When jobseekers enter the job market, they enter a competitive arena. This is why it is important for your resume to stand out to hiring managers. This document is your first introduction to a company, but hiring managers usually do not sit down and read every word. Instead, your resume has at most 10 seconds to demonstrate that you are the best person for the job. One of the ways to showcase your qualifications is to craft a resume that communicates how your skills and experience can be valuable to a company.

How do you do this? Looking at a field customer representative resume sample, like the one included below, is a great way to start. By looking at an example, you can learn how to tailor your resume to emphasize different skills and demonstrate the ways your accomplishments helped previous employers. The writing tips included here illustrate the elements that make the sample resume a success; apply these methods to your own resume.


Field Customer Representative Resume Sample

Marvin Whittaker
Billings, MT 11111 • mwhittaker@anymail • 555-555-8925


Expert field customer representative with experience leading and recruiting customer service personnel. Excellent listener who researches customers to understand their products, technical needs, and goals for expansion. Patient with all customers and knowledgeable about company equipment and best practices for training customer service representatives.


  • Skilled with Microsoft Access and other database and network conferencing software
  • Excellent written communication to clearly answer questions about company products
  • Team player who puts clients’ needs first
  • Detailed researcher of new products on the market and changing industry standards
  • Attentive listening to comprehend clients’ technical needs and identify appropriate solutions
  • Proficient with manuals for company products to advise clients about product operation and maintenance

Work Experience

Assistant Lead Field Customer Representative, 2015 - Present
Montana Scientific Equipment, INC. - Billings, MT
  • Advise clients on the best equipment for their projects
  • Field questions about equipment to ensure clients understand products and materials
  • Direct team of field representatives
  • Recruit new talent from universities by hosting meet-and-greet events
  • Train new customer service representatives on best practices for assisting clients
  • Enhanced equipment sales by 45%
  • Implemented new field customer representative policies that allow staff to spend more time with customers
Field Customer Service Representative, 2012-2015
Smith and Kelly, INC. - Missoula, MT
  • Consulted with clients to identify their technical needs
  • Resolved delays in client facilities by identifying technical equipment to increase productivity
  • Attended national conferences to learn about latest scientific equipment
  • Collaborated with team to revamp field customer service training
  • Educated clients about new equipment and fielded questions via email, phone, and in-person meetings
  • Earned Most Successful Field Customer Service Representative 2014-2015
Intern Customer Service Representative, 2011-2012
Smith and Kelly, INC. - Missoula, MT
  • Informed clients about products over the phone
  • Analyzed effectiveness of customer service techniques and prepared report with suggestions for increasing productivity by 25%
  • Identified 15 potential clients
  • Chaired initiative to attract more interest from college students and recent graduates
  • Shadowed field customer service representatives to provide additional consultation for clients


Bachelor of Arts, Communication, 2010
University of Montana

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, 2012
University of Montana
Graduated cum laude

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Is This a Good Field Customer Representative Resume? Let’s Check

Does the field customer representative resume sample list the ways the jobseeker contributed to the company’s success?

Yes, this jobseeker identifies the ways he can provide value to a company. Instead of saying he is a good leader, this jobseeker demonstrates this ability through the bullet points in his work experience. He explains that he has “experience leading and recruiting customer service personnel” and builds on this by showing how he has worked inside companies to identify new training methods. He also shares his experience in recruitment. Note how the jobseeker uses metrics to emphasize his accomplishments.

Does the jobseeker have the relevant skills?

Absolutely. This jobseeker emphasizes both his technical proficiency and his customer service capabilities in the skills section. His work experience also demonstrates how he has used both of these skill sets to assist companies. By mentioning specific software and including terms such as “recruit new talent” and “train new customer service representatives,” this jobseeker is incorporating phrases from a typical industry job description. This shows hiring managers that he read the job listing and has the experience they need.

Is the resume tailored to a specific job?

Yes, it is. By reading through the field customer representative resume sample, you can see that the candidate mentions customer service, training, and recruitment throughout each section. This suggests he is applying for a position that requested experience with these skills and has tailored his resume to demonstrate his expertise in these areas. Note that the jobseeker has not listed all of his tasks and responsibilities at previous positions. Instead, he lists only the ones that are relevant to the job he is applying for.

Does the summary within the field customer representative resume sample provide a good overview of the jobseeker’s most valuable qualities and experience?

Yes. By looking through the jobseeker’s work experience, you can see that much of his experience includes researching clients to understand what kind of products they need and training field customer representatives in the best ways to help clients. A quick glance at the summary reveals how the jobseeker emphasizes this experience as well as the qualities that make him successful.

Is the field customer representative resume sample organized and easy to read?

Indeed. Look through the layout of the resume and note how the jobseeker’s skills, work experience, and education are organized in separate sections, each with their own heading. This makes it easy for hiring managers to find the information they want. Additionally, the jobseeker uses bullet points to make his resume easy to skim. He also begins each statement of his work experience with an action verb.

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The Most Important Field Customer Representative Resume Sample Takeaways

Reading the field customer representative resume sample allows you to see how you can write your own resume in a way which will catch a hiring manager’s attention. As explained above, tailoring the information in your resume to a specific job description allows you to point out your experience in the areas an employer is seeking. Bullet points and different sections give your resume the organization that hiring managers need so they can quickly understand your most important skills and experiences. Look at our resume builder for additional assistance crafting a stellar resume.