You have worked for years to acquire the skills and experience needed to position yourself as the prime candidate to fill the role of project engineer. However, those professional attributes will do little good in helping you to secure your next job if you are not able to effectively communicate them to employers. Before you ever get the chance to impress prospective employers in an interview, you first have to earn one from among an often-crowded candidate pool. Having a strong resume helps you to do just that.

How can your resume help set you apart from other applicants? By showcasing your skill set to recruiters in a manner that convinces them they cannot overlook you. The project engineer resume sample shown here is an example to follow. Use it and the accompanying writing guidelines as references as you create your own resume. These tools allow you a unique insight into what recruiters are looking for when screening job candidates.


Project Engineer Resume Sample

Dana Dawkins
Santa Fe, NM 11111 • [email protected] • 555-444-4444


Experienced project engineer with extensive background in municipal and state-sponsored construction projects. Expertise lies in the financial and material management of design and development projects, from procuring resources during the planning stages, to subcontracting jobs to third parties, to coordinating with local transportation authorities during construction periods. Excellent leadership and coordination skills acquired from having served as primary liaison and lead on several different public expansion and rejuvenation initiatives.


  • Working knowledge of surveying, drafting, and general engineering principles
  • Extensive experience in contract negotiation, as well as supply and material identification and procurement
  • Well-established professional connections with private engineering firms, geoscience organizations, and industrial supply manufacturers both locally and nationally
  • Familiar with accounting and financial management software programs
  • Demonstrated skills at coordinating and planning large-scale initiatives
  • Comfortable communicating with both technical and non-technical parties, as well project stakeholders

Work Experience

Lead Project Engineer, September 2008 – Present
Harrison County Public Development Department
  • Work as one of three lead project engineers assigned by county superintendent to coordinate the efforts between engineering firms and county-appointed project managers
  • Participate in the initial planning phases of all public development projects, determining resources needed and working with accountants to determine expense parameters
  • Meet with private engineering firms and service providers to accept bid proposals and establish contractual terms in conjunction with county attorneys
  • Coordinate the work between contracted engineers and material manufacturers to ensure custom supplies and materials meet project requirements
  • Became lead engineer of 11 different projects, including Roosevelt Avenue lane expansion and City Recreation Center development
Associate Project Engineer, March 2003 – September 2008
New Mexico Department of Transportation
  • Served as primary assistant to department’s senior project engineer on all state highway development, expansion, and maintenance projects
  • Worked with roadway engineering team during project data collection and drafting phases to determine needed resources and materials
  • Coordinated the procurement of road base materials from third-party vendors and the contracting of services with paving providers
  • Submitted all planning and expense data needed for inclusion in progress reports and final accounting
  • Participated in projects involving the development of a collective 8,655 miles of new roads during tenure


Bachelor of Science in General Engineering – 2002
University of Nevada – Reno, Reno, NV

• Three-time Dean’s List selection
• Minor in Finance

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Is This a Good Project Engineer Resume? Let’s Check

Does the resume convey all of the information recruiters want to see while avoiding unnecessary details?

A corporate job posting can generate anywhere between 100 to 200 responses. That is a lot of applications and resumes to review. Recruiters typically only have about 60 seconds to dedicate to a resume, which is why longer ones are often avoided. In the project engineer resume sample shown here, the jobseeker succeeds in keeping the resume concise by only including details on job aspects relevant to the position she is seeking.

How well does the jobseeker detail her managerial skills?

Project engineers deal less in frontline technical work and more in coordinating a project’s engineering efforts. Throughout the work experience listed in the project engineer resume sample, the applicant details having to collect data and participate in the planning of projects. This shows that she does indeed understand concepts such as process mapping and timeline development. Such skills help to ensure that the work of engineers remains in line with a project’s goals and objectives.

Do the qualifications listed detail a comprehensive skill set?

An important point to remember is that as a project engineer, you are often forced to wear many hats. Those can differ from job to job. Therefore, you should not limit yourself by only listing skills and experience in a single area. Notice how the jobseeker describes her experience in handling the financial aspects of projects, yet also details her engineering knowledge and mentions experience in contracting and resource procurement. These added details help convince recruiters that she is adept at handling different types of assignments.

How does the jobseeker succeed in detailing the impact of her work?

It is easy to get caught simply listing job responsibilities when detailing your previous work experience in your resume. While such information offers an idea of what you did for previous employers, it does not reflect how well you did it. Companies want project engineers who they are confident can add value to their initiatives, not simply fulfill their expected duties. In the project engineer resume sample, the applicant uses detailed metrics (such as listing how many county projects she participated in as well as the number of new roads her department was responsible for). This confirms to recruiters that she was able to produce results in her previous roles.

Why does the applicant only include limited details regarding her education?

Given the many roles that a project engineer may hold, your educational background may not be as relevant to a job compared to prior experience. That is why the jobseeker is fine only including limited details in the project engineer resume sample.

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The Most Important Project Engineer Resume Sample Takeaways

The project engineer resume sample shown here should give you a solid foundation on which to build your document. Do not forget to follow the writing guidelines when writing your resume’s content. While the format of a resume helps readers to navigate their way through it, your content is what sells them on you. Remember, then, to only include details relevant to the job you are seeking, and present your skills as being comprehensive. Doing so will help provide you the chance to continue to wow employers in an interview. Using the resume builder can make the process even easier.