A well-written resume helps you set yourself apart from the competition. This document should point out your biggest accomplishments, most important skills, and greatest experiences. Hiring managers tend to pass over candidates without a strong resume. However, a good resume actually draws employers to you. Did you know hiring managers often spend as few as eight seconds reading through a resume before deciding to move on? Because they’re reading through quickly, you need to build a document that is engaging from the start.

You can learn what elements make a resume stand out by reading through our caregiver resume sample and writing tips. The sample acts as a foundation for your own document. You can see a readable format and industry-specific skills and experiences in action. The writing tips point out the type of elements from the sample that you should try to incorporate into your own resume. Read through the sample below as a way to get started crafting your own resume that will help you catch the attention of hiring managers.


Caregiver Resume Sample

Marcy McGowan
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11111 • marcymcgowan@anymail • 555-889-9966


Dedicated caregiver with experience providing personal care to elderly and disabled patients. Strong attention to detail and ability to multitask allow swift answers to patient concerns in a professional and courteous manner. Skilled at assisting residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s perform daily tasks, take medicines, and engage in community activities.


  • Technical knowledge of elderly health care
  • Service oriented
  • Physical endurance to remain on feet for long portions of the day
  • Physical strength to assist patients using safe lifting techniques
  • Good at following directions
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional problem-solving and decision-making skills

Work Experience

Caregiver, February 2012-Present
St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Schedule appointments and transportation for residents to ensure they can complete errands and make it to doctor visits
  • Take part in planning community activities, increasing overall resident happiness and satisfaction by 17%
  • Organize medications to help residents take appropriate pills at the right time of the day; give medications to those residents who are unable to remember on their own
  • Bathe, dress, and groom residents from the dementia and Alzheimer’s ward and residents recovering from surgery
  • Teach seminars on new patient-lifting techniques to improve personal safety of nurses and other caregivers; saved institution approximately $10,000 in worker’s compensation due to decrease in workplace injuries
Personal Care Assistant, August 2006-February 2012
Maple Grove Assisted Living Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Developed personalized activities to help residents get to know each other and the staff members
  • Performed typical housekeeping activities, such as sorting through mail, making beds, doing dishes, preparing meals, and cleaning bathrooms
  • Took care of 8 to 12 residents each shift
  • Provided exercise classes for those residents interested in participating; took other residents on private walks as needed
  • Transferred residents to and from bed and wheelchair
  • Hosted family days at the living center to provide residents an opportunity to enjoy barbecues and picnics with family and friends

Education and Certifications

CPR Certification, 2006-Present
American Heart Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

First Aid Certification, 2006-Present
American Red Cross, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Personal Care Assistant License, 2006
St. Mary’s Institute of Health Care, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Is This a Good Caregiver Resume? Let’s Check

After reading the caregiver resume sample, can employers clearly see the applicant’s training?

Yes. The writer of the sample discussed her extensive training in CPR, personal care, and first aid. When a hiring manager sees this education, he or she will feel confident that the applicant can complete any required tasks. Being a caregiver requires a firm grasp on the skills and knowledge needed to take care of elderly or disabled patients. It’s smart to put a spotlight on technical training.

Does the candidate give examples of her caregiving skills in action?

Yes, she does. Most employers want their caregivers to be good at interacting with patients and their family members, have an eye for detail, and have the physical endurance needed to remain on their feet all day. Rather than simply saying “good at interacting with patients,” the candidate pointed out an example of how she interacted with those in her care when she said, “developed personalized activities to help residents get to know each other and the staff members” in the work experience section. You can see other caregiving skills in action throughout the rest of her resume. Showing industry-specific skills in use makes the applicant’s fit for the job clear.

Is the caregiver resume sample easy to read?

As you look at the resume, you can tell the writer put a lot of thought into the format of the document. Each section’s layout works to draw the reader’s attention to important details. For example, the bulleted list in the skills section makes it easy for the hiring manager to quickly skim through these important abilities. Even the use of the headers to separate the different parts of the document adds to the readability of the resume.

Does the work experience section include measurable accomplishments alongside other responsibilities?

Yes, it does. The entire work history section of the caregiver resume sample discusses the applicant’s responsibilities in her two caregiver-related positions. While she points out her experience helping patients take medicine, clean, and get to appointments, she also illuminates other measurable accomplishments. For example, she talks about a time she was able to help increase the overall satisfaction of the residents by 17% when she helped plan community events. Metrics help employers understand how the applicant can positively impact the company.

Is the skills and qualifications section of the caregiver resume sample focused on industry-specific skills?

It absolutely is! Each point in this section applies directly to the applicant’s ability to be a caregiver. She didn’t discuss unnecessary skills, like her killer karaoke routine, because it plays no role in her profession.

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The Most Important Caregiver Resume Sample Takeaways

There’s a lot to learn from the caregiver resume sample, but what elements of this document do you need to remember to create a strong resume? First, you need to tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for by reading through the job description. Try to show off your ability to be a standout caregiver by including the skills, experiences, and accomplishments employers seek. Next, create a format that is easy for the employer to read. Remember to use short sentences, keywords, headers, and bulleted lists. If you still need help, check out our resume builder.