The right content and format in your resume could open a lot of doors, providing you with access to new opportunities. Your resume is often your first chance at making a good impression on potential employers, so you need to be sure it has strength and positive impact. If this is your first attempt at creating a professional resume, turn to a well-written sample as a guide. Our undergraduate psychology resume sample below speaks to those issues that are pertinent to your field of study and work. You’ll find recommendations about what to include and how to format your document. You can use the sample to compare your own resume, making adjustments and corrections as necessary. Writing a great resume is the first step in moving toward the next phase of your life; you want the confidence of knowing what you have already achieved and what you still have to offer. Impress potential employers, teachers, and mentors with a solid resume. We’ve also included a selection of helpful writing tips to take you even further.


Undergraduate Psychology Resume

Adrian Williams Catskill, New York 11111 • adrianw@anymail • 555-876-5432


Dedicated undergraduate psychology student with excellent interpersonal and logical reasoning skills. Knowledge of psychological development and research practices. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint.


  • Well-developed listening skills
  • Superior communication skills
  • Detail-oriented without losing the big picture
  • Issue resolution ability
  • Great team member
  • Awareness of cultural, socio-economic, and religious norms and effects
  • Fluent in French and well-versed in French Creole

Work Experience

Psychologist Intern, 2016 - Current St. Francis’ Mental Health Clinic, Germantown, New York
  • Assist with evaluation of client emotional and mental conditions
  • Collaborate on behavior modification programs
  • Administer psychometric tests and record client behavior observations
  • Complete research as assigned by lead psychologist
  • Spend at least 10 one-on-one hours per week with clients
  • Create PowerPoint presentation on autism and deliver to 6th graders (15 presentations in all; PowerPoint used throughout Germantown District C)
Program Development Assistant, 2014 – 2016 Spring Creek Care Facility, Coxsackie, New York
  • Collaborated on development of appropriate activities; weekly activities included musical entertainment, arts and crafts, movies, card games, and exercise, for example
  • Led client participation in activities, and directly assisted two clients
  • Supported 10 clients in completion of daily activities
  • Responded to family member inquiries
  • Completed office duties, such as filing and data entry
  • Created a file system with client religious and cultural preferences, also including music, art, primary language, and family information as cleared by administration and families
Fast Food Worker, 2012 – 2014 Jewett Burgers and Ice Cream, Windham, New York
  • Took and filled customer food orders, received money, returned correct change
  • Operated cash register and credit card machine, and reconciled register at end of shift
  • Re-stocked food supply shelves and completed inventory record
  • Cleaned and straightened counters at end of shift
  • Performed housekeeping duties as assigned
  • Received recognition for resolving customer disputes
  • Earned Employee of the Month award four times in 18 months

Volunteer Experience

ESL Tutor, 2016 – Current Hudson Valley Language Center, Germantown, New York
  • Assist learners in reading and writing English
  • Communicate with English-learners
  • Offer help with paperwork for daily living, such as job applications, resumes, and school applications
  • Complete other tasks as assigned


BA in Psychology, anticipated graduation 2018 Bard College, Germantown, New York

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Is This a Good Accounting Clerk Resume? Let’s Check

Does the undergraduate psychology resume sample show that the jobseeker is ready to work with people with emotional or mental disorders? Yes. Although the jobseeker is currently working toward graduation from college, there are still many examples that demonstrate the jobseeker’s understanding and concern for others. Some examples include resolving customer disputes as a fast food worker, responding to client cultural and religious preferences in a care center, and volunteering with English-learners. In each area of the resume sample, the jobseeker demonstrates interpersonal abilities.
Does the sample resume show the candidate has interpersonal skills and a willingness to connect with others? Throughout the applicant’s work and volunteer experiences, there are several instances where interpersonal skills are necessary and used. Graduate school advisors and hiring personnel won’t have to search for this information. The jobseeker’s qualifications appear with a clear, logical organization. Current experiences appear in present tense and past experiences in past tense. This creates a clear picture of the applicant’s fitness for new opportunities in the field of psychology.
Does the work experience section of the resume provide a clear progression in duties and responsibilities? Although the candidate doesn’t have a lot of work experience yet, there is evidence of job progression. The earliest position listed on the undergraduate psychology resume sample, a fast food worker, includes basic responsibilities combined with recognition for customer service and success as a team member. The candidate later worked as an assistant and then as an intern. In both of these roles, the jobseeker completed responsibilities and assumed additional tasks, such as creating the file system for client preferences and creating a presentation on autism for elementary-age students.
Does the undergraduate psychology resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s willingness to participate on a professional level with clients as well as completing research? Yes. The writer of the resume sample presents examples that demonstrate the applicant’s readiness to work with clients and to serve in research positions. The first job listed describes responsibilities such as evaluating client mental and emotional conditions, using psychometric tests, and completing research as assigned. The use of several action verbs describes a variety of abilities, many of which could have come directly from job descriptions.
Has the writer of the resume sample kept the document to one page, using concise language and modern formatting? Yes. In the field of psychology research, adherence to writing rules and best practices is very important. The writer of the undergraduate psychology resume sample presents a document with the correct language and formatting for today’s professional resumes.

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The Most Important Undergraduate Psychology Resume Sample Takeaways

A strong resume leads to new opportunities. Make sure your resume has the impact you want by describing and showing necessary qualifications, presenting a progression in duties, sharing a combination of hard and soft skills, and formatting the document according to modern standards. Use concrete figures to back up claims and share specific achievements. If you’d like a little more help creating an effective document like our undergraduate psychology resume sample, continue your review with our resume maker.