What kind of impression do you want to make on potential employers? Are you confident that your resume presents you in the best possible light? Your chances of getting into an interview are better when you’ve revised and edited your resume so it accurately describes your best talents and qualifications. Consider the fact that many hiring managers spend just a few seconds per resume. You need to be sure your own document stands out.

One helpful tactic for improving the positive impact of your resume is to study an example, such as our call center customer service representative resume sample, that already incorporates the most effective writing habits and modern resume formats. You might use the example as a standard against which you can compare your own. You’ll find examples of ways to share your hard and soft skills in a more meaningful format than a simple list. You may learn new tips for boosting the impact of your education section. After reviewing the resume sample, turn to our industry-specific writing tips for more guidance.


Call Center Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

Drew B. Oliver
Medina, NY 11111 • dboliver@anymail • 555-345-7564


Friendly and enthusiastic individual with history of meeting and exceeding productivity goals. Excellent ability to troubleshoot issues, resolving customer concerns with high rate of satisfaction. Strategic partnership-building skills, using attentive listening, problem-solving, and tact to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


  • Telecommunications experience
  • Conflict resolution proficiency
  • Excellent typing and data entry
  • Critical thinker and problem-solver
  • Focus on friendly, effective service and support
  • Friendly and professional demeanor
  • Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese

Work Experience

Call Center Customer Service Representative, Sept. 2016 - Present
Erin Lake Utility Company, Medina, NY
  • Handle customer inquiries and complaints regarding billing, payment, and service, answering average of 100 calls per day
  • Resolve issues for angry customers, locate resources and coordinate solutions, and rebuild relationships of trust. Hold position for positively handling most challenging calls
  • Serve as the lead mentor for new reps, mentoring 34 new reps in six months
  • Help company attain new high in customer service ratings, earning 90-100% ratings from external auditors in categories such as communication and listening skills, problem resolution, and politeness
  • Hold commendation for enthusiastic customer focus and positive persuasiveness
  • Participate in voluntary client relations training, assisting in presentation of ways to enhance customer satisfaction
Customer Service Representative, Nov. 2015 – Sept. 2016
Exceptional Pet Care Products, Inc., Middleport, NY
  • Worked with a team of 20 representatives, answering customer calls regarding products, pricing, shipping, questions, and complaints
  • Directed calls to appropriate departments in phone queues to increase efficiency
  • Provided accurate information to customer requests and studied product descriptions to ensure accuracy
  • Achieved highest level of productivity 37 out of 45 weeks of employment
  • Received 89% perfect customer feedback ratings and less than 1% poor customer feedback
  • Volunteered after-hours to assist in implementation of new phone system

Volunteer Experience

ESL Volunteer, Sept. 2013 – Sept. 2015
Lengua Language Learning Center, Buffalo, NY

• Collaborate with teacher in preparing materials for English instruction
• Spoke with students, parents, and support professionals
• Translated for English, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers
• Assist in maintaining safe, appropriate classroom learning environment
• Participate in out-of-classroom activities as needed
• Complete attendance records for over 100 participants

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Is This a Good Call Center Customer Service Representative Resume? Let’s Check

Does the call center customer service representative resume sample demonstrate that the candidate is able to appropriately handle frustrated and irate customers?

Absolutely. Happily, there are several meaningful entries in this resume sample that show, rather than tell, how the candidate works with frustrated customers. For example, the summary and skills sections include words describing attributes of an outward oriented individual, such as “attentive listening” and “friendly, effective service.” The candidate’s voluntary participation in training courses, receipt of commendations, and work as a volunteer point to the personable skills.

Does the sample resume show the candidate’s willingness to adjust to time schedules and hour requirements?

Call center representatives are often required to work evenings, weekends, and holidays. The candidate’s participation in training sessions, after-hours assignments, and volunteer work show a willingness to work for the benefit of the company. With almost two years of experience handling customer service calls, the candidate provides proof to employers that he is dependable and will show up on time whenever he appears on the schedule.

Look through the work experience section of the resume. Does the writer demonstrate the candidate’s excellence as a customer service representative?

Definitely! Each addition to the work history section of the call center customer service representative resume sample includes measurable facts that speak to the candidate’s achievements. From describing the candidate’s ability to work productively (average of 100 calls per day) to acknowledging commendations (commendation for enthusiastic customer focus), the candidate shares several achievements to impress potential employers, such as “hold position for positively handling most challenging calls.”

Does the call center customer service representative resume sample draw attention to the various skills needed to complete all responsibilities?

Yes, it does. The skills section includes a combination of technical experience and the soft skills necessary to work with people. Throughout the work history section, a number of skills appear, such as “locate resources,” “rebuild relationships of trust,” and “assist in implementation of new phone system.” By including the volunteer experience, the writer also took the chance to bring attention to the candidate’s multi-lingual skills and leadership abilities.

The educational requirements for customer service representatives aren’t onerous. However, the education section can still have a positive impact. Does the writer of the sample resume use this section to create a winning impression?

Although appropriately short, the education section of the call center customer service representative resume sample does show the candidate’s desire to learn and perform. The candidate’s completed schooling is pertinent to customer service and the ongoing training sessions are specific to areas within customer service.

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The Most Important Call Center Customer Service Representative Resume Sample Takeaways

The quality of your resume is a vital step in getting interviews with the companies you want. Boost your ability to write an excellent resume with our call center customer service representative resume sample and best resume writing practices. Draw attention to combinations of hard skills and soft skills and experience and education. Show, rather than tell, your achievements and use metrics to back up your claims. After working through your first draft, take a second look at our resume sample and the accompanying resume builder.