In many school districts across the country, there’s no shortage of teacher candidates. The strongest applicants are ready to impress with stunning resumes detailing their experience and qualifications. You’ll need to prepare yourself to leap over the competition and make a strong and lasting impression by perfecting your own resume. If you’re not sure where to start, look through some example resumes to get more ideas and inspiration for improving your own wording and formatting.

Even in the education industry, your self-marketing skills must be on point when you present yourself to employers. Your resume is the strongest piece of evidence to prove to hiring managers you’re talented and knowledgeable. Review the elementary teacher resume sample and writing guide in the section below to see how to put together a complete document that wows a potential school’s hiring department. Don’t be afraid to show off your top achievements and talents during this pursuit.


Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

Farrah Hahn
Orlando, FL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-490-4399


Hard-working and energetic elementary teacher with 10 years of experience in the classroom. Passionate about learning and motivating young people. Committed to high standards, rigor in the classroom, and the whole child.


  • Expertise with the Common Core curriculum
  • Effective with behavior management
  • Experience with technology in the classroom
  • Skilled working with students with special needs
  • Friendly and caring towards students
  • Engaging and pleasant teaching style

Work Experience

Elementary Teacher, Orange County Public Schools
June 2014 – present
  • Instruct a class of 28 students in third grade reading, math, science, social studies, and handwriting
  • Oversee the yearly field trip to the county’s nature center and manage more than 120 students, parent chaperones, and teachers
  • Develop a positive discipline system, improving behavior interventions by more than 20% in one year
  • Promote literacy skills by providing plenty of reading opportunities and book choices for students, regardless of their reading level
  • Communicate progress about students with family members or administrators when needed
Elementary Teacher, Lake County Public Schools
May 2008 – June 2014
  • Taught fifth grade to classes of 25 students or more, focusing on reading and math skills
  • Assigned daily instructional activities, such as group work, independent tasks, peer teaching, and homework practice
  • Assessed students for mastery of reading and math benchmarks and addressed skills deficits
  • Improved the class’ reading and math scores on state tests by 24% in one school year
  • Led the fifth grade instructional teaching team and made decisions about student improvement plans and school direction
Student Elementary Teacher, Lake County Public Schools
August 2007 – May 2008
  • Developed daily reading, math, and social studies lesson plans for a class of 32 students in second grade
  • Graded completed work by using teacher-created rubrics and provided feedback to students to help improve skills in reading and math
  • Helmed an after-school tutoring club and helped four students move up to the next grade level in reading
  • Organized the spring talent show for 35 student performers and presented the show to the school at an assembly
  • Set up literacy learning stations for the classroom to help students obtain new concepts in reading and comprehension


Certificate in Elementary Education – 2008
Florida State Department of Education

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education – 2008
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

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Is This a Good Elementary Teacher Resume? Let’s Check

Is there evidence of ideal career progression in this elementary teacher resume sample?

This resume follows the standard resume format, with sections for skills, work history, and education. In the work history and education section, the writer arranges the details in reverse chronological order, showing some sort of career progression. The writer started off as a student teacher and worked her way up to secure a job as a professional educator. Likewise, she gives information about her academic preparation, showing a logical progression over time.

Educators today must have a strong background of knowledge in curriculum and instruction. How does this resume measure up?

In the elementary teacher resume sample, the candidate indicates a strong understanding of the essentials of teaching. She mentions her expertise in the Common Core curriculum, which is one national standard that many school districts use. She also talks about important literacy and math concepts, which are vital in the elementary education classroom.

Behavior management and discipline are necessities when working in a classroom. Does this elementary teacher resume sample show any knowledge of this?

Yes. The applicant has several pieces of evidence that show off her ability to manage classroom behavior effectively. She lists “effective with behavior management” near the top of her skills list, and she developed a “positive discipline system” for students, which led to strong improvements in the classroom environment during one of her jobs as a teacher.

Does this example teacher resume document include plenty of details that show off the candidate’s ability to get results when teaching?

This resume sample is a great example of a list of experiences focusing on specific results and achievements. The teacher candidate has experience in effective teaching practices that have helped students make progress in reading and math. In one of her classroom experiences, kids improved their test scores “by 24% in one school year.” Additionally, she was able to help readers move up to the next reading grade level with her interventions.

Is there evidence of the candidate’s commitment to after-school activities in this elementary teacher resume sample?

Yes. While there are plenty of classroom experiences from the resume that focus on activities during traditional school hours, there are also details about the candidate’s after-school commitments. This candidate organized a school talent show, which is beyond the typical duties of her job. She also participated in after-school tutoring to help her students. This shows a commitment to the profession beyond what people expect.

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The Most Important Elementary Teacher Resume Sample Takeaways

If you’re dreaming of a top school recruiting you, your resume can help improve your chances of landing a position in an elementary school. You can position yourself as a top candidate if you focus on building a strong resume. Use your resume to point out what makes you special as an educator, such as your commitment to students, your knowledge of teaching, and your passion for the field. Then, combine the powers of the elementary teacher resume sample and the resume builder tool to make a compelling application.