A compelling resume is one of the most powerful tools you can add to your job search arsenal. It’s often a surprise to jobseekers to learn that without this tool, many employers will not even bother to give an application a second glance. Don’t jump into the fray of the job market without first making sure you polish and sharpen your resume to well-honed perfection. You deserve the best chance to make the finest impression possible on potential employers.

If you’re wondering what goes into creating a resume that will turn employers’ heads, spend some time studying the busser resume sample below. Take note of the overall look and feel of the document, as well as its professional style, tone, and format. Reference the content of the resume sample to make sure you’re considering all the relevant details. Use this sample, along with the accompanying writing guidance, to help you as you develop an outstanding resume of your own.


Busser Resume Sample

Dwight Collardman
Calabasas, CA 11111 • dwight.collardman@readymail • 555-555-9981


Diligent, responsible busser with over three years of experience in high-volume, fast-paced food service environments and a valid California food handler card. Proven customer service, organizational, and time management skills. Professional demeanor and exceptional interpersonal and communications skills.


  • Extraordinary ability to prioritize and execute tasks efficiently
  • Ability to perform and thrive in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments
  • Phenomenal organizing, planning, and multitasking skills
  • Effective, high-caliber customer service, teambuilding, and people management skills
  • Ability to flourish in a physically demanding work setting, including significant periods of time spent standing, bending, and lifting heavy loads
  • Strong working knowledge of the ins and outs of the hospitality industry, including both front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations
  • Professional, tidy, well-groomed appearance

Work Experience

Busser – Breakfast and More Café – 2015-present
Central City, California
  • Welcome all seated guests in assigned area with offers of water, fresh bread, and artisanal jams, ensuring a warm, cordial reception
  • Coordinate with wait staff in the timely conveyance of food and beverages from the kitchen and bar areas to guest tables
  • Transport used dishes, glasses, and utensils from vacated guest tables to the kitchen for washing
  • Clear all debris and trash from vacated guest tables and floor areas
  • Wipe down tables and chairs between guests, ensuring a hygienic environment and a high-quality customer experience
  • Monitor for and respond to accidental dining room spills expeditiously, cleaning up and replacing food or utensils as needed
  • Collaborate with other bussers in performing a deep cleaning of all guest tables, chairs, and dining room floor areas before the end of the closing shift
Busser – Garden Delights Restaurant – 2014-2015
Rockfordtown, California
  • Greeted all guests immediately after seating and offered to fill guests’ water glasses
  • Remained vigilant of guests’ drink levels and refilled beverages swiftly and before guests needed to request refills
  • Cleared flatware, utensils, glasses, and trash from tables promptly upon guest departure, ensuring a quick turnover of available tables and helping to maximize the restaurant’s profits
  • Cleaned tables and chairs between guests, helping to maintain the restaurant’s immaculate, orderly ambiance
  • Assisted servers in delivering beverages and food to guest tables as needed
  • Worked with other bussers on shift to complete full-scale sanitization of the dining area at close of business


Food Handler Training Certificate – 2014
123 Premier Food Safety
Fullerton, California

High School Diploma – 2014
Calabasas High School
Calabasas, California

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Is This a Good Busser Resume? Let’s Check

A busser is in constant motion, moving food and beverages between the kitchen and guest tables and cleaning up in preparation for new guests. Does this busser resume sample indicate that the candidate has what it takes to meet the rigorous physical demands of the job?

Indeed. The skills section addresses this requirement, noting the candidate’s “ability to flourish in a physically demanding work setting,” including “time spent standing, bending, and lifting heavy loads.” The candidate’s three years of experience in the field also suggest that he has a history of successfully rising to meet the job’s demands.

Employers loathe receiving resumes that are lengthy, disorganized, and difficult to read. A resume that is precise, orderly, and to-the-point is much more likely to get results. Does this busser resume sample fit the bill?

It does. The relevant information appears in a systematic fashion under section headers that clearly delineate the type of information therein, and the jobseeker’s skills and experience take the form of concise, easily absorbed bullet points.

A busser often must act as a jack-of-all-trades, performing a range of tasks, depending upon the most pressing needs of the restaurant in the moment. Does this busser resume sample indicate that the candidate can effectively wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities?

Yes. In the skills section, the candidate testifies to his “organizing, planning, and multitasking skills,” his “ability to prioritize and execute tasks efficiently,” and his ability to “thrive in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments.” The variety of tasks mentioned in the experience section of the resume also prove that the candidate is more than capable in this arena.

A busser often functions as a key point of contact between front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house personnel, and thus needs to be a skilled communicator. Does this resume sample illustrate that the candidate is adept at effective communications?

Absolutely. In the summary section, the candidate announces his “interpersonal and communications skills.” Then in the skills section, the candidate calls attention to his expertise in “teambuilding and people management.” Finally, in the work experience section, the candidate notes his proficiency in coordinating with wait staff and assisting servers when needed.

A busser must interact not only with restaurant employees but also with guests, and thus plays a vital role in representing the restaurant well and providing excellent customer service. Does this busser resume sample specify that the candidate’s skills and experience satisfy these requirements?

Yes. In the summary section, the sample plainly identifies the candidate’s “professional demeanor.” In the skills section, the candidate also points out his “effective, high-caliber customer service” skills and his “tidy, well-groomed appearance.”

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The Most Important Busser Resume Sample Takeaways

Feel free to use this busser resume sample as a tool to help you structure, organize, and develop your own resume as you prepare to enter the job market. Don’t forget to address formatting, presentation, and the fundamental skills that employers look for in a busser. Refer to the sample, in combination with the associated tips and advice, to guide your resume-building efforts, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a masterful document that captures the attention of employers and gets you results. You can also check out our resume builder for even more assistance in your task.