No matter how adept you are at the position you applied for or how well you interview, getting a foot in the door requires a strong and appealing resume. Hiring managers and employers alike are going to skim over the first half of your resume before they even read it. Even in jobs that are more face-to-face oriented that require quite a bit of improvising, such as those in childcare, your ability to convey yourself clearly is imperative for getting that call back to interview.

This is made easier with professional guidance, and one of the simplest ways to get such guidance is to follow another well-written resume intended for your specific field. Our preschool teacher resume sample offers a look at how to organize and properly focus your resume for a job in the field of early childhood education. Take a look and get started putting together your own masterpiece today.


Preschool Teacher Resume

Allan Johnson
Bend, OR 11111 • [email protected] • (555) 123-4567


Intuitive preschool instructor with over five years working directly with young children from newborn to age seven. Creative foreign languages teacher with proven success in early childhood instruction. Spent almost two years total abroad working as a volunteer furthering the education and well-being of the children in those areas.

Skills and Qualifications

  • AED, First Aid, and CPR certified
  • Certified Childcare Professional
  • Foreign Languages: fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese, Arabic, and Mandarin
  • Competent with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Office Suite
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with children and adults
  • Familiar working with activity tables, including water and sand boards.

Work Experience

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, August 2016 - Present
Hope Private Academy, Bend, OR
  • Awarded “Most Creative Educator” at the annual Hope Private Academy Banquet
  • Implement new foreign language games and activities for all pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students of the academy for easier second-language adaptability
  • Guide toddlers and young children up to five years old through activities designed to give them a head start in elementary school
  • Organize events and field trips to instill social, physical, and mental development
  • Maintain order of up to 20 children ages five and under at one time, keeping them active and engaged
Volunteer, June 2014 – June 2016
Projects Abroad and various local organizations
  • Assisted in community centers and kindergartens in Argentina for six months
  • Provided care and education through the organization in places understaffed and with limited resources in Belize for four months
  • Aided local staff in day care centers for young children and special needs in Cambodia for five months
  • Worked in an orphanage in Ethiopia, providing basic care and education for four months
  • Committed to various smaller projects locally during time between international volunteering opportunities
Childcare Worker, September 2012 – May 2014
Sunshine Daycare, Eugene, OR
  • Organized activities for toddlers and young children up to age seven
  • Monitored safety and well-being of all children in the facility each day
  • Filled out and updated records on the children’s progress and interests
  • Retained the children’s interest and kept them engaged in activities
  • Communicated regularly with parents


Associate of Applied Science Degree, Early Childhood Education, 2012
Lane Community College, Eugene, OR

Other Certifications

• AED, First Aid, and CPR certified - re-certified June 2017
• Certified Childcare Professional - re-certified July 2016
• National Board Certification-Early Childhood/Generalist - August 2013
• National Board Certificaiton-Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/English as a new language - August 2016

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the preschool teacher resume sample demonstrate how to get the most important information noticed by the reader?

By leading off with a strong summary statement, both required and highly regarded certifications and skills, and his most recent and relevant work experience, the applicant immediately demonstrates his competence. Notice how he alludes to the volunteer work he has done within the summary statement. This way he is effectively exhibiting another attention-grabbing feature of his experience that is explained later on.

Does the resume flow well and avoid huge gaps in the timeline?

While working with preschoolers can be very rewarding, it also requires a lot of energy. Sometimes this means applicants are a bit younger, but even childcare employees who are not quite as new to the workforce will often take breaks or explore other options. As you can see in the preschool teacher resume sample provided, the applicant has taken a couple of years away from the workforce to volunteer abroad. Explaining the gap briefly in the summary statement, and including the unpaid work in his experience section, transforms an area that may otherwise have raised questions and uses it to his advantage.

Does the applicant show that he is not only capable but can improve the school or education center where he is applying?

Notice how the applicant does not simply list duties for each job in the experience section, but adds his own personal achievements and additions that go beyond the standard requirements. Particularly in his most recent experience, note how the author says he “implements new foreign language games” for all the younger students to give them a head start on learning a second or more language as they get older.

Does the preschool teacher resume sample show how to steer clear from controversial topics?

This can be a tricky area for childcare and for anyone who has volunteered, since many childcare facilities and volunteer opportunities are funded or headed by religious organizations. Volunteer work is also often spearheaded by activist groups, which may create some problems when applying for jobs. In the example, notice how only relatively or completely neutral organizations are listed. Nothing is noted specifically about any religious or political affiliations, and nothing can be directly assumed by the reader.

Does the preschool teacher resume sample demonstrate that the applicant did their research?

It may be difficult to tell without knowing exactly where he is applying, but note some of the obvious credentials. Most early childhood teaching jobs are going to require CPR and basic first aid, and many states have certain teaching certifications they require. An associate degree is not always required for these positions, but a certification most certainly will be.

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The Most Important Preschool Teacher Resume Sample Takeaways

Putting together an impressive resume doesn’t have to be difficult. Make sure to always do your research first and allocate space in the top half of your resume for what is most crucial and impressive for the job in question. Watch out for gaps in your resume and controversial topics and remember to show your employer what you can do for them in the future, not just what you have done. Use our preschool teacher resume sample to help you get started and check out our resume builder for a super easy way to knock out an impactful resume.