to only include past jobs that are relevant to the position for which you are applying, make sure you watch for skills that may be applicable. In the welder sample resume, the applicant included the Sam's Club job because it shows he can work as part of a team whereas the other jobs focused more on individual work. For this job, the hiring manager wants to see someone who can work as part of a team, so including this job was a good call.
Is it clear the applicant has had training in welding? Most employers want to hire people who already have training and experience in welding because they do not have the time or money to train them in the trade. In the welder resume sample, the applicant is sure to draw attention to his education, which was through a technical school where hands-on learning allows for experience while training. In addition, the applicant completed an apprenticeship, which would have offered him the remaining training needed to work in the field.
Is it obvious this applicant focuses on quality control? Quality control is essential for welders because bad welds won't hold. In addition, depending on the type of welding, a bad weld may look awful and ruin the aesthetic of a piece. It is important for hiring managers to ensure an applicant will focus on quality and be able to spot issues. In the welder resume sample, the applicant mentions at various points that he has experience with quality control and focuses on doing an excellent job.
Is the resume organized and easy to read? A messy resume or one that makes the hiring manager have to search for information is one that they will toss aside. Hiring managers simply do not have the time to waste on a hard to read resume. This applicant did a superb job of ensuring the resume looks clean and professional. Through using section headings and bullet lists, he was able to create a resume that is simple to read through.

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The Most Important Welder Resume Sample Takeaways

As you begin to work on your own resume, be sure to remember what you have learned from the welder resume sample and the writing tips above. Incorporating these important points and ideas in your resume can help you to craft one that will impress a hiring manager. If you are in need of further help, consider using our resume builder. This tool can make the process easier. So, now is a great time to start on your winning resume.