It is important to have a well-written resume when you seek a new job. However, it is arguably even more important to constantly update your resume. You do not want to send resumes to hiring managers that you have not updated for several months, let alone several years. You should update it with new accomplishments and new responsibilities you earn at your current position. If you want to see how the final draft should look, then you need to review this chef resume sample.

One helpful fact to keep in mind is that hiring managers on average only spend about 10 seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether it goes in the trash. Some hiring managers may spend more time on each resume, depending on the position, but you should work to catch an employer’s attention as quickly as you can. Review the sample and our tips for additional assistance.


Chef Resume Sample

Roger Fishbach
Reno, NV 11111 • [email protected] • 555-555-8422


Motivated chef who is familiar with a number of different cuisines and proficient with creating own recipes. Excellent leadership skills to ensure everyone in the kitchen remains on task. Additional expertise in scheduling and preparing budgets for the food and supplies needed at a restaurant.


  • Experience with database user interface and point of sale software
  • Expertise with commercial use cutlery, ranges, and food slicers
  • Great customer service skills
  • Dedication to food safety principles
  • Well-refined palate
  • Strong artistic eye
  • Information ordering

Work Experience

Chef – Toni’s Italian Restaurant
2012 – Present
  • Prepare a variety of Italian dishes, including parmigiana, risotto, and carbonara, according to already existing recipes
  • Create unique dishes for the restaurant, including tortellini with an altered Bolognese sauce that became incredibly popular with customers
  • Monitor sanitation within the kitchen, and make sure everyone on cooking staff wears proper gear and washes hands before handling food
  • Check quality of food before preparing it to ensure it is safe for consumption
  • Estimate how much ingredients and supplies will cost to provide estimates for employer, and recommend what prices certain dishes should have on menu
  • Demonstrate new food preparation techniques to kitchen staff and watch over staff members until they have it down perfect
  • Hire and recruit new employees, including new kitchen workers, servers, and cooks
Assistant Chef – Remy’s Pizza
2009 – 2012
  • Cooked over 40 different kinds of pizza for the restaurant
  • Developed new pizzas for the restaurant to sell, including the Taco Quesadilla Pizza, which includes ground beef, green onions, black olives, and salsa
  • Recorded production data on all pizzas to see how staff could improve upon the pizza-making processes
  • Arranged for the restaurant to obtain a new oven when the old one broke down
  • Coordinated catering services on behalf of the establishment, and took food to outside premises at least twice a month
  • Met with sales representatives to learn about new cooking devices, and obtained permission from supervisor before making any purchase over $200


Certification from the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas – 2008

Associate degree in culinary arts - 2007
College of Southern Nevada

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Is This a Good Chef Resume? Let’s Check

Does the chef resume sample make it clear the candidate can prepare a wide variety of dishes?

Yes. Anyone wanting a job in food preparation should be capable of demonstrating an ability to create numerous types of dishes. This sample resume provides specific information about what exactly the applicant made at each place of work. The chef resume also provides information about how the jobseeker created his own unique creations. Those are the kinds of details hiring managers remember.

Does the chef resume sample emphasize the candidate’s leadership skills?

Yes, it does. The thing about applying for chef jobs is that they require a level of leadership. Chefs often lead teams of workers in the kitchen. You should be able to point to instances in your past where you did something similar. In many cases, chefs work as assistant cooks so they can obtain the experience needed to become a viable chef.

Does the chef resume sample mention the candidate’s ability to prepare food safely?

Many jobseekers assume they do not have to mention an understanding of basic food safety. However, this quality is incredibly important. Chefs do not want a history where people got sick after eating a dish. It never hurts to make it clear from your resume you know how to handle an array of food. You should know how to handle both meats and vegetables in a safe manner.

Does the sample resume have the correct formatting expected of a resume?

Yes. You want to start with your contact information. Next, you want a professional summary, which is different from an objective statement. There is no need to mention you seek new employment because employers will assume that is the case. Next, you want bulleted lists for the skills and work history sections. You want the right aesthetic for your resume so the hiring manager knows where to look to find relevant, important details.

Chefs often require a certain level of education. Does the chef resume sample express a good level of education?

Anyone wanting to be a chef needs more experience than simply preparing meals at home. That information certainly helps, and in the interview, you can mention how cooking at home is a hobby. However, in the resume, you want to state how much education you have. Sometimes this can be a standard degree from an accredited university. There are also culinary schools, which are highly useful.

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The Most Important Chef Resume Sample Takeaways

There is a lot of competition for chef positions. There are also many steps to the hiring process, including the interview, and you may even have to prepare a sample dish for the employer. However, it all starts with the resume, and you should review the chef resume sample above when you need help fine-tuning your own application. Anyone who has a passion for food should also utilize our resume builder to make the document even better.