The restaurant and hospitality industries remain fiercely competitive, and you need any advantage you can get to stand out from other jobseekers. No job search begins without a solid, well-written resume. When competing against dozens of other qualified individuals, your resume is the perfect tool to emphasize your strongest qualifications. Whether you’re new to crafting this type of document or you’re a bit rusty and need a refresher, a resume example can serve as a wonderful reference for writing your own version.

Turn to our line cook resume sample and its professional tips for help. We’ve included important pointers for creating and structuring dynamic, attractive content in an easily readable format. Not only that, but our included example also gives you an idea of what your own version should look like when it’s complete. Packed with industry-specific advice and overall best practices for focusing on your professional strengths, our guide is here to help you create a document that attracts recruiters’ attention.


Line Cook Resume Sample

Wendell G. Finster
Athens, GA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-678-9101


Skilled, energetic line cook with eight years of experience in independently owned soul food, Mediterranean, and vegetarian establishments. Dedicated to providing an excellent dining experience through superb food quality and presentation, along with adherence to food storage and sanitation standards. Organized multitasker adept in both collaborating with team members and directing individual workflows.


  • Food preparation and assembly
  • Meal presentation and plating
  • Kitchen sanitation and safety
  • Time management
  • Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communicator
  • Direct, instruct, and inspire work teams

Work Experience

Weaver D’s Fine Delicious Foods, Athens, GA
Head Line Cook, 2015 – Present
  • Guide a five-member team to prepare menu items and meet anticipated customer demands
  • Examine and learn menu items’ contents and preparation procedures
  • Cook, assemble, and plate dishes to meet quality and consistency standards
  • Verify the regular restocking of raw food products, cleaning solutions, and other supplies
  • Inspect quality and freshness of stored raw food ingredients
  • Decreased product waste by 25% with a detail-oriented focus on order accuracy
  • Earned “Employee of the Year” in 2016 and 2017
The National, Athens, GA
Line Cook, 2012 – 2015
  • Coordinated food preparation activities with other kitchen staff prior to dinner service
  • Prepared and plated menu items according to established standards
  • Screen finished dishes to ensure they conform to diner’s special requests
  • Ensured adherence to sanitation and safety standards for equipment and facilities
  • Enforced and followed proper food storage and handling procedures
  • Tracked and replenished raw ingredients, paper products, cookware, and sanitation supplies
  • Identified inefficiencies and modified kitchen setup to reduce ticket times by 5%
The Grit, Athens, GA
Kitchen Prep Associate, 2009 – 2012
  • Evaluated, interpreted, and followed preparation instructions of various menu items
  • Collaborated with line cook, other prep staff, and management to deliver most orders in under 15 minutes
  • Monitored stock levels for food and kitchen supplies and reordered as needed
  • Streamlined end-of-night cleaning processes to reduce total closing time by 15 minutes
  • Followed safe food storage and handling procedures
  • Achieved 90% or greater on performance evaluations consistently over a three-year period


The Art Institute of Atlanta
Associate of Arts, Culinary Arts
Anticipated Graduation 2018

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Is This a Good Line Cook Resume? Let’s Check

Does this line cook resume sample illustrate that this candidate possesses the necessary skills for the job?

Yes, on several counts. He starts with the summary statement, which is the ideal place to introduce one’s career “brand.” Our candidate gives an overview of the industry-related qualifications that hiring managers seek for his profession, focusing on food preparation and the observance of quality and safety standards. His organization and multitasking capabilities are also a plus. Furthermore, he repeats these qualifications in the skills segment and demonstrates how he earned and used them in each position listed in the work history.

Did the jobseeker incorporate “soft skills” that lead to success in his industry?

Affirmative. The last few entries in the skills section concentrate on his communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities. Moreover, he mentioned his collaborative capabilities back in the summary statement. The experience he documents in his work history bears out his claims, as he lists multiple instances of guiding kitchen staff. He demonstrates that he works with them to craft a top-notch dining experience for each establishment’s clientele.

Look at this line cook resume sample’s work history. Did the candidate reference any quantifiable metrics?

Yes, he did. In fact, you’ll notice that he lists some in all three job positions. Metrics demonstrate that you can contribute significantly to an organization’s success. Hiring managers want to see exactly what you can do to save time or money, increase customer satisfaction, or generate additional revenue. The 25% reduction in food waste in the description of his current job is significant, along with the decrease in ticket times in his second position.

Does the jobseeker indicate that he can follow critical food storage and sanitation standards?

Absolutely! In fact, he discusses these abilities in the skills portion as well as several times in the work history of this line cook resume sample. He was careful enough to vary his word choice in his descriptions, but the message is clear for any recruiter to see. This line cook is not only dedicated to producing delectable dishes, but he’s strict in adhering to cleanliness, freshness, and storage principles.

Has the candidate included relevant educational experience in this line cook resume sample?

Indeed, he has! What’s notable is that he listed his current studies in culinary arts. You’ll note that he’s indicated his schooling is in progress with the words “anticipated graduation 2018.” Also, he left out his high school diploma, as his pursuit of an associate’s degree makes it unnecessary to mention.

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The Most Important Line Cook Resume Sample Takeaways

No matter where you are in your food service career, crafting a stellar resume is crucial to your success. It’s a task that some entry-level restaurant workers overlook, but this line cook resume sample illustrates how kitchen staff and food preparation professionals can leverage their skills, experience, and education to distinguish themselves from other job hunters. Using best practices for formatting and content creation will help you make your selling points evident to hiring managers. If you encounter difficulties when writing your own, our resume builder is here to help.