Employers use resumes as tools to determine who to interview and hire. With increasing competition for jobs, it is important to create a document that displays an accurate and readable blend of your hard and soft skills. It is a wise idea to use a high-quality sample resume as a tool to organize your experience in a logical manner for employers. The tech support resume sample provides formatting and content examples that you can emulate as you craft and edit your document.

The resume sample follows a clear and easy-to-read format that you can use for your own resume. Spend time recreating and crafting your own professional summary, skills, and work experience sections. If you still need assistance while you generate your own document, then use the included writing tips that are specifically customized for the tech support industry. The hard work will pay off when a hiring manager calls you for an interview.


Tech Support Resume Sample

Sarah Morris
Wilmington, NC 11111 • [email protected] • 555-331-9783


Friendly and solutions-oriented tech support professional who can handle heavy call and communication loads. Solid ability to simplify complex software concepts to both beginner and expert end users. Experience with writing knowledge-base content.


  • Experience with industry-leading tech support platforms
  • Execution of MySQL queries to review data issues
  • Excellent customer service skills in chat, teleconferencing, phone, and email
  • Displaying empathy and care with customers in distress
  • Understanding QA processes and documentation to check common customer errors and bugs
  • Ability to write technical documentation for end users and developers

Work Experience

Tech Support Tier 1/2, 2015-present
Soak Technology, Charlotte, NC
  • Close 30-50 tickets a week that address customer questions about the software
  • Review and test Tier 1 ticket escalations before Tier 2 manages the ticket
  • Planned the knowledge-base component of the new ticketing software rollout that resulted in 20% reduction of support calls
  • Send monthly reports to the tech support team lead about key customer feedback
  • Run MySQL queries to double-check the functionality of dynamic data sets with software upgrades
  • Received a 99% satisfaction rate from customers in quarter one of 2017
  • Update knowledge-base articles as the software changes
Tech Support Tier 1, 2012-2015
Open Heart Solutions, Wilmington, NC
  • Communicated with an average of 50 customers a day via chat, web conference, and phone
  • Closed 10 to 15 tickets per day
  • Provided software training two times a week to end users about the product’s best practices; answered follow-up questions
  • Documented bugs in a proprietary system with strict adherence to the organization’s style guide
  • Decreased ticket close time by 20% by implementing new macros in the tech support system
  • Contributed new videos, user guides, and how-to articles to the knowledge-base
  • Trained new tech support employees and contributed to the training manual
Software Solutions Support, 2009-2012
Westface, LLC, Carrollton, GA
  • Answered 20 to 30 calls per day from customers in the USA and Canada
  • Wrote 20 articles for the knowledge-base that yielded favorable reviews from 90% of end users
  • Escalated complaints to Tier 2 support with clear documentation for developers
  • Documented bugs in Bugzilla and reported them to the team lead
  • Responded to initial customer inquiries about challenges within the software


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems – 2012
North Carolina State University, North Carolina

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Is This a Good Tech Support Resume? Let’s Check

Does the tech support resume sample show both customer service and technical skills?

This resume does an excellent job of blending both hard technical skills and soft skills. Technical support professionals have to answer multiple questions a day in various communication formats in a positive and forward-thinking manner. Another important skill is working with other professionals to solve end users’ complaints and document any errors. In addition, it is also important to pick up new technical skills quickly as the software adapts to new market demands, and this resume shows an ability to adapt to systems at new positions.

Soft skills need to show throughout the different jobs and not just in the skills and qualifications. Does this resume adequately outline soft skills in the work experience?

Showing empathy to end users is one of the most important skills for tech support specialists. This sample uses metrics to show successes accomplished through good communication skills. For example, the most recent position shows the candidate had a very high satisfaction rating from customers during a quarter. Another way this candidate shows empathy is by implementing a new system that helps customers resolve their issues in an increasingly efficient manner.

How does this tech support resume sample distinguish the jobseeker from other equally qualified applicants for tech support positions?

What this resume does is show a mix of skills and forward progression in the technology field. Organizations want to hire candidates who not only complete the tasks in the job description, but also add value to the overall business goals. Also, the candidate contributes technical documentation and writing to end users and developers. The data in the bullet points show how this candidate’s ability to simplify complex concepts in writing helps reduce call volume.

Employers want to see a career progression, and this is especially the case for more senior positions. Does this resume show an increase in responsibilities?

Yes. What this tech support resume sample does is show the candidate’s career progression from answering basic customer questions to handling more complicated database queries. In addition, the jobseeker now trains new support professionals to use the software and ticketing system. Departments usually ask people to provide training if they master the skills of the position and fit in well with the existing team.

Does the tech support resume sample display clear writing and formatting?

Yes. The professional summary at the top of the resume quickly connects the employer to the solutions the candidate can contribute. The skills and qualifications outline the technology platforms and soft skills necessary for the position. Then, the work experience and education sections show the training and hands-on exposure the candidate received during her career.

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The Most Important Tech Support Resume Sample Takeaways

Employers want to hire employees whose work positively impacts the performance of multiple departments. As work functions become more interdependent, it is important for employees to show a mix of technical and communication skills to succeed at a job. Companies often want a candidate’s experience to closely match the job description, so it is a good idea to tailor your resume for each position. The tech support resume sample provides a framework to organize your experience. Additionally, you can use the resume builder to create the best document for hiring managers.