Resume writing is an important skill regardless of the job you are seeking or the career path you plan to follow. Applicants for a teaching assistant position are often students themselves. Learning how to present your skills and talents can help you to become more professional and better your chances of getting hired for any job. Teaching assistant positions can be stepping stones toward a career as a professor or teacher, and many educators include these positions on their curricula vitae or resumes.

Teaching assistants fill an important support role. Instructors and professors rely on qualified candidates to help them teach students, lead discussion and lab sections, and participate in test reviews and grading processes. Your resume should demonstrate your ability to fulfill all of the duties of a specific position to a committee or faculty. Our teaching assistant resume sample and writing tips tailored to this position can give you an idea of what to include and how to format this document.


Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Jeffrey Bryant
Lexington, KY 11111 • [email protected] • 555-239-5924


Current Ph.D. candidate in biology with experience as a teaching assistant and tutor. Capable of leading undergraduate labs and curating field research trips. Skilled at scheduling test reviews and grading lab reports and exams.


  • Biological research
  • Analytic and scientific software
  • Lab instruction and maintenance
  • Demonstrating techniques
  • Reviewing concepts
  • Teaching lab report writing
  • Generating study guides and hosting review sessions
  • Grading reports and tests
  • Holding regular office hours
  • One-on-one and small group tutoring

Work Experience

Research Assistant, Sept. 2016 - Current
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • Perform research for a professor conducting a study on native grasses and grassland restoration
  • Participate in greenhouse cultivation experiments and grassland reclamation initiatives in Lexington parks and outside city limits
  • Document findings and provide detailed reports to supervising professor in a standardized format to supplement research project
  • Deliver a total of 10 presentations about ongoing research to biology majors, new graduate students, and at freshman orientation seminars
Teaching Assistant, Sept. 2014 – May 2015
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
  • Served as a teaching assistant for two sections of a freshman level Introduction to Biology course
  • Facilitated lab sections with 20 students each, overseeing experiments and offering assistance on homework assignments
  • Graded all lab work submitted by 40 students in lab sections and 25% of all tests from the lecture course
  • Led test reviews with as many as 50 students in attendance and midterm and final reviews with as many as 75 students
Independent Tutor, Oct. 2011 - Jul. 2013
Columbus, OH
  • Tutored a total of 10 college and eight high school students preparing for Advanced Placement exams in natural sciences
  • Provided general reviews in biology, chemistry, and organic chemistry for lower-division courses
  • Increased average college test scores by 25% and AP placement scores by 2 points
  • Focused on building foundations for future success rather than strictly preparing students for tests


Ph.D. in Plant Biology – expected 2019
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Dissertation: Plant Traits and Soil Interactions Impacting Grassland Restoration

Master of Science in Biology – 2015
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Thesis: Bluegrass Plant Traits and Soil Interactions

Bachelor of Science in Biology - 2013
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
magna cum laude

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Is This a Good Teaching Assistant Resume? Let’s Check

Does the summary statement in this teaching assistant resume sample address the candidate’s best qualifications?

Yes, it does. The candidate points out that he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biology, which is a strong qualification for a teaching assistant in this subject. He mentions that he has already worked as a teaching assistant and tutor and is capable of performing all the duties that a professor or teacher expects from an assistant.

Does the candidate customize his skills section for a teaching assistant position?

Yes. He only brings up his research and software skills in light of his ability to teach. He immediately moves on to his ability to manage lab sections and instruct students about how to write lab reports. The candidate also indicates his capacity to support a professor or teacher by generating study guides, holding review sessions and office hours, and contributing toward grading. This section of the teaching assistant resume sample would be easy for faculty or hiring committee members to quickly skim and get a sense of the candidate’s most relevant skills.

Does the work experience of this teaching assistant resume sample indicate this candidate’s qualifications?

The candidate organizes this section in reverse chronological order, starting with his current position. Even though his efforts are presently directed toward research, he notes that he still delivers presentations. His previous positions directly align with a teaching assistant role, and he cites metrics or figures that quantify his abilities.

Is the education section on this resume sample informative and complete?

Yes, it is. The candidate includes all of his degrees, including the one he is pursuing. In this case, he provides the date that he expects to earn his doctorate. He describes his areas of study and lists the names and locations of the institutions he has attended. He also includes the titles of his dissertation and master’s thesis in case they are applicable to the courses he will support as a teaching assistant.

Does this candidate make his resume easy for a committee or faculty to read?

Yes, the formatting of this teaching assistant resume sample is very readable. The candidate keeps his summary statement as short as possible, describing the major points of his resume in three concise claims. He organizes his list of skills and the duties and accomplishments in his work experience section with bullet points. In the education section, he spaces out his degrees and credentials so that readers can take them in at a glance.

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The Most Important Teaching Assistant Resume Sample Takeaways

Your resume for a teaching assistant position should focus primarily on pedagogical skills. Even though this teaching assistant resume sample identifies the candidate’s own areas of study and research, he focuses on his qualifications to fill a position. Regardless of the type of teaching assistant role you are pursuing, be sure to give employers a sense of what you will bring to the job. Keep in mind that hiring committees are likely to devote more attention to your content if your formatting is consistent and straightforward. If you would like further guidance, use our resume builder.