The first step toward landing the job you want is standing out from the crowd. Crafting a compelling yet streamlined resume is essential if you want to increase your odds of getting in the door for an interview. Reading through sample resumes in your specific industry is a great way to get comfortable with effective formatting and writing techniques, and it can help you to visualize your final document before you even get started writing.

Teacher's aides may be in high demand, but that is no reason to be complacent about presenting the strongest possible case that you are the right person for a specific position. Employers in the field know the value of finding a candidate whose abilities and experience will enhance their educational offerings. Take a look at our teacher's aide resume sample below to familiarize yourself with standard formatting practices and get a better idea of what type of information you should include in your final draft.


Teacher's Aide Resume Sample

Jennifer Wren
Bellingham, WA 11111 • [email protected] • (555) 348-5678


Dedicated and highly adaptable educational assistant with six years of classroom experience. Enthusiastic about working with children of all ages and skill levels, and adept at both individual and small-group tutoring. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and eagerness to work with instructors and parents to provide an inclusive and welcoming learning environment.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Familiarity with contemporary instructional methods
  • Knowledge of social and emotional development stages
  • Strong math, writing, and science knowledge
  • Behavior management experience
  • Playground monitoring
  • Computer fluency, including proficiency in MS Office Suite

Work Experience

Assistant Teacher – The Little Big School
2014 – present
  • Design and implement daily lesson plans for classrooms of 15 to 20 students between ages 3 and 5
  • Set up and maintain classrooms records, including lesson plan notes, child observation notes, and attendance spreadsheets
  • Use Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) method in guiding children through the school day
  • Perform developmental screenings at various times throughout the year
  • Attend monthly parent-teacher meetings
  • Monitor and maintain a dynamic classroom environment
  • Participate in early childhood education workshops
Classroom Aide – Small Beginnings
2011 – 2014
  • Facilitated teacher and assistant teacher efforts in coordinating classroom activities and services to families
  • Assisted with follow-through and assessment of daily lesson plans
  • Ensured that needed material and supplies were available on an ongoing basis, including obtaining materials for special projects
  • Contributed child behavior observations and helped to maintain behavioral records
  • Helped in serving daily meals and modeling good table manners
  • Greeted children and parents at the beginning of each day
  • Maintained classroom cleanliness
Volunteer Instructor, Activity Coordinator – Get Ready, Read
2010 – 2011
  • Provided one-on-one reading and writing tutoring for children ages 6 to 12 in a welcoming, casual after-school setting
  • Reinforced reading knowledge learned in school or at home
  • Encouraged individual reading confidence by allowing children to choose texts based on interests and hobbies
  • Gave parents weekly feedback about each child's progress or specific needs
  • Organized an end-of-the year group celebration for program participants and their families


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education – 2011
University of Western Washington, Washington

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Is This a Good Teacher's Aide Resume? Let's Check

Does the teacher's aide resume sample establish that the applicant has enough classroom experience to be ready on day one?

Absolutely! In fact, our jobseeker established exactly how many years of experience she has in the classroom in line one of her summary statement. Putting this vital information front and center makes a strong opening impression on employers and prevents them having to comb through the entire document to find it. This teacher's aide resume sample also outlines specific details about what types of classroom responsibilities she has undertaken in the work and volunteer experience sections.

Look over the skills section and the work experience section. Does this teacher's aide resume sample do a good job identifying responsibilities that demonstrate her abilities?

Indeed, it does. Note that in the work experience section each bullet point leads with a strong action verb that underscores her personal agency. Identified responsibilities include "design and implement daily lesson plans," "perform developmental screenings," monitor and maintain a dynamic classroom environment," "greeted children and parents," and many more.

Does the sample resume provide a well-rounded overview that includes both hard and soft skills?

Yes. In addition to listing her degree in early childhood education, our jobseeker lists hard skills of "computer fluency" and "proficiency in MS Office Suite" in the skills section. She also emphasizes soft skills in her Summary, describing herself as "dedicated and highly adaptable" and pointing out her "excellent written and verbal communication skills."

Does the work experience section incorporate examples of measurable accomplishments?

It does. In addition to pointing out her "six years of classroom experience," her current duties include implementing and designing lessons plans for classrooms with "15-20 students." While numbers and statistics are usually the strongest metrics, words that describe frequency can also help to illustrate the scope of certain responsibilities. Note that in this teacher's aide resume sample she prepares "daily lesson plans," attends "monthly parent-teacher meetings," and gave parents "weekly feedback" about children's progress.

Does the resume layout make it easy for hiring managers to skim quickly for compelling content?

Certainly. The teacher's aid uses bullet points throughout in order to make the final document easy to read and easy to skim for key words and phrases. Each section contains no more than eight separate points, narrowing them down to the most essential. Note, too, that each list is ranked in order of importance or relevance.

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The Most Important Teacher's Aide Resume Sample Takeaways

Carefully reviewing the teacher's aide resume sample is an excellent first step toward drafting your own effective resume. As discussed above, using bulleted points and strong action words keeps your document brief and compelling without sacrificing core content. Making sure to outline specific details about your present and past positions helps hiring managers get a better idea about how your experience makes you the right candidate for the job. Check out our resume builder for further help honing the perfect resume.