There is a common school of thought out there that as jobs become more specialized, the candidate pool that employers have to pull from shrinks. While that may be true in the case of a mechanical engineer, what this means to you as an applicant is that those you are competing against have skills and qualifications similar to your own. Thus, you need to find a new way to help distinguish yourself.

Submitting a well-composed resume can do just that. Rather than give employers a simple laundry list of your professional experience, your resume should detail how you can add value to their organizations. The mechanical engineer resume sample shown here gives you an example of such a document. With the writing guidelines that accompany the resume sample, you will be able to personalize and optimize your resume’s content in a way that makes it more meaningful to hiring managers. Having such an advantage can help put you that much closer to landing a coveted position.


Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

Casey Christensen
Tucson, AZ 11111 • [email protected] • 555-333-3333


Professional mechanical engineer with eight years of experience in research, design, and development. Recognized for ability to spot performance inefficiencies during planning phase that allow for faster project completion times and decreased need for re-engineering during development and implementation. Working knowledge of advanced engineering principles and industry best practices coupled with strong work ethic and desire to succeed makes for a strong skill set that can benefit any organization.


  • Strong understanding of both ASME and ISO standards
  • Expert knowledge of applied mechanics and production technology principles and their practical applications
  • Adept and performing root cause analysis and process validation
  • Experienced in process management and multi-project coordination
  • Familiar with statistical analysis and predictive modeling software programs, as well as data retrieval and management tools
  • Outstanding communication and writing skills
  • Organized with a meticulous attention to detail

Work Experience

Research and Development Engineer, July 2012 – Present
Express Automotive Industries
  • Serve as a member of four-person R&D team assigned to evaluate performance testing results in order to identify and improve upon inefficiencies with internal combustion engine components
  • Coordinate with safety engineers to set up and run engine tests, comparing individual runs to established baseline standards
  • Study industry publications, scientific journals, and press releases to develop an understanding of current industry standards and new technological advances
  • Work with engine designers to develop component prototypes in preparation for stress testing
  • Consult with other R&D analysts to determine what modifications to other component systems will best accommodate new engine designs
  • Received recognition for having met standard of 10% performance improvement during each year of tenure
  • Participate in R&D program recognized as being the industry leaders by Motor Trend magazine in 2016
Stress Testing Specialist, June 2009 – July 2012
Eagle Aviation, Inc.
  • Conducted stress testing on CFM56 turbofan engines, performing static, fatigue, and fracture analysis
  • Recommended changes to engine component systems based off test analysis
  • Maintained research database and pulled reports using structured query language
  • Served as team lead on two different engine redesign projects
  • Received recognition for being member of team credited with contributing to development of new CFM high-pressure compressor in 2008


Master of Science of Mechanical Engineering – 2009
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Bachelor of Science in Statistics – 2007
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

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Is This a Good Mechanical Engineer Resume? Let’s Check

How effectively does the jobseeker present himself in his summary statement?

You already know that a majority of those applying for positions as mechanical engineers will likely share the same skill set. Thus, recruiters may feel as though they are reading the same resume over and over. In the statement shown in the mechanical engineer resume sample, the applicant lists unique skills that serve to differentiate himself from others (e.g., being adept at spotting performance inefficiencies) and frames them in a way that offers distinct benefits to an employer.

Do the skills listed indicate a readiness to thrive in the position?

Mechanical engineers measure the performance of the component systems of engines, motors, and other propulsion or motion-generating devices. They need to have an understanding of data collection processes along with a well-developed attention to detail. Notice how in the mechanical engineer resume sample, the jobseeker lists a familiarity with statistical analysis and predictive modeling software programs among his skill set, as well as being meticulous. This indicates that he does have the skills needed to perform the functions that come with the job, even if there will be an acclimation period for him to pick up its subtle nuances.

Does the jobseeker position himself as being well-rounded?

Some may view being well-rounded as an added benefit that you may bring to a position as opposed to a baseline requirement. However, mechanical engineers are often placed in the position of having to coordinate their work with other departments and individuals. The applicant describes coordinating with others in his work experience, as well as being a team lead. This implies that he does indeed possess good leadership traits and communication skills on top of his technical expertise.

Has the jobseeker listed enough work experience to position himself as one experienced enough to fill the role he is applying for?

In all, the applicant lists eight years of professional experience in the mechanical engineer resume sample. However, in that time, he shows that he accumulated experience in performance monitoring, research and development, system testing, data collection and analysis, utilizing computer-aided analytical tools, and liaising with external parties. Each of these are general requirements to fulfill the role of mechanical engineer. Even in listing limited experience, the applicant still appears qualified.

Is enough information listed in the education section?

You probably noticed how the applicant only listed general information about his schooling in the mechanical engineer resume sample. A good majority of mechanical engineer positions will require a bachelor’s degree at minimum, with many employers preferring applicants with a graduate degree. The jobseeker shows that he meets both of those preferences.

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The Most Important Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

When written and structured correctly, your resume does a bulk of the work needed to earn you an interview. Using the mechanical engineer resume sample shown here, you will be able to create a document that will fulfill that purpose. Let the writing guidelines also offered serve as references to help you keep your resume brief yet with enough detail to impress readers. Also, remember to keep your writing succinct by using direct and active language. For more help, consider using our resume builder.