Fitness Instructor Resume Samples in 2023

A resume is an amazing tool when you are job hunting. It allows you to provide a strong introduction to a hiring manager, telling him or her about who you are and what you can do. It gives you the chance to sell yourself as the right candidate for the job. However, if your resume isn't written clearly, then it won't accomplish your goals and help you land an interview.

You must ensure your resume contains all the right information and is formatted in an easy-to-read manner. To do this, you may need some help. Consult the fitness instructor resume sample below and read through the writing tips. These tools offer the assistance you need to know exactly how to craft a professional resume that makes an impact. Basing your own resume off the sample can help ensure you include the right information and create a stellar resume to impress a hiring manager.


Fitness Instructor Resume Sample

Maureen Lovings
Crownville, IL 11111 • [email protected] • 555-475-1265


Fitness instructor committed to excellence and helping others to reach their own personal fitness goals while also observing all safety precautions. Strong belief in personalizing fitness regimes to fit lifestyles and not taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Proven track records helping people lose weight, prepare for sporting events, and adapt healthy lifestyles.


  • Experience working with people of all ages and body types
  • Ability to adapt exercises for clients with physical limitations or special needs
  • Expert in healthy eating
  • Physically fit with personal achievements including participation in Olympic track and field trials, multiple iron man competitions, and over 20 marathons
  • Superior communications skills
  • Caring and compassionate attitude, while also having the ability to motivate clients
  • Adaptable to work with groups or one-on-one

Work Experience

Fitness Instructor - ABC Gym
  • Conduct group classes in yoga, aerobics, swimming, and cycling
  • Offer one-on-one training in weight lifting and marathon training
  • Monitor safety of class members and gym members
  • Develop special programs for clients with disabilities or injuries
  • Create personalized diet plans for personal training clients, and run weight loss program
  • Maintain gym equipment and alert maintenance to broken or damaged equipment
  • Keep gym clean and sanitary
  • Created three new classes in dance aerobics, water aerobics, and hot yoga to inspire a 25% increase in gym membership over three years
Gym Attendant - ABC Gym
  • Wiped down equipment after use to ensure sanitary and safe gym conditions
  • Collected dirty towels and put out clean ones
  • Washed and dried laundry
  • Cleaned bathrooms and other common areas
  • Assisted gym members with getting equipment off racks
  • Put equipment back on racks and in proper storage positions as needed
  • Monitored equipment use and reported misuse to management
Gymnastics Teacher Helper - Molly's Tumblers
  • Assisted with toddler and elementary classes
  • Offered support and spotted tumblers
  • Taught students proper form
  • Enforced safety rules
  • Cleaned equipment
  • Helped check students in and out of class, ensuring their release only to parents or appointed person
  • Answered phones and took messages


Bachelor of Science in Health Science - 2012
Avelee College, Illinois

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Is This a Good Fitness Instructor Resume? Let’s Check

Does the fitness instructor resume sample clearly demonstrate the applicant is physically fit?

The applicant makes sure in the skills section to draw attention to her physical abilities. She states she is physically fit and has completed marathons and iron mans, along with participating in Olympic trials. She is clearly adept at what she does and in the right physical shape to serve as a fitness instructor and mentor for those with whom she will be working.

Is it obvious in the resume that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the body, health, and fitness?

The fitness instructor resume sample has several areas that showcase the applicant's knowledge of the field. This includes her skills in understanding healthy diets and her experience in teaching various classes. In addition, she mentions she has developed classes in the past, which is a good indicator she has the knowledge needed to do this job. Not to mention, her health science degree provides a solid formal education of the body, health, and fitness.

Does the applicant provide proof that she has the training required for this job?

The education section shows the applicant has a degree in health sciences, which gives a solid foundation for her to draw from for the job. In addition, her work history clearly shows she has been involved in the field of physical training and fitness for over 10 years, which is a solid background. She clearly shows she has efficient training to do the job.

Does the fitness instructor resume sample convey the applicant has a friendly attitude?

The applicant mentions multiple times how she has worked with various types of people. She obviously is devoted to helping anyone, which shows she is caring and compassionate. Her background working with children and various people in a gym environment also further proves she is good at her job and has had success, which doesn't happen without a friendly attitude.

Is the resume written in reverse chronological order?

The fitness instructor resume sample does follow a reverse chronological order. This is important because it is the most standard way to write a resume. Hiring managers do not want to have to work to read a resume, so when it follows conventional standards, it makes their job easier. By writing in reverse chronological order, the applicant makes it simple for the hiring manager to see her most recent accomplishments first.

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The Most Important Fitness Instructor Resume Sample Takeaways

Resume writing is likely not something you do often, but it is an important task when you are looking for a new job. You need a strong resume to impress a hiring manager and get the interview. With the fitness instructor resume sample and the writing tips here, you are well on your way to having the tools to write a standout resume. If you need any further help, try out the resume builder. It can make resume writing simple.