The job market for academic advisors has always been tight, which is why you need to have a sharp and competitive resume whenever you are job hunting. The first step to accomplishing that is making sure you have the right resources to deliver, and studying an academic advisor resume sample is a great place to start. Not only does a sample let you observe the style and see the language choices in each section, it also shows you how they come together visually on the page.

Taking a look at the attached sample, you can see the balance of content each section needs. Studying this example and the following tips and analysis will help you shape your own document, and from there it is just a matter of making it fit the specific job description you found. The more time you spend working with successful examples of resumes like this one, the better your judgment will be when the time comes to save your final draft and submit.


Academic Advisor Resume Sample

Kevin Knudson
Kalamazoo, MI • [email protected] • 555-555-7788


Seasoned academic advisor with a decade of experience in the position and two decades of experience in higher education. Published training materials and critical guides to crisis intervention and student development theory. Past higher education experience includes residence life and teaching appointments.


  • Excellent active listening skills
  • Knowledge of higher education practices and policies
  • Training in federal law and Department of Education policies regarding postsecondary education
  • Strong problem sensitivity and analysis skills
  • Counseling and psychology training
  • Proficiency with Banner and other university management software
  • Strong written and verbal communication

Work Experience

Senior Academic Advisor, April 2014–Present
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Meet with students to discuss a variety of needs and concerns surrounding their education
  • Provide career resources and advice as requested to students from a variety of backgrounds
  • Document student concerns and academic progress for the university
  • Refer questions about graduation processes and institutional resources to the correct department
  • Work with faculty to address student concerns about accessible learning environments
Academic Advisor, April 2011–April 2014
Kalamazoo Community College, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Provided students from a variety of backgrounds with scheduling services for classes and other university programs
  • Served as a first point of contact for queries about a variety of college programs from scholarships to career placement seminars
  • Conducted social programming to educate the student population about opportunities around campus
  • Implemented new policies for scheduling to speed up initial scheduling for new admissions by 25%
  • Disseminated information about various university programs of study that included course requirements, prerequisites, and application information
Advising Receptionist, April 2008–April 2014
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Answered phones for the academic advising department
  • Scheduled appointments with advisors and handled informational queries
  • Provided messaging services to all academic advisors in addition to their voicemail
  • Informed advising staff about university policy changes and other communiques from academic leadership
  • Managed incoming campus mail for the advising department
Student Advising Aide, April 2006–April 2008
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Provided support services for the academic receptionist
  • Assisted with mail delivery and cross-campus errands
  • Referred student requests and email queries to the relevant advising staff
  • Conducted social programming to support college programs and events
  • Acted as ambassador to new admissions, conducting tours


Master of Counseling Social Work, 2008
Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, MI

Bachelor of Psychology, 2004
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

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Is This a Good Academic Advisor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary statement in this academic advisor resume sample demonstrate experiences that measure up to the candidate’s skill level and time in the job?

Absolutely. Part of the reason this is such a strong resume is because the writer in question has gone above and beyond to participate in the professional culture of academic advising. This is a position that is one part counseling psychology, one part human resources officer, and one part university bureaucrat, and it takes a lot of sensitivity to balance these roles. The writer’s focus on professional involvement helps show that balance.

Are the skills listed adequate to qualify the candidate for the position being sought?

The writer has tailored the skills on this academic advisor resume sample to a specific kind of advising job. Not only can you see repeated emphasis on the counseling and psychological training the applicant has completed, you also get a strong representation of the applicant’s background knowledge and preparation for new challenges if hired.

Does the writer maintain good resume writing style throughout all sections?

This is one area where this document particularly shines. You should be writing your resume in active language, which this sample manages effectively. You should also use specific verbs and nouns, as this example does. It is a little short on metrics, but this is a job that doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to easy quantitative measurements of performance, so that is not hurting it as much as it might in another field.

Will the skills be easy for hiring managers and others who are not familiar with the position to assess?

This is another place where the academic advisor resume sample stands out, because it uses clear keywords that are easy to spot when scanning. It also avoids overusing jargon, so those words will be easier to understand, too. Last but not least, its specifics speak to the big-picture duties and accomplishments a person with these skills should be able to handle.

Does the work experience section include both ties to the skills section and measurable accomplishments?

Yes. While an advising position is not one that necessarily requires a lot of quantitatively measurable productivity, the fact that the candidate is finding ways to make the process of accessing advising services faster and more approachable to those that need them is great. It shows a dedication to making the workplace better, and it elevates this academic advisor resume sample considerably.

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The Most Important Academic Advisor Resume Sample Takeaways

As you work on putting together your academic advisor resume, make sure you keep consulting the academic advisor resume sample so you have a frame of reference for your own document. Try to mirror the style and the keywords used in the skills section, and make sure you also include keywords from the job description. Last but not least, remember that having an organizational guide is the best way to make sure you haven’t missed anything, so check out the resume builder to gain access to those powerful tools as you write your resume.