While you should brush up on your interviewing skills, you should also brush up on how to write a resume when you embark on a job search. Many people assume a resume just needs to contain a basic outline of a person’s work history. However, it is a lot more in-depth than that. A resume needs to contain relevant information that shows you have the qualifications necessary to be a true asset at an organization. At the end of the day, your application should look somewhat like the barista resume sample below.

Anyone wanting a barista position or something similar should absolutely read through sample resumes. Reading other people’s applications is a great way to see what works and what does not. You may find there are certain aspects of your resume that require changing. Ultimately, it helps greatly to review the sample resume and accompanying tips before sending your resume to hiring managers.


Barista Resume Sample

Maggie Bloom
Valley Village, CA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-4688


Friendly, personable barista with experience taking orders, making drinks, and providing change. Adept at resolving customer complaints and reaching an amicable solution. Reliable worker who is comfortable standing for extended periods of time.


  • Great at customer service
  • Excellent at multitasking
  • Cash handling skills
  • Knowledge of drink and food prep
  • Expertise with espresso makers and coffee grinders
  • Experience using point of sale software
  • Understanding of marketing principles
  • Always looking to help people

Work History

Barista – Sunset Coffee
2016 – Present
  • Prepare a variety of cold and hot beverages for customers, including blended coffees, espresso drinks, smoothies, and coffee
  • Receive customer payments, which can include cash, credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay
  • Clean workstation and dining area to ensure everything remains compliant with sanitation guidelines
  • Resolve problems customers have with an order, and on several occasions, stopped an issue from escalating by offering patrons a complete redo of their order
  • Communicate the specifics of menu items to customers, and suggest foods and drinks that may appeal to them
  • Grind, weigh, and pack coffee beans for patrons who want to take some of the coffee shop’s beans to go
  • Set up product displays in the shop’s window, aiming to attract more customers into the business
  • Create various food items, such as salads, sandwiches, and wraps, for patrons
Barista – One Coffee
2014 – 2016
  • Crafted numerous signs the manager hung on the front window, and they became quite popular with the shop’s regular customers
  • Checked temperatures of freezer and refrigerator once a day to ensure everything was at a safe level
  • Developed product displays to put up around the store that advertised a new product the shop had just received
  • Took out the garbage at least once a day, and threw away products as soon as they were past the expiration date
  • Closed the coffee shop at the end of the day, making sure there was enough money in the register for the morning shift
  • Learned how to operate a number of food preparation devices and retail equipment


High School Diploma – 2015
Burbank High School

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Is This a Good Barista Resume? Let’s Check

Is it clear from the barista resume sample the candidate can handle aspects of customer service?

Many positions, especially those in retail and foodservice, require excellent customer service skills. That is because these employees have to work with the general public on a daily basis, so they should be able to offer exceptional service. The candidate with the sample resume brings up this quality several times throughout the application. She even describes herself as “friendly” and “personable” in the professional summary.

Does the barista resume sample specifically mention what types of equipment the applicant can work with?

Ideally, an applicant for a barista position will already possess some knowledge of how to work coffee-making equipment. Training is generally provided if not, but if you do indeed possess that knowledge already, then you want to express it in your resume. If you can show you would require far less training than other applicants, then you will stand out more in a hiring manager’s mind.

There is a lot of room for growth for baristas. Does the resume show the candidate is capable of growing with the company?

Yes, it does. In one of the candidate’s positions, she states she learned how to operate new devices. Then in the most recent position, she talks about how she used that equipment on a frequent basis. You may apply for a barista position now, but there is no reason you cannot become an assistant manager or manager in the near future. Show you can handle increased responsibilities.

Is it conveyed in the barista resume sample the applicant can handle the physical demands of the job?

Baristas spend most shifts on their feet. They walk around, operate equipment, and provide customers with their orders. It can be grueling work, but you want to show you are up to the task. The sample resume mentions how the candidate has become used to spending hours walking around and standing. You do not want a hiring manager to assume you will feel tired after your first day at the job.

Is this barista resume sample simple?

Yes. It is a straightforward resume that does not get overly cutesy with formatting. There is no need to include colors or images on a resume. You simply want relevant information on the page. You definitely want to stand out to hiring managers, but you do not want to stand out in the wrong way.

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The Most Important Barista Resume Sample Takeaways

You likely have a ton of great work experiences. You simply need to find a way to communicate them adequately on a resume. If you have trouble figuring out what to include, then think about what skills and qualities you would use to describe yourself to someone you met for the first time. Many hiring managers receive an excessive number of applications for barista positions, so you want a document that looks similar to our barista resume sample. Do not forget to look into our resume builder, too.