A resume typically includes a variety of information that provides a concise portrait of a candidate’s experience, skills, employment history, and educational background. A hiring committee should be able to get a sense of your primary qualifications by skimming over this document. You should clearly label and structure each section so that employers can learn what they need to know as quickly as possible. A resume is usually much shorter than a curriculum vitae, which goes into extensive detail about the publications, presentations, and courses taught by an academic.

Many professors are not accustomed to writing resumes. For this reason, it may be helpful for you to look over a professor resume sample. We also include several questions and answers about effective resume writing techniques to give you an idea of the expectations regarding the content and structure of these types of documents. A properly written resume covers a lot of ground in a concise and standardized format.


Professor Resume Sample

Anne Carter
Pittsburgh, PA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-887-7654


Associate professor of American history with experience teaching broad surveys and higher-level courses in specialized topics. Instructor-of-record for a total of 19 undergraduate and eight graduate-level courses. Five years of participation in campus outreach and public history programs.


  • Lower-division survey courses
  • Upper-division seminars
  • Independent research programs
  • Creating library and internet research guides
  • Introducing students to archival research
  • Blackboard and Canvas course support technology
  • Online teaching
  • Curriculum development
  • Public outreach and service
  • Mentorship

Work Experience

Associate Professor, Sept. 2014 - Current
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Teach a 3/2/1 course load annually, consisting of two undergraduate courses – one upper-division and one lower-division – and one graduate course in the fall semester, one upper-division undergraduate and one graduate course in the spring semester, and one undergraduate summer course
  • Serve on a faculty committee dedicated to curriculum redevelopment for history majors and minors
  • Contribute to Pitt’s Past public outreach initiative and publish one blog post per month
  • Coordinate independent research programs for a total of 10 undergraduate and 15 graduate students
Postdoctoral Researcher, Sept. 2012 – May 2014
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Taught two undergraduate courses per year and co-taught a graduate course on the history of immigration to Pennsylvania twice in Spring 2013 and Fall 2014
  • Delivered a total of four public lectures – two per year – as part of the Scholars Series
  • Led a total of 18 local tours for Pitt’s Past public outreach initiative
  • Revised dissertation into a book published by Pennsylvania State University Press in 2017
Graduate Instructor, Sept. 2008 – May 2012
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
  • Taught two sophomore-level history courses per year with writing requirements as instructor-of-record
  • Graded all assignments and papers for courses with an average enrollment of 25 students
  • Participated in German Immersion initiatives in conjunction with the German Department
  • Received an average instructor rating of 98%


Doctor of Philosophy in History - 2012
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Dissertation: Germanize or Anglify: German Education and Americanization in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania

Master of Arts in History - 2008
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Thesis: German Immigration and Acculturation in Pennsylvania, 1700-1900

Bachelor of Arts in History - 2006
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Minor in German Language and Literature

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Is This a Good Professor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the candidate bring up the most decisive aspects of her resume in her summary statement?

Yes, she does. Members of a hiring committee would immediately notice that this candidate is an associate professor who has taught many undergraduate and graduate-level courses ranging from general surveys to specialized studies. Her participation in outreach programs also indicates her passion for teaching.

Is the skills section in this professor resume sample organized and easy to read?

Yes. The candidate begins this bullet list by breaking down the teaching skills previewed in the summary statement. She then brings up desirable qualifications including her ability to introduce students to different kinds of research, use popular administration technology, and lead online courses. She concludes this list with general skills that hiring committees expect most professors to have.

The work experience section should give a hiring committee a clear sense of this candidate’s background and abilities. Does this section of the professor resume sample achieve maximum impact?

Yes, it does. The candidate provides her job title, dates of employment, and the name and location of the school in each entry. She starts this section with her present position and proceeds in reverse chronological order. A member of a hiring committee skimming this section would see that the candidate has advanced her career in a timely manner. The candidate accounts for her increased teaching load in each entry and brings up the publication of her first scholarly monograph – an important career milestone – in the second entry. She mentions metrics and statistics that reinforce her achievements throughout this section.

The education section can make or break a professor’s chances of getting hired. Does this professor resume sample include everything that potential employers might want to know?

Yes, she does. Beginning with her most advanced and recent degree, she lists the degrees she has earned along with fields of study and dates of graduation. She also includes the names and locations of the universities she attended. The candidate also provides the titles of her master’s thesis and dissertation, which may be relevant for the position she is seeking.

Is this professor resume sample organized so that a hiring committee can quickly comprehend the extent of this candidate’s experience?

Yes. The candidate prioritizes her most relevant skills, recent positions, and achievements in every section. As the members of a hiring committee look over this resume, they will see her top qualifications first and can read further to learn how she gained her experience and skills.

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The Most Important Professor Resume Sample Takeaways

Even though academic positions tend to request curricula vitae rather than resumes, it is possible to cover all of the essential requirements for a professor position in resume format. You might want to provide additional lists of publications and talks if requested, but a hiring committee could get a clear sense of your background and experience from a document like this professor resume sample. Make sure to focus on demonstrating your career progression and include details to contextualize the positions and degrees listed. Try our resume builder if you would like additional assistance.