A strong resume is arguably even more important to the job search than being a skilled interviewee. Without a good resume, you are probably not even going to have a chance to meet with hiring managers in person. Whether you are casually looking for a new job or are applying for a dozen new jobs each day, you need your application to look fantastic. You can get a sense of what that kind of document would look like by reviewing the telemarketing resume sample below.

A great tip for resume writing is to review applications for jobs similar to the one you want. You will have different experiences and skillsets, but you also have the chance to see how you should convey that information on your own application. By clearly communicating your background, hiring managers are sure to know conclusively whether you can do this particular job. In addition to the sample resume, there are also extra tips to aid your job hunt.


Telemarketing Resume Sample

Claire Braun
Tucson, AZ • [email protected] • 555-555-3315


Personable telemarketer with over five years’ experience successfully turning prospects into actual customers. Specialize in making cold calls and building bonds with clientele. Experienced with using multiline telephone systems and wireless telephone headsets.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proficiency with customer relationship management software
  • Knowledge of marketing principles
  • Great customer service
  • Conflict resolution abilities
  • Excellent communication
  • Able to work any schedule
  • Ability to create new partnerships
  • Voted top telemarketer four months in a row

Work Experience

Telemarketer – Logan’s Customer Sales
2016 – Present
  • Contact individuals and business owners to solicit sales, provide information, and write them down for sales
  • Deliver a sales talk from a prepared script that describes various items sold by the business
  • Exceed sales quota, which at this company means attaining 20 new customers every month, and often attaining as many as 30 or 40 new customers monthly
  • Record purchase information, addresses, and names of customers who want to buy a product
  • Meet with prospective customers in person to inform them of product details
  • Develop new sales campaigns on behalf of the company and move into other cities around Tucson
  • Create spreadsheets that accurately detail information of customers, including those who no longer want to be on the call list
Telemarketing Agent – Superior Products, Inc.
2012 – 2016
  • Conducted surveys on behalf of the company to see how satisfied customers were with their final purchase
  • Wrote a new marketing script the company ended up giving to over 25 telemarketers at the organization
  • Adjusted that script as time went on to make improvements based on customer feedback
  • Collaborated with supervisors to create sales presentations to give customers out in the field
  • Obtained the names and phone numbers of prospective customers through magazine reply cards and phone directories
  • Reached out to existing customer base to see if they wanted to renew a subscription
  • Followed up with potential customers to make sure they still wanted to make a purchase


Associate’s degree in business – 2014
Glendale Community College
Courses include communication, prospecting strategies, and sales aids
Graduated magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Telemarketing Resume? Let’s Check

Does this telemarketing resume sample mention the candidate’s ability to be friendly and personable over the phone?

Yes, it does. Telemarketers need to have more than just sales knowledge. They also need to know how to be friendly, courteous, and respectful to people over the phone. You want your personality to shine through your professional document. The sample resume does an excellent job of mentioning how the applicant has earned numerous clients over the years.

Awards are important in telemarketing. Does the telemarketing resume sample discuss specific achievements?

Absolutely. Many telemarketing companies offer incentives for employees who exceed sales goals. If you have previous experience working as a telemarketer, you should strive to go above and beyond what your employer expects. The sample resume lists an accomplishment in the skills section. You can choose to have a completely separate section for your awards, or you can put them within the skills section.

Telemarketers need a certain level of technical proficiency. Does the sample resume mention software and tools?

At various points in the telemarketing resume sample, the candidate mentions her proficiency with types of software and machines. In the Summary, she talks about how she uses multiline telephone systems. In the skills section, she discusses CRM software. You should mention technical proficiencies you possess, but you should avoid stating the obvious, such as knowing how to use Microsoft Word.

Does the telemarketing resume sample make it clear the candidate can handle the smaller details of the job as well as the big ones?

When most people think of telemarketing, they think about making calls. However, there are numerous other aspects of the job telemarketers do. The sample resume does a fantastic job of discussing the candidate’s ability to make cold calls, but it also discusses how she handles making spreadsheets and keeping customer information on file.

Does the sample resume make it clear the candidate can read off a designated script?

This resume sample actually takes it a step further. It states the applicant wrote a sales script in the past that the company adopted. Being able to follow directions and read off a script verbatim is a vital skill for telemarketers; you want hiring managers to know you can follow directions. You may not have script writing experience in your past, but you should find some way to show you do not deviate from instructions.

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The Most Important Telemarketing Resume Sample Takeaways

After reading a job description, you know what hiring managers want to see in candidates. You want to customize your resume to show you can handle each responsibility. You do not want to only talk about a couple things you qualify to do. Take the lead from this telemarketing resume sample, and you can even use it as a base when you begin to alter your own. Before submitting, you can even utilize our handy resume builder.