If you know where you want to go in your career but need help getting there, you’re not alone. One of the best things you can do for your career is to create a well-constructed, professional resume. Whether you are just starting out or looking to make a move, a stand-out resume can help you take the next big step on your journey. Your resume speaks for you and communicates to potential employers why it’s you and only you who can fill that position.

Creating a resume can be challenging but, fortunately, there are resources specific to your field available to guide you. We have a bartender resume sample that will show you exactly what an attention-getting resume looks like from top to bottom including headings, sections, and content. If you don’t know where to begin or how to finish a resume, we can help. Let our sample and writing tips inspire you, motivate you, and propel you to the creation of a resume that will help you achieve your goals.


Bartender Resume Sample

Josh Williams
Philadelphia, PA 11111 • josh.williams@anymail • 555-876-7813


Professionally trained mixologist with more than 10 years of experience providing outstanding service to customers in fast-paced bar environments. Adept at managing bar, filling food orders, and engaging with customs, with focus on providing safe and enjoyable experience for guests. Well-versed on laws related to alcoholic beverage consumption and vigilant about following establishment policies and procedures.


  • Large repertoire of cocktails from classic to specialty
  • Organized and reliable
  • Inventory control expertise
  • Knowledge of liquors, beers, and wines
  • Professional, well-groomed appearance
  • Personable, good communicator
  • Strong multitasking skills

Work Experience

Bartender – Top of the Town Restaurant
2016 - present
  • Oversee bar area, mix drinks, and serve beverages to customers in large, high-end restaurant
  • Maintain stock of liquor and bar supplies to minimize waste and maximize restaurant profit
  • Ensure immaculately clean bar area and strictly adhere to health code requirements
  • Create positive, inviting environment for guests to increase likelihood of return visit
  • Collaborate with wait staff and others to set up and serve private parties and special events
  • Increased bar customers by 15% with introduction of weekly trivia night and seasonally-themed drink specials
  • Monitor guest behavior continuously and take action as needed to ensure safety of all patrons
Bartender – Brown’s Downtown Hotel & Resort
2010 - 2016
  • Provided bartending and food service at large hotel lobby bar
  • Ensured guest satisfaction by establishing pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in bar area
  • Committed drink preferences of bar regulars to memory to enhance guest experience and promote repeat business
  • Modernized inventory management system to more accurately track usage of alcoholic beverages and other bar supplies
  • Documented bar procedures to ensure consistency of service and established ongoing training program for new bartenders
  • Maintained accurate accounting of receipts and participated in periodic audits
Assistant Bartender – Marina Yacht Club
2008 - 2010
  • Supported senior bartenders by ensuring that food and drink orders were filled quickly and accurately
  • Completed bar prep-work and maintained sanitary bar area
  • Engaged guests by soliciting input into creation of custom drinks commemorating club members
  • Managed guest bar statements and accurately processed credit cards and cash payments
  • Maintained accurate inventory of liquor and bar supplies
  • Assisted servers to ensure food orders were delivered to tables in a timely manner


The Professional Bartending School – 2008
Washington, DC

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Is This a Good Bartender Resume? Let’s Check

Does the bartender resume sample clearly demonstrate the candidate’s skills as a bartender?

The strong summary, comprehensive list of skills, and detailed work experience section all add up to a compelling portrait of an accomplished professional. The summary and the list of skills underscore the key job requirements that hiring managers would be looking for and the accomplishments listed in the candidate’s work experience make it clear that he has extensive experience in his field.

Being a “people-person” is an important quality in a bartender. Does this bartender resume sample communicate the candidate’s skills in this area?

In this resume, this candidate does a great job of incorporating descriptions of customer-focused initiatives he has implemented. For each job in the work experience section, there is an item that focuses on customer engagement and ways in which the candidate went above and beyond to create an entertaining environment geared towards encouraging repeat business.

Educational background may be important to some hiring managers in this field. Does this candidate’s educational background and professional certification provide useful information for his target audience?

Professional training can give a candidate an edge, particularly with a discriminating employer. By providing information on his educational background certification, this candidate differentiates himself from competitors who may have more work experience but lack the professional credentials. It is clear that this candidate is serious about his career and has made a financial commitment to his own success.

Does the work experience section of the candidate’s bartender resume sample portray him as well-rounded and suitable for a variety of jobs in his field?

This candidate has solid work experience, and the descriptions of each job provide an excellent amount of detail on the tasks and responsibilities of each position he has held. The resume gives evidence of his strong bartending skills and focuses attention on the ways in which he has provided added value by making changes to procedures or introducing new programs that resulted in financial benefit for the establishments.

A resume that is clearly written and easy to follow is likely to stand out from ones that are not. Does this bartender resume sample meet those criteria?

This resume follows a structured and easy-to-read format that makes the candidate’s past accomplishments and future goals very clear. A recruiter will appreciate seeing his background and capabilities summarized so succinctly. The candidate lists his skills in a brief but impactful way. Additionally, his work experience is easy to follow and lays out a very positive and forward-moving career progression.

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The Most Important Bartender Resume Sample Takeaways

This bartender resume sample is a great example of the power of a strong resume. In this short document, the candidate summarizes his capabilities in a clear and compelling way that is sure to catch the attention of a prospective employer. By presenting your own unique skills in this type of thoughtful, structured way, you will be on the road to having a compelling, professional resume that you can be proud of. Our resume builder can provide more assistance for creating your own outstanding resume.