Without a well-written resume, your resume is likely getting passed over in the flood of applicants. You need to convince employers that you’re the best prospect for the job, and to do that your resume needs to present a brief yet compelling rundown of your talents and history.

Some students learn better by example. When you’re the assistant principal, it may be hard to think of yourself as a student, but when it comes to resume writing there’s always something new to learn. If your resume’s just not making the grade, we’ve got an excellent assistant principal resume sample to give you an easy-to-follow lesson in how to improve your resume writing. Think of this sample as your study guide. If you learn better by example, this resume can show you how a great format and action-oriented writing come together to make a winning, grade-A resume. If you need a little more tutoring on resume writing basics, give the sample a review and reference our convenient list of tips.


Assistant Principal Resume Sample

Jan Morrissey
Mobile, AL 11111 • principalmorrissey@emailprovider • 555-981-2341


Dedicated assistant principal with 10 years of experience in the Mobile County Public Schools system as a key facilitator and leader shaping academic development and goal attainment. Committed to developing school-specific policies and standards that create a nurturing, learning-oriented environment focused on student growth. Able to ensure alignment with Common Core standards and academic requirements set out by the school board and state education entities.


  • Academic and administrative leadership
  • Education policy development and program management
  • Student curriculum design
  • Knowledge of Common Core standards
  • Faculty, student, and parent relations
  • Teacher and staff hiring, training, and development
  • Behavioral management

Work Experience

Assistant Principal, WP Davidson High School, 2009-Present
Mobile County Public Schools, Mobile, AL
  • Direct school policy, strategy, planning, scheduling, performance management, budgeting, and student discipline for a grades 9-12 high school with 1,200 students
  • Support the Principal in interpreting, administering, and enforcing academic policy throughout daily school operations and administration at a senior level
  • Review, approve, and track curricula and lesson plan implementation, including monitoring student and teacher performance to proactively identify and address potential problems
  • Contribute to widespread relationship management, including participating in meetings and communications with the school board, parents, and the community
  • Identify training needs for all faculty and institute necessary training programs
  • Secured over $240,000 in state grant funding to expand academic programs for underprivileged students
  • Improved student scores on state testing 32% by recruiting 12 new teachers, resulting in smaller class sizes and more individualized learning
Assistant Principal, Baker High School, 2007-2009
Mobile County Public Schools, Mobile, AL
  • Coordinated daily school operations for grades 9-12 classes in a school with 275 students
  • Administered academic programs and policies in compliance with Common Core standards
  • Collaborated with the Principal on mission-critical programs to raise state testing scores
  • Drove a 45% boost in state testing scores through a targeted initiative to address education gaps
  • Saved over $1.2 million in annual overhead costs by sourcing healthier, more cost-effective sources for cafeteria food, and reallocated recovered funds toward education expansion


Master of Education, 2007
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL

K-12 Teaching Certification, 2006
Alabama State Department of Education

Bachelor of Arts in Education, 2003
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

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Is This a Good Assistant Principal Resume? Let’s Check

Is this resume an accurate representation of the multifaceted skills required of an assistant principal?

An assistant principal has to wear many hats throughout the daily administration of a school environment, and our assistant principal resume sample shows the depth of this role by covering both top-level and ground-level functions in the key skills and work history. The work history emphasizes how the role encompasses both leadership and support, with bullets covering academic advancement, budget administration, leadership facilitation, program administration, academic performance, student and teacher support, recruiting, and funding.

Does the assistant principal resume sample focus primarily on the last 10-15 years of relevant experience?

Yes. Our sample candidate has worked as an assistant principal in Mobile County schools for the past 10 years, and this recent experience provides the best support for her career goals. In your own resume, you could use a brief one-line career note to summarize older teaching experience. This work history can be valuable in demonstrating hands-on experience with student populations, particularly if the work took place at a school where you are now assistant principal.

Does the resume make effective use of key phrases specific to an assistant principal?

Keywords and key phrases are some of the most important resume considerations in the current job market. Many employers, particularly educational institutions, use applicant tracking databases that score jobseeker compatibility for target jobs via screening algorithms. These screening algorithms search for wording that matches the job description and common industry terms. In our assistant principal resume sample, the candidate covers a number of such phrases in the summary, skills, and work history, including facilitation, academic development, education policy, administrative leadership, Common Core, budgeting, funding, and program management.

Has the assistant principal resume sample effectively demonstrated positive impact on academic excellence and program success?

Quite thoroughly. Each role depicted in the sample resume shows quantifiable achievements, with both roles showing improvement in state test scores. Our candidate’s most recent role also shows proactive efforts to secure funding for school programs serving at-risk youth. In her earlier role, she drove seven-figure cost improvements and freed budget funds for academic growth. Even in academic roles, it’s important to show metrics that impress employers with quantifiable summaries of your achievements.

Does the candidate’s education section limit itself to certifications and degrees relevant to academic work?

Macramé classes may be interesting, but they don’t have much relevance in an assistant principal role. The sample candidate’s education section stays on topic with education-related degrees and state teaching licensure/certification and cuts away anything that isn’t necessary. Because assistant principals work in the academic sector, hiring managers place great value on education. Make sure to spotlight any higher education degrees you possess.

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The Most Important Assistant Principal Resume Sample Takeaways

In a position like assistant principal, it’s important to emphasize both leadership and support capacity. Your role bridges upper-level leadership from the principal and school board with ground-level stakeholders such as faculty, staff, parents, and even students. Make this role as facilitator and leader clear through confident, action-driven statements like those in our assistant principal resume sample; show how your skills have made you effective in this role. Need a little more guidance or a few more lessons? Our resume builder isn’t quite a cheat sheet, but it’ll walk you through writing your resume with easy, convenient steps.