While chef and head cook positions will likely grow by about 9% over the next seven years, that does not change the fact that these jobs are incredibly competitive. This is especially true for the top two employers of chefs: high-end restaurants and casinos. To get your foot in the door, you need an impressive resume, but that does not always mean you have to go in with lengthy and packed list of experience. An appealing and well-written document can do wonders for getting that call back to interview, and we can help.

Our sous chef resume sample gives you a basic outline for an impactful and easy-to-read resume geared specifically for a sous chef position or similar role. Use the structure to help guide you and the following advice to put together your own winning resume for the culinary industry. Need a little extra help? After looking over our sample, feel free to utilize our resume builder to make the application process that much easier.


Sous Chef Resume Sample

Sandra Lee
Tacoma, WA 11111 • [email protected] • 555-321-4321


Meticulous sous chef of three years and former line cook with over 10 years of experience altogether working in the fast-paced environment of high-end restaurants. Inventive and esteemed chef with formal training. Passionate leader, capable of both taking charge and following direction.


  • Focused background in food production and processing with up-to-date certifications
  • Proficiency in time management and hands-on knowledge of the business side of running a high-end restaurant
  • Comfortable with all equipment and cooking methods required in most restaurants, capable of jumping in at any point in food preparation up to serving with little or no advanced warning
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and communication with customers and peers alike
  • Experience with Sage MAS 90 ERP and Delphi Technology
  • Familiarity with Food Software.com IPro Restaurant Inventory, Recipe & Menu Software and similar nutrition-based software

Work Experience

Sous Chef, October 2013 - Present
Pacific Grill, Tacoma, WA
  • Developed around 20 new recipes and over 30 new presentations for both pre-exiting and new dishes served both seasonally and year-round
  • Designed a new system to better maintain the inventory of food and supplies
  • Lead and assist in strategizing menus on a bi-weekly basis
  • Direct 10+ line and prep cooks daily both under the charge of the head cook as well as independently in the head cook’s absence
  • Inspect equipment, work area, food, and supplies for quality, cleanliness, and functionality, estimating needs and financial backing along the way
Line Cook, May 2006 – September 2013
Canlis Restaurant, Seattle, WA
  • Assisted head and sous chefs on expected food consumption and supply needs, keeping records and submitting reports
  • Prepared food according to the recipes provided, often giving input, or based on prior experience when called for
  • Prepared and measured ingredients for easier access and readiness to prepare dishes
  • Ensured food was fresh and properly stored and cooked for safety, quality, and taste
  • Cleaned and readied food preparation areas at the start of each shift, inspecting equipment and work space


Associate of Applied Science Degree, Culinary Arts, 2006
Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central College, Seattle, WA

Certified Sous Chef, 2013
American Culinary Federation, Inc.

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Is This a Good Sous Chef Resume? Let’s Check

Is the sous chef resume sample both easy to read and possible to skim through without missing important details?

Note that all the sections are clearly defined and maintain a healthy amount of space, allowing the reader to “jump around” to different sections and scan for important details. The use of bullet points in the skills and qualifications and work history sections also make each skill and task easily definable.

Does the applicant use content that is interesting and accessible for any party who might be considering her resume?

The jobseeker assumes some amount of knowledge from the person hiring in our sous chef resume sample. She does list some specific software she is familiar with, but notice she does not get overly technical in her terminology.

Are the skills, experience, and education in the sous chef resume sample all recent and relevant to the job for which the applicant applied?

The experience listed in our sample is not much over 10 years’ worth, which is important since you do not want to overload the person hiring with too much information. Our jobseeker may have held other positions in the restaurant business which are technically relevant, such as waiting tables, but her two most current and more prestigious roles are more important.

Is our jobseeker using both qualifiable and quantifiable information that displays her aptitude for a position as a sous chef?

By alluding to contributions she made in her work history, such as designing “a new system to better maintain the inventory of food and supplies,” our jobseeker demonstrates what she can offer. Even in her prior experience as a line cook, her note of assisting her superiors in planning establishes her validity as someone who is constantly training up. She also shows her achievements in a measurable way, e.g., “20 new recipes,” “30 new presentations,” “on a bi-weekly basis,” etcetera.

Does our sous chef resume sample start off strong?

Notice how the applicant does not use an objective statement, rather assuming the person hiring knows what job she is applying for. If there could be any question, a strong cover letter would easily amend this issue. Remember your resume should be both easy to read and scan over, so the top half is incredibly important.

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The Most Important Sous Chef Resume Sample Takeaways

When writing your resume for a job in the highly competitive culinary industry, it is crucial to get and maintain the attention of the person hiring. For sous chef positions, you are likely to have the employer (often the head cook) reading your resume, so you want to keep it interesting. Don’t neglect keywords, but remember that a resume properly describing what you can offer the company beats one designed specifically for a computer program. Follow the outline of our sous chef resume sample, or take advantage of our resume builder to help you piece together a stellar career starter.