As you create your first resume or perfect an existing resume, focus on selling yourself to hiring managers. This document is often the main factor inspiring employers to take a closer look at your abilities … or not. In fact, if your resume looks like resumes written 10 to 20 years ago, you may be missing out on new opportunities. You can avoid this and other common mistakes by studying a DevOps engineer resume sample, such as the one included below.

In addition to learning about mistakes to avoid, you can use the resume sample and included writing tips to improve the quality of the content of your resume. You’ll get ideas for formatting the document and for what to include in each section. Take advantage of tips regarding how to write in a professional and attractive manner that gives your resume an edge over the others stacked on the hiring managers’ desks. Our guide and your hard work will result in a resume that grabs and holds onto the interest of hiring managers.


DevOps Engineer Resume Sample

Len Hansen
Sedona, Arizona 11111 • arhansen@anymail • 555-764-2387

Summary Statement

Experienced DevOps engineer with understanding of the need for a balance of operations and development when preparing code for customers. Excellent work in business network development as evidenced by 11 years of portfolio and coding portfolio. Dual streams of education emphasize coding and network strategies for a well-rounded approach to DevOps tactics.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Fluent in Ruby, Java and JavaScript, Python, CSS, and more
  • Superior comprehension of productivity software, such as Visio and MS Project
  • Expert competency in SharePoint, MediaWiki, and Bridgeline Digital iApps
  • Thorough knowledge of Eclipse and other development environments
  • High success rates when debugging complicated system errors and performing cloud platform deployment

Work Experience

DevOps Engineer, 2011 – Present
Sedona Desert Enterprise
Sedona, Arizona
  • Collaborate with system administrator to improve internal network performance for seven prominent local businesses
  • Assess systems for coding errors, shortcomings, and obsolete coding, making corrections and identifying software solutions
  • Coordinate with networking and IT departments to identify best virtual environments for applications
  • Supervise implantation of more than 35 software patches and engineering of five application projects
  • Resolve network performance issues, identifying source of errors and protecting network security
DevOps Engineer, 2009 – 2011
Samsa IT Systems of Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Designed and tested engineering operations across multiple platforms
  • Reinforced HA services, administering MySQL and Node.js
  • Supported cloud servers in IT organizations
  • Developed delivery pipelines, prioritizing function period and generating quicker server response time, cutting time by 7%
  • Implemented framework for evaluating application performance, creating documents for training purposes
  • Executed zero-downtime production phrases, documenting successful tactics and proactively correcting distractions and errors
Software Technician, 2007 – 2009
Software Solutions
Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Led primary coding efforts for designated applications, creating patches and updates for desired functionality
  • Trained over 80 clients on the best use of programs and how to troubleshoot most common issues
  • Reviewed feedback on program functionality, met with programming manager to discuss appropriate updates
  • Assisted in creation of beta-version of new data management tool, tracked performance of updates and resolved coding glitches

Education and Certifications

BS in Computer Science - 2007
Northern Arizona University, AZ

Java Programmer Certification
Puppet Certification
AWS Sysops/Devops Certifications

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Is This a Good DevOps Engineer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the DevOps engineer resume sample demonstrate the candidate’s ability to create software solutions and resolve coding issues?

This resume does a very good job of demonstrating the candidate’s capabilities with descriptions such as “assisted in creation of beta-version of new data management tool, tracked performance of updates and resolved coding glitches” and “supervise implantation of more than 35 software patches and engineering of five application projects.” These and other statements throughout the resume give clear pictures of the applicant’s ability to use software solutions to resolve coding issues.

A solid foundation of successful schooling and possession of the right credentials can have a positive impact. Does the DevOps engineer resume sample deliver?

Yes. The candidate has a pertinent college career and has obtained certifications to boost efficiency in the workplace. Examples throughout the resume are evidence that this education provides a valuable foundation, such as “reinforced HA services, administering MySQL and Node.js” and “designed and tested engineering operations across multiple platforms.” It is clear that skill and education combine in this qualified applicant.

In the world of software systems and operations, skill is sometimes considered more valuable than schooling. Will hiring professionals easily identify the skills they want to see?

A clear format appears throughout the DevOps engineer resume sample. Headers and bullets organize vital information into sections that hiring managers can easily scan for keywords, such as “JavaScript,” “identifying software solutions,” and “zero-downtime production phrases.”

Employers generally expect to see some examples of leadership when considering experienced candidates. Is there any indication in the resume sample that this candidate is ready for a leadership position?

Instances of leadership appear in multiple places throughout the resume. Keywords such as “supervised,” “trained,” and “led” describe a candidate with leadership experience. Other words, including “assisted,” “collaborated,” “supported,” and “coordinated,” indicate a jobseeker willing to work with and support a team effort.

Does the DevOps engineer resume sample demonstrate the applicant’s familiarity with software operations and development while maintaining a professional and engaging appearance?

Hiring professionals can only appreciate qualifications that are easy to find. If those skills reside in superfluous wording or are described without quantifiable metrics, hiring managers may not ever realize the quality of a candidate. The professional format and wording throughout the document ensure the impact of each section of this resume. For example, the skills section includes selling points, such as “high success rates when debugging complicated system errors” and pertinent achievements appear throughout the work experience section.

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The Most Important DevOps Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

As you become familiar with the best practices for writing resumes and the main points of the DevOps engineer resume sample, such as using a bullet format in most sections, focusing on meaningful word choice, and including quantifiable metrics, you’ll find that it is easier to complete your own resume. Make sure your document impresses hiring personnel, leading to interviews and putting you on course for the job you want. Draw attention to desirable skills by describing contributions you made in each of your prior positions. If you’re ready to get started, review our resume builder for even more guidance.