You must put your best foot forward when it comes to your resume. A strong, well-written document will catch a hiring manager's eye. If you want to make it through to the next stage of the process, you must make a hiring manager want to know more about you. You can do this by carefully crafting your resume to stress your best skills and attributes.

To make the writing process easier, you can consult the principal resume sample, which shows the proper formatting and gives insight into the type of information you want to include. In addition, you can read over the resume writing tips to gain some more help as you work. By using these powerful tools, you can put together a resume that should showcase you in the best possible way and encourage a hiring manager to want to get to know you better by calling you in for an interview.


Principal Resume Sample

Frank Maller
Columbus, OH 11111 • [email protected] • 555-421-2376


Education-minded and fair principal with a focus on innovation and improvement. Solid track record of introducing new ideas and successfully integrating them. Strong ability to lead a diverse group of people towards common goals for an outcome that benefits students.


  • Ability to increase community involvement in the school system
  • Knowledge of laws, rules, and regulations for the educational system
  • Excellent planning skills
  • Strong leadership
  • Outstanding communication
  • Expert computer knowledge
  • Caring and compassionate attitude
  • Experience in developing curriculums
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English

Work Experience

Vice Principal - Leads Valley High School
  • Assisted with managing staff members and office operations
  • Handled disciplinary issues, including assigning punishments based upon set standards
  • Oversaw bus and parking lot traffic in the afternoons to manage flow and safety
  • Delivered morning announcements and conducted various assemblies throughout school year
  • Managed field trips, including annual trips to France and Spain
  • Participated in community events to bring attention to the school's needs
  • Introduced a diversity program to help students learn about and understand different cultures
  • Worked closely with at-risk students to help them graduate on time
Guidance Counselor - Leads Valley High School
  • Oversaw student scheduling at beginning and end of each year to ensure students were in correct classes and accumulating the required number of credits
  • Worked with teachers and parents to ensure students stayed on track to graduate, and answered parent and student questions about graduation requirements
  • Implemented new state requirements for graduation
  • Managed student records
  • Created a program to monitor each student's credits and classes to immediately catch issues
  • Worked with students to apply to colleges and figure out what they would like to do after graduation
  • Helped 5 students get into Ivy League colleges
  • Set up community programs to bring more attention to preparing students for life after high school
American History Teacher - Bolo Junior High School
  • Taught native and non-native English-speaking students
  • Lectured on topics covering all U.S. history
  • Created assignments to help teach students
  • Assessed students' knowledge through tests and quizzes
  • Set up an afterschool program for Spanish-speaking students to offer additional assistance to ensure successful completion of course


Teaching License - current
State of Ohio

Master of Science in Education - 2004
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Bachelor of Science in Education - 1998
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

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Is This a Good Principal Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume make it clear the applicant has strong leadership skills?

Throughout the principal resume sample, the applicant showcases different points in his career where he took the initiative and created programs or got involved in ways that proved he has leadership skills. This includes beginning the resume with the summary stating he is a strong leader and then backing that up through examples in the work experience section, such as starting a special program and working with the community.

Does the background of the applicant stress his knowledge and skills in education?

The applicant does an amazing job of making it clear he understands the educational system at every level, from teaching to administration. He has a strong grasp on the needs of the school, which the resume shows in the special projects he contributed to at each position. His accomplishments in each of his past positions also further back up his skills in education and in helping ensure success for students and the schools at which he has worked.

Did the principal resume sample provide proof the applicant can work with a diverse group of people?

Today's schools have diverse student bodies. Teachers and administrators must be able to work with students and parents from a variety of backgrounds. The applicant does a nice job of showcasing his specific skills in working with students whose first language is not English. He also draws attention to his ability to help students who are falling behind or in danger of not graduating.

Has the applicant shown he has the proper work background for the job?

The principal resume sample shows an excellent career progression from teacher to vice principal, which provides this applicant with the background he would need to be an effective principal. He stresses his well-rounded involvement with the community and the student body in each position to show he has the ability to lead and ensure student success, which is essential for a principal.

Is the principal resume sample written in an easy-to-read format?

Hiring managers are busy people who do not have time to mess with sloppy resumes. They do not want to have to search for information. Luckily, this resume is very organized. It uses bullet points so the information is easy to skim. It also uses headings for each section, which allows hiring managers to easily find the information they need.

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The Most Important Principal Resume Sample Takeaways

After reviewing the writing advice and looking over the principal resume sample, you should have a clearer idea of what to do with your own resume. Put the things you have learned to good use to craft a resume to really impress a hiring manager and hopefully move onto the next step of the hiring process. If you need additional help, be sure to check out the resume builder. Now it is time to start writing your own winning resume.