A solid resume is important at every level of the professional hierarchy, from an internship or entry level position all the way up to senior roles. Applicants for lower-level positions may worry that they lack relevant experience. Your primary concern should be representing the experience you have in ways that correspond with the requirements of the job you want. Describe extracurricular activities, work-study jobs, or internships in ways that demonstrate your character and productivity.

One effective way to figure out how to best arrange this information is to study an example. Our entry level network engineer resume sample shows how a recent graduate presents her achievements and skills for her first professional position. The candidate demonstrates her ability to advance professionally by listing a range of experience as well as her recent degree and certifications. Once you look over this sample and the following tips about resume writing, you should have a clearer idea about what to include in your own resume.


Entry Level Network Engineer Resume Sample

Diana Harper
Vancouver, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-877-2533


Associate’s in network technology with Cisco associate and security certifications. Completing internship with technology company. Over a year of experience as a network support assistant at college.


  • Technical support
  • Monitoring network traffic and usage
  • Configuration of networks and systems
  • Backing up servers and systems
  • Documenting issues and resolution strategies
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Network security
  • Voice/Data integration
  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting

Work Experience

Network Specialist Intern, May 2017 - Current
PacNet, Portland, OR
  • Assist with overhaul of enterprise-grade routers, server operating systems, and other network and hosting equipment
  • Perform daily backups on all PacNet servers
  • Support VPN account usage and gateways and provided troubleshooting services for users
  • Identify several ways to decrease network downtime and work with specialists to implement the best solutions
  • Respond to more than 10 queries a day about network settings and resolve employee and user issues
Network Support Assistant, Jan. 2016 - Apr. 2017
Clark College, Vancouver, WA
  • Traced sources of network issues and whether the problem had to do with campus servers and network technology, user errors, or other irregularities
  • Created, changed, and deleted user identification for current students and staff members
  • Pointed out issues with network access in various locations on campus, identifying locations in need of signal boosting or wired connections
  • Assisted with installation of software on dual-booted machines in campus computer labs
  • Worked with security team to identify unauthorized access attempts and block compromised systems from accessing the network without an antivirus scan
IT Support Office, Sept. 2015 - Apr. 2017
Clark College, Vancouver, WA
  • Offered assistance to students and instructors on campus machines and personal computers logged onto college networks
  • Reduced average length of time to resolve support tickets from 72 hours to 24 hours
  • Answered questions about getting campus wireless access to work on personal computers and provided resources for software difficulties
  • Supplied and maintained printing labs on campus and assisted with system to manage printing credits
  • Resolved issues involving official email addresses and forwarding for students and faculty


Associate of Applied Technology in Network Technologies - 2017
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

Cisco CCNA Security Certificate - 2017
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

Cisco CCNA Certificate - 2015
Clark College, Vancouver, WA

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Is This a Good Entry Level Network Engineer Resume? Let’s Check

Network engineers often have specialized training, including technical certifications and credentials. Does the candidate bring up her most relevant qualifications in the summary statement?

Yes, she does. The candidate covers her degree and certifications, internship, and experience offering network support in college. A hiring manager or recruiter reviewing this entry level network engineer resume sample can see this candidate has the skills necessary to succeed and is capable of planning and managing her time while pursuing professional development.

Most network engineering positions require that candidates have experience maintaining existing systems and setting up new networks. Does this candidate indicate her ability to do both in the skills section of this entry level network engineer resume sample?

Yes. The candidate starts with support and monitoring capabilities and continue on to describe her ability to configure networks and systems and provide security and integration services. She concludes with general problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities that are essential for network engineers.

Applicants for entry level network engineer positions should present a record of duties and achievements that prepare them for a specific role. This experience may come from full- or part-time jobs, extracurricular involvements, or internships. Does the candidate demonstrate her work ethic in the work experience section of this sample?

The abilities and priorities in the work experience section of this entry level network engineer resume sample are applicable to this level and type of position. The candidate has completed a network engineering internship, and her past positions also involved setting up equipment and troubleshooting problems. She shows a track record of success in positions that prepare her for professional employment.

Many entry level network engineers have associate or bachelor’s degrees in related areas as well as certifications. Does the candidate organize these qualifications in the education section?

Yes. The candidate starts with her most recent credential and moves backward through time. She is a recent graduate with an associate’s degree in network technology and holds certifications in network administration and security.

Does the candidate organize this entry level network engineer resume sample so that a hiring manager can quickly assess her qualifications?

The summary statement brings up the candidate’s major qualifications. She structures the skills list so that it is easy to skim and prioritizes the most relevant abilities for a network engineer job. The candidate emphasizes her current skills and experience. She includes her degree and certifications in the education section so that a prospective employer can take in her credentials at a glance.

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The Most Important Entry Level Network Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

Applicants for an entry-level position should provide evidence of their abilities and work ethic. Whether you bring up extracurricular involvements or part-time jobs, include a mix of hard and soft skills that are applicable to the job you want. The candidate in our entry level network engineer resume sample has experience that is directly related to the job she is seeking. Even if your background is more diverse, you can still show off skills that employers look for. Use our resume builder for a structured approach to organizing your qualifications.