Your resume is one of the most important documents you’ll ever create. A personal introduction to the school principal, it’s a powerful tool for showcasing your education and experience. As such, it’s worth the time to tailor the document for the specific districts in which you hope to work. If you’re not sure how to adapt your resume for that particular audience, take the time to review example resumes from other teachers and assistants. Their work could provide significant insight.

In addition, check out our teacher’s assistant resume sample, which serves as a model for both first-time resume writers and well-established career professionals. The sample outlines the important categories to include in your document, the specialized language to incorporate, and the level of formality to apply. It also provides an example summary, work experience, and education component designed to inspire you when conveying your background. Browsing the writing tips along with the sample resume should give you a solid start on a powerful presentation of your knowledge and skills.


Teacher’s Assistant Resume Sample

Kim Branham
Dallas, TX • [email protected] • 555-742-2690


Dedicated teacher’s assistant with more than 15 years of experience. Calm and adaptable nature flexes to meet the needs in any classroom and responds appropriately to unforeseeable challenges that arise. Responsible and independent support aids teachers and students alike, assisting both in reaching their fullest potential.


  • Competence in supervising students inside and outside the classroom
  • Thorough understanding of statewide policies and procedures
  • Exceptional active listening skills
  • Excellent social perceptiveness
  • Strong aptitude for compelling written and oral communication
  • Exemplary awareness of student learning styles
  • Expertise in differentiating lessons to meet individual needs
  • Efficient organizational solutions for daily classroom management

Work Experience

Educational Aide III, August 2012 – Present
Dallas County Independent School District, Dallas, TX
  • Assist elementary teachers in all aspects of classroom management to maintain an orderly and productive learning environment
  • Tutor as needed to provide additional support for students whose first language is not English
  • Develop and maintain records of Individualized Language Learner Plans to monitor student progress and give accurate feedback to parents
  • Organize, label, and distribute classroom materials for easy access by students and teachers
  • Facilitate technology in day-to-day lessons and activities for seamless integration
Educational Aide II, August 2002 – July 2012 2012
Tarrant County Independent School District, Arlington, TX
  • Aided elementary and middle school teachers in planning daily lessons, incorporating technology and increasing interaction in the classroom
  • Developed databases to organize and monitor student needs and progress
  • Planned group projects to encourage student collaboration and develop leadership skills
  • Differentiated content for various students to individualize their learning for greater academic success
  • Received Assistant of the Year Award in 2010
Educational Aide I, August 2000 – July 2002
Tarrant County Independent School District,Arlington, TX
  • Tarrant County Independent School District, Arlington, TX
  • Contributed to a positive learning environment by supervising elementary students while on school property
  • Offered feedback regarding struggling students so they could receive additional assistance
  • Prepared classroom materials for daily lessons
  • Maintained student records and performed clerical duties on behalf of the teacher
  • Completed other duties as assigned by the supervising teacher


Associate of Applied Science, Child Development, 2002
Tarrant County College, Hurst, TX

American Red Cross Certification in First Aid and CPR

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Is This A Good Teacher’s Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the teacher’s assistant resume sample include only previous work as a teacher’s aide?

Yes. Rather than include every job the candidate has ever held, the resume focuses on relevant work experience. The jobseeker has progressed from “Educational Aide I” to “Educational Aide III” in the years since she began working as an assistant in the Tarrant County school system. It’s important for hiring managers to note this increase in responsibility, and it’s easy for them to ignore irrelevant experience because the jobseeker only presents pertinent information.

Does the education section include certifications that benefit teaching assistants in addition to the degrees she’s earned?

Again, yes. Although the law doesn’t require educators in Texas to hold CPR and first aid certification, it’s a good idea for anyone working with children to seek the credentials. Not only does the designation look good on a resume; it might also save a child’s life someday. Including both optional and required certifications a jobseeker has earned strengthens her qualifications.

Is the teacher’s assistant resume sample in an easy-to-read format that allows school principals to skim it quickly?

Without a doubt. Headings distinguish the summary, skills, work experience, and education sections, and within those sections, bulleted lists are easy on the eyes. School principals can readily note the jobseeker’s knowledge and experience, promptly recognizing whether she meets the minimum requirements for the open teaching assistant position. Bold headings and bulleted lists are two strategies that aid overall readability, improving applicants’ chances for a more thorough analysis of his or her qualifications.

Does the resume “show – not tell” when it comes to soft skills like successfully interacting with students and prioritizing their accomplishments?

The answer is yes once again. Not only does the assistant report on her efforts to help struggling students succeed, she also demonstrates her ability to facilitate collaborative efforts in the classroom. Instead of describing herself as a facilitator and team player, however, the candidate reveals her interactions with students, proving her strengths in cooperative partnership. The teacher’s assistant resume sample illustrates how much more effective a one-line story is at painting the candidate’s qualifications than multiple statements attempting to assert them.

Does the resume sample use language that’s appropriate in an application for an educational environment?

It does. Notice multiple references to differentiating lesson plans and managing classrooms. The learning environment, materials, and projects get attention as well in this teacher’s assistant resume sample. Speaking the language of an assistant is an important aspect of convincing a principal the jobseeker indeed has the experience he or she boasts.

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The Most Important Teacher’s Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

Creating an effective resume is simple if you follow the above tips. It will take time, however, so be careful not to opt for shortcuts in the process. Remember to use formatting strategies that make your document easy to skim, include only work experience that relates to the position, and add professional certifications that enhance your qualifications. Choose your language carefully, and make every effort to demonstrate your skills rather than just describe them. Refer back to the teacher’s assistant resume sample for inspiration, and if you need additional assistance, give our resume builder a try.