Many more opportunities become opened up to you when you write a stellar resume. This document basically functions as a calling card. Hiring managers spend a few seconds looking it over to determine if you meet the basic qualifications to do the job. Ideally, the resume is memorable enough to where if a hiring manager looked at it later, he or she would remember who you are. Simply getting noticed is one of the biggest advantages you can attain when looking for new work. See what getting noticed looks like by reviewing our restaurant cashier resume sample.

Whether you look for an entry-level or more supervisory position, you need relevant skills, talents, and experiences. Even if you transfer into a new industry, you should emphasize how your background transfers over to this new role. Get a sense for what your application needs to look like by reviewing the sample resume and accompanying tips.


Restaurant Cashier Resume Sample

Jen Newman
Denver, CO • [email protected] • 555-555-9226


Upbeat restaurant cashier who knows how to communicate with everyone at every level of an organization. Great conflict resolution skills to ensure both the manager and customer are happy. Able to remain on feet for hours during a shift and lift up to 60 pounds.


  • Knowledgeable of cash registers and bar code readers
  • Experience with database software
  • Great customer service skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Able to work well as part of a team
  • Friendly speaking voice over the phone
  • Accurate, efficient, and organized
  • Excellent stress tolerance

Work Experience

Cashier – Rocky Mountain Burgers
2016 – Present
  • Receive various payments, including credit cards and cash, and even set the restaurant up to accept Apple Pay
  • Greet customers as soon as they enter the establishment, and ask what assistance they need
  • Provide information about the restaurant to customers, including dietary information on certain menu items
  • Resolve problems customers have with their service, and offer solutions to remedy the situation
  • Maintain a clean register area, and clean up around the restaurant whenever downtime presents itself
  • Count amount of cash in register at the beginning of every shift, and ensure the same amount is in there at the end of a shift
  • Assist customers with obtaining restaurant gift cards, and inform them of the company’s rewards program
  • Coordinate schedules with everyone else at the restaurant to ensure a sufficient number of employees is always on hand
Delivery Driver – Toni’s Pizza
2015 – 2016
  • Drove a company vehicle, never once getting into an accident or getting into any trouble from police
  • Delivered pizza, pasta, and other food items to customers’ addresses, and collected money from them
  • Preserved cleanliness of company car, regularly taking it to the car wash and cleaning the interior
  • Called customers to inform them of progress of their orders, and relayed information about any special deals
  • Recorded sales information and mileage at the end of every shift
  • Helped the company earn an exclusive contract with a nearby construction firm to provide 10 pizzas every Friday for their lunch


High School Diploma – 2015
Cherry Creek High School

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Is This a Good Restaurant Cashier Resume? Let’s Check

From the restaurant cashier resume sample, can you tell the applicant would work well with other employees and the general public?

Customer service is arguably the most important quality to have in this line of work, and the sample resume does a good job of emphasizing that trait. The jobseeker mentions it in the professional summary, skills section, and the work history section. Even in the delivery driver portion, which is a different kind of job, she touches on how she interacted with customers. Through this, she displays a transferrable skill a new employer would find useful.

Do you get a sense of the jobseeker’s personality through the restaurant cashier resume sample?

Yes. She mentions how she has a friendly speaking voice and can work as part of a team. It is tough to have your personality come through on a piece of paper, but you want to describe yourself with positive adjectives. You can showcase your personality more efficiently later during the interview. Remember to not go overboard and make your resume too cutesy. It should still come across as professional.

Does the restaurant cashier resume sample use a variety of verbs throughout the work history section?

Yes. Every bullet point in the work experiences section should begin with an active verb. There is no need for personal pronouns. Instead, you should get straight to the point. The sample resume does a good job, but she also mixes up her verbiage. She does not use the same verb twice, and that is intentional. You do not want hiring managers becoming bored while reading your application, so keep it as engaging as you can.

Does the restaurant cashier resume sample show how the candidate has gone above and beyond the normal duties of the position?

Yes, it does. Cashiers are usually entry-level jobs. They consist of basic duties most people are able to do, but you want to take it a step further. The sample resume states how the applicant set up Apple Pay at a previous job. Hiring managers enjoy seeing details like that because it shows you commit to a line of work. It shows you will do more than the bare minimum.

Are communication skills emphasized within the sample resume?

Yes. The applicant mentions how she regularly communicates with customers and coworkers. She also mentions how she answers questions efficiently. A big part of cashier jobs is that they interact with the public all the time, so you should be comfortable talking with others.

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The Most Important Restaurant Cashier Resume Sample Takeaways

First, you need to learn what qualifications are most important in a job. Next, you have to show how you unequivocally possess those qualifications. At the end of the day, you want to make hiring managers completely confident that you are the best person for the job. There are no trophies for coming in second place when there is only one job available. Read through the restaurant cashier resume sample again if you need to, and jobseekers requiring some extra assistance can use our resume builder.