An effective resume is a key component of a successful job application, making a good impression on recruiters. If you’re struggling with how to write your resume according to best practices, see those practices in action with our tutor resume sample. No doubt you’ve had students struggle with concepts until they watched you demonstrate them in action. Using a sample isn’t much different from having a tutor. Just like a tutor, it’s a guide that takes concepts and demonstrates practical applications that make those concepts easier to understand. In our case, those concepts are the knowledge you need to transform your resume from drab to fab.

Learn about action-oriented writing, powerful resume formats, and how to present your experience in an engaging, exciting way by reviewing our samples. We’ve also got an excellent breakdown of resume writing tips and pointers. If you’re feeling lost on how to make your experience stand out among the crowd, let us help you write a resume that will attract employers’ attention and score the interviews you’ve wanted.


Tutor Resume Sample

Karen Takahashi
Tempe, AZ 11111 • k.takahashi@emailplace • 555-209-6387


Dedicated tutor working at the university level to coach students in overcoming difficulties with required subjects. Proven history of undertaking even the most difficult challenges to turn around failing grades and promote new understanding and an appreciation for learning. Adept at adapting teaching style to engage tutoring subjects and promote learning retention through behavioral principles.


  • Graduate and undergraduate tutoring
  • General education studies
  • Behavioral learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Student engagement
  • Learning retention
  • Problem-solving

Work Experience

Tutor, 2014 – Present
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
  • Provide session-based individual and group tutoring in mandatory credit subjects, including math, English, history, philosophy, and economics
  • Deliver more specialized tutoring for graduate and undergraduate education major students
  • Assess each student’s needs and points of difficulty to determine ideal tutoring methods
  • Adapt scheduling to fit student requirements while balancing personal course schedules
  • Consult with teachers as needed to gain insight on classroom exercises and potential ways to raise student scores through extra credit or resubmitted assignments
  • Mentored an education major undergraduate into taking on a student teaching role with one of the university’s top professors
  • Guided a failing student in transforming a midterm F into a passing C in College Algebra by finals by recognizing learning difficulties from dyslexia and adapting teaching methods
  • Successfully balanced more than 30 students per semester while maintaining personal 3.98 GPA
Tutor, 2010 – 2014
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
  • Coached undergraduate math, English, and sociology students in the Student Learning Center
  • Led scheduled weekly sit-in tutoring sessions; presented supplementary lessons to groups of up to 20 students
  • Scheduled individual tutoring session with at-risk students to provide more personalized, focused support
  • Met after-hours to accommodate student schedules
  • Made complex subjects accessible by discussing in practical terms and demonstrating real-world applications
  • Motivated failing students to turn around dispirited attitudes and energize them to achieve better grades
  • Prevented a total of 15 students from failing out within a single year by boosting their learning capability and coaching them on difficult subjects


Master of Education in Primary Education (2014 – Present)
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Bachelor of Education (2014)
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

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Is This a Good Tutor Resume? Let’s Check

Are areas of expertise/subject matter competencies outlined clearly in the tutor resume sample?

While some tutors work across multiple subjects and disciplines, some tutors specialize in specific subjects. In this case, our sample candidate focuses on general studies subjects that comprise mandatory university credits for general education in math, English, economics, and history as well as mentoring students in the candidate’s own more specific major of education. If as a tutor, you specialize in more specific subjects such as biology, archaeology, linguistics, aerospace, or numerous other disciplines, be sure to focus your areas of expertise and outline them clearly by showing how they’re used in context.

Is the sample clear on the grade level of student the sample candidate is comfortable supporting?

In the tutor resume sample, we’ve made it obvious that the example jobseeker is tutoring university students and has for the entirety of her career. This is common for university students who tutor while also attending school. Professional tutors may focus on teaching preschool to kindergarten level students in basic subjects using teaching methods that promote curiosity and growth at early levels, or they might focus on specifics such as grade 6-8 core studies or grades 9-12 high school tutoring. Whatever levels they focus on, their educational credentials should support their capacity in that role.

Does the tutor resume sample demonstrate tutoring in both one-on-one and in group environments?

Yes. In both positions the example candidate has conducted both individual and group sessions to work with students, providing personalized coaching when needed or facilitating group learning and support in environments where it would better help the students.

Does the sample resume include instances of working with challenging students or difficult problems?

Absolutely. In the tutor resume sample, we see extensive examples of working with students with special needs, overcoming scheduling difficulties, and finding new ways to explain concepts to improve student retention and understanding.

Does the resume differentiate between student tutoring and professional tutoring?

It absolutely does. As you can see in the sample, the example jobseeker tutored every year she attended the University of Arizona and Arizona State University as a peer tutor working with other university students. It’s important to differentiate peer tutoring from professional tutoring; professional tutors will use their resume to seek additional tutoring jobs, while peer tutors may use the resume as a jumping-off point into something else. For example, this candidate is studying for a Master of Education after completing a Bachelor of Education and can use student tutoring experience as a starting point to seek an entry-level teaching role. The opening summary reflects this by focusing on teaching strengths.

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The Most Important Tutor Resume Sample Takeaways

When you write your resume, write it with a goal in mind; since tutoring can be a launch pad for other roles, make it clear that you’re slanting your skills toward a teaching position or show primary focus on professional tutoring as a career. Be sure to emphasize tutoring in a number of environments. Don’t forget to point out any challenges you’ve helped students to overcome. Use our tutor resume sample to learn how to play on your strengths, then apply those strengths by using our resume builder to develop a highly effective, well-written resume.